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! Happy New Year !

The drawing flash mob "Santa's Team" has ended on ruTEF.

We hope that your New Year's mood will be wonderful and you will smile looking at this art!
Also, may this year bring good luck and positivity to everyone uwu~

Participated in this: Colladart, Ette, DariaWolf, ChesterVel, Kiviii , Alina, Flaccitheus, Ivaren, Fuocotenue, Ytkozavr, Soyho, Ordan Karris , REYKAT, Tort , RuBear666.
And also in memory 7FinalGirl8
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Merry X-mas

Wish you all a merry Christmas and a peacefull 2024
♥ ♥ ♥
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Excerpt from my story c:

here is some writing for one of my eldritch ocs!! shes kind of like a dragon. ))

Before mana existed and before the earths bled blue, before the stars rained gas and the galaxy bled black.
Her jaws cracked open the black humming stones. Each brick vibrated with the non-matter of life to taste the disciples love.
Her tail was the river they poured planets, and upon the river lay the quills she adorned, standing like pillars. Quills made of the knives of one million dead children of the cosmos. Her wings plunged through the world, around the world and betwixt the sky and stars. webbed and furred, torn but not shredded, her wings were only there when the light was wrong. A shield to protect her children and vanquish the men who did not belong. Her scales like a blood-stained moon, glittering and hollow, and red all over. She oozed blackness from where she stood, a mountainous beast for all to see, bearing the sword were her breast lay, a scabbed inorganic gold that seemed more like solid matter than anything else in this world. The gold, a sheathe for The Old Father’s sword that once flaked Her scales into an infestation where Her forearms lay. A sickness that dragon-spoken creature embraced as she had once cremated their skies red with the sword marked for anguish and brought down the end of the Old Father’s reign. I felt my hairs stand on end. I felt a whisper before my fellow soldier met his eyes upon the sword. The screaming, chattering and whispering was like one hundred shrieking banshees in my head and to feel the sword through the reflection in his eyes made me numb and drop to my knees. His poor face contorted into unseen levels of terror beneath his helmet. I could feel his life, stolen away in an instant of pure fear and frenzied terror. Not a moment to fight back. My soldier’s body lay limp. I couldn’t help but share a glance at the Red Sword and for that I too, would be dead, and rotten with madness.
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uhm... it's me again

so... a lot of you guys have wonderful skills of graphic art. i was wondering from what place i should start to create such breathtaking characters. maybe you can give some advice, such as link lessons and programms which you use while drawing on pc or laptop? i want to start from somewhere but i don't exactly know from where haha

i would appreciate this very much!
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FPS thing

hello darlings!

recently i have started noticing that i have problems with my fps and problems with the game overall, when i changed my windows 7 to windows 11. it started glitching and turning off all of a sudden even if i can click on a random spot in the game or when im trying to log in or load my character's skin

also i have an error with 'Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library, Runtime Error'. i tried to find VC_redist.x64.exe with which i could probably open the game, but i only have 'ForestViewer' which opens the game

i wanted to know what fps have you and have you ever come across such problems on new windows?

anyone know how to run TEF on crossover on mac?

im running crossover on macOS w/ a macbook pro m1, i can install TEF through an .exe but when i run the game it just opens as a white frozen screen before crashing. oddly enough i can run the settings .exe separately and it displays like normal.

is anyone these days running TEF on macOS?
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Are there other folks that don't really use the Discord server or toyhouse?

^ title says it all! I'm a TEF oldie (15 years...dear god) and just never really made the big switch over to the newer way of doing things (Discord servers, linking to bios instead of having them on-site, etc) and I always kind of wonder if there are still people who play TEF the way I do xD; I know the community site was ULTRA slow and broken for a long time (and to some degree it still is) so I imagine that's part of it?

I find discord servers pretty stressful/boring to be part of, and while I have a toyhouse I don't use it very much... I struggle to even use the Forest Map all that often if I'm honest; I kind of miss the days where it didn't feel like I need to check every bio before I go and try interacting with someone (not that anyone says I HAVE to, but. you know how it is).

I've been thinkin' about posting bios for some of my deer both new and old, but I worry a bit about 'spamming' the community site when it's so inactive D:

(also, hello. I don't really post here much anymore whoops)
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Sometimes I get tired of the seasons changing. But it's okay.

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Where are all my veterans at? Howdy LOL
I really really need to wipe a lot of cringe/old stuff from my account and try coming back freshened up…!

Kuskeller - Bio

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