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No Auto Play?

I might be remembering it wrong, but I thought in the original version that your PC would move around and interact with other deer automatically, without human input.

Then the computer can run around with other deer, while we are away.

Was this not the case? Is there a way to do this currently?

IS there a Github somewhere? I would be happy to try to write the code myself.



fawn glitched

I have a little problem.

I made this account today but when I log in my fawn turns into a frog, when the frog vanishes I'm left with the same antlers and mask they also vanish shortly after.
I also can't save my fawn as I get "failed to saved data" message.
I don't know what to do, I installed the newest version and tried running it as an administrator.

Has anyone some clues?
Thanks in advance!

all of the stars align for you


"on high"

peacock antlerslong maskmagpie peltmini deer
discord : albatrossinq

type : lesser demon
age : ?
sex : sexless
pronouns : she/it

pelt of downy feathers
four-toed bird feet on front legs; scaly, opposable fingers
old wooden mask; mural of a white deer under a sun
very particular about hiding its face
appreciative of shiny things, keeps a stash somewhere in the forest
can play the flute (i.e. when dancing, hidden behind the mask)
snores like a hummingbird
wears pictogram on a signet ring

a demon cast from its underworld realm has taken residence in the forest. beholden to no one, the fae goes by harun. it is a shapeshifter and a sneaky thing, known to ambush unsuspecting forest-dwellers with polymorph magick. it most enjoys mischief and welcomes a playful companion, demonstrating an affinity for birds and birdlike creatures especially.

the mask is an heirloom sought by marsa. when harun stole it from heaven she was banished by the other demons for being too much of a nuisance.


Hello all,

just a quick question because it's been quite some time till the last time I played the game.
When does the halloween event start? I vaugly remember something about the more days pass till halloween the longer it lasts till it is halloween (I could be wrong do)

I logged in few times the last few days but couldn't see that the event is triggered.

I'm bit confused now XD

city smog

Starling's picture

Casting Halloween Sets

Starling can cast the following:
Crying mask // Candles * // Day of the Dead set

The Halloween sets can be seen in Keepiru's "A Complete Guide of all TEF Sets"
*Candles can only be cast onto bare / default antlers, so make sure you sneeze them off!

If you would like any set pieces, approach Starling in the forest & tap the ground/lead us to some spell trees, etc. Smiling
p's picture

- R e t u r n i n g -

- R e t u r n i n g -

Early October, 2023

The first thing he felt, was a sense of safety and peace.
He could hear the sound of he canopy above - softly shifting in the autumn breeze.
This sound slowly brings him into awareness, as his looong..p o i n t y.. black ..ears.. t w i t c h.

"I am a l i v e. . ? "
He mumbled to himself.

"Well, . . i am b r e a t h i n g . . ."
He thought, keeping his eyes shut tight.

He continued to listen, while allowing his thoughts drift.
He slowly let his body shift position as the heat of the sun collected on his back.
The warmth felt absolutely luxurious on his fur, as it gave his old spine new life.
Taking in a long deep breath, everything continued to slowly come into focus. The scent
of the dried leaves and the ripe berries left him with . . . a very particular feeling.

Waves of nostalgia take over, as he hears a crow in the distance.

A small fly lands on his eyelash, causing them to flutter.
The light shines into his sightless pink eyes, and the blurry red flashes startle him.
(P had been without eye sight since he was a fawn, though hardly any deer was aware of this.
He had always been able to hide it. He could see very well with his minds eye.)

Somewhere close by, the whistling of a golden butterfly mask echoes across the forest.
It was in that moment that he realized where he was.

He opens his eyes, and breathes slowly.
He stands up and shakes little bits of grass from his fur.
. .

p's picture

P's 14th year in the forest

Greetings! My deer P has made his way back into the forest once will be seeing him daily all through the month of October. Can't wait to see you in the forest!

A model for YCH wanted ~ found


I'm looking for a deer or a doe who doesn't mind being a model for a YCH picture. I need a sample image and I've already drawn my Rain as a sample for another YCH, so it would be boring to draw them the second time.

- get a picture of your character for any personal use

- get an image to show as an example of a finished YCH picture and in my portfolio
- (if you won't mind I also would be glad to record a speedpaint)
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