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And so it's a Kumu. ( I am publishing the news at Final's old request )
As some already know, the sparrow is no longer with us. At 8 a.m., she left. It's a big loss. In the last months, she felt very bad and everything was going to this, but everyone hoped that everything would work out....but no.

I hope that now she is in a wonderful place where she will not get sick and will do whatever she wants. Tef became for her the realization of some of her ideas, plots and characters. She also met some people. Although she couldn 't sit in it lately , she wrote me the following :
You don 't have to act it out , just sit in the same place as a ghost
After all, I've been ill since I was young and I have nothing to leave behind, so let her stay
People can come to her and never know loneliness
They can write in her bio in the comments that they want to make wishes, maybe at least this way I can... Do something for others? Inspire them with hope and faith?

She asked me to sit at the Piaf account sometimes so that the players could not feel the loneliness that she sometimes felt.Therefore, sometimes Piaf will appear in tef. Most often she will be sitting near her favorite place. Do not hesitate to come and sit next to her.
_Also in this regard, we propose to gather in the forest, in Piaf's house near the Weeping Stone and honor her bright memory_
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wilds TEF art dump [image heavy]

hello I haven't been here in a million years. despite barely ever playing the game, my go-to thing to doodle when I'm bored is still TEF deer, so I figured I might as well upload stuff here.

- just a random magpie/kirin deer idk

- nina, an old OC and sibling of lorak

- some random fawn designs on a base i drew ages ago

- sax, an old OC of mine

- eliza, an OC i never did anything with

- lorak redesign

- silver design

- vox, a necromancer oc i never did anything with

- i thiiiink this might have been a concept sketch for rutilus and taliene's dad? not sure.
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{ ; K a l i l a h ; } WIP




at the moment, 55 players are playing, but they just sit and do nothing, it's sad. Sad

When I see a player running, I run to him and rejoice, but he just passes by and does not pay attention to me. Sticking out tongue

(I use a translator)
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Fig Tree Child

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The Wolf

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