14 Years....

It's been 14 years, according to this account anyway, since I last logged in. I'm surprised I remembered my credentials, though it took a few tries.

I missed this

A Return to the Forest

I'm a returning deer after discovering the game 15 years ago, I'm 25 now and have missed the tranquility and escapism this game has favourite thing is the mystical drone you hear when you are close to the largest tree in the forest. What a wonderful sound!

I'm very sad to have lost my old pictogram and data but alas I took a long break, if any of you beautiful,resting deer see a wee baby doe wondering the forest, it's me! Please feel free to say hello!

Much love,
Mothy the Deer

cant log in game error

idk where else to ask and i've searched but can't find anyone else with my problem, whenever I try to log in in-game it says "!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DRD HTML 2.0//EN" under the LOG IN button. I have no idea what that means or what to do

My screenshot folder is empty.

I did what I saw online, and ran TEF as an administrator. But I still don't see the screenshots I took? Do they only save after you run it as an administrator? If so it would be pretty sad, since I lost the first person I met Sad

The Petal Dance

returning veteran!

good afternoon all!

i'm curious to hear whether any other Mac users have been able to alpha/beta test the builds in progress, if at all? i'm a backer for the second decade, on a 2012 MacBook, and i have not been able to test a single step of the game yet! i know we reached sufficient backing to unlock mac and linux support as well (hurray!) but am curious to know whether other Mac-user backers have been able to play with anything yet!

regardless of my ability to play, i have still been happy to support the rebuild of TEF; i have fond memories of playing it in 2005 while attending university, just barely able to access it with an ancient white-shell MacBook back in the day! <3

how have other Mac users been making do, i wonder?

The Drowning Soul

you shouldn't have to sell your soul in black and white. [VIC]



he/they. older adult (40s). picto.
BAN pelt / skull mask / kirin antlers.
quiet, easygoing, sociable.
as slow to anger as he is to forgive.


- almost certainly some form of vampire, though he doesn't seem to hunt in the forest...
- ...or if he does, perhaps he preys only upon nameless deer that no-one would miss? perhaps he leaves them wounded but alive and lets them fade out of the forest as if asleep. who can say?
- he will probably sniff you to greet you, particularly if you're injured or there's something otherwise interesting about you to him. it's more out of concern/curiousity than hunger, don't worry.
- body language and positioning are important with him; he'll often place himself in archways/entrances with his back to his company. it's a measure of trust (which he extends easily until given reason not to), and a show of protective instinct. he's used to taking care of large groups of people.
- you're always welcome to sit close to him. he doesn't initiate contact very often himself, but he tends not to mind if other deer do.
- he's just as disappointed as you are that you can't cast spells on him.
- tends to move like he's in some degree of pain; it doesn't seem to affect his mobility much, and is only really apparent when he gets up after sitting for a long time. he'll hiss through his teeth or be very stiff and slow for a few seconds, moving with a sort of heavy, lumbering gait.
- there are scars dotted around his body, but his fur is so thick and glossy that they're more or less covered by it.


Nothing at the moment. He hasn't found anything to catch his eye yet - nor a safe place to stash things away in.

First day in years!

Hello! It's been a while since I've been here! (like 15 years or so) so glad the game is still up and running!

Edit: ; u; is it normal for it to be so foggy? I don't recall it...

Hello everyone!

Good day, dear friends. My name is Memory and I'm going back to the Endless Forest again. (I had to create a new account, because I completely forgot the password from the old one, please, no condemnation)
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