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Shout'n It Out!

Oh and Snowrift....Roll Tide! >:D
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Zephyr's Bio


Greek word for "a gentle breeze"


July 2008


7 (tenative)


How to remember:
A wing

Parents -

Brother -

Theme Song:
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Zephyr
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh)

Mask - Real Deer
Pelt - Beluga
Antlers - Peacock

Zephyr is a very curious young doe. She loves to ask questions and learn about things. Unlike her father, she is more serious, but she does have a sense of humor and will laugh at things she thinks are funny. Like her brother, she loves nature and the Forest, and often is seen daydreaming to herself. She has an important role in her future just as Axie does, though she knows little about it.

She is defensive and does not tolerate insults or threats. She willingly defends her friends and family and fears very little. She often is known to act before she thinks.

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My Necklace

Hey guys, I finally made a necklace to wear the pendant CelticMystress made for me!

The two beads in the middle are wooden, but they're black and white with a wood-like pattern on them. The black and white beads are made of bone (unsure from what animal though, it didn't say) and have different designs on them (I tried to match them up according to size and *kinda* by design). Finally, I chose deerskin leather to hold it all together.

I plan to wear it tomorrow to school Laughing out loud
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Divine Protection Chapter List/Info

Here is the final story's info.

If you haven't read Divine Intervention or Divine Abandonment, this story may be a little confusing as it is the third story in the trilogy.

Synopsis - Quad soon learns of a prophecy, and is given the task of protecting two creatures - the last of their kind. But a sinister enemy plots to rule the planet, once it has done away with the two creatures. Quad, along with his mate, Mazey, and his daughter, Zephyr, prepare for a final confrontation, but things go wrong, and they have to make a choice...one that will determine the fate of the world.

Chapter 1 - The Prophecy

Chapter 2 - Heart to Heart Talk

Chapter 3 - Cherub and Seraph

Chapter 4 - The Spread of the Infection
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Divine Protection - Chapter 1

He awoke in a startled way. "Zephyr? Axie!!", he cried out, looking to the spot they normally slept at. The young deer were nowhere to be found.

"Oh Twin Gods! I've lost them...", Quad began, but his memory came back to him. Zephyr and Axie took turns sleeping with their parents. It was Mazey's night, who slept close to the Crying Idol.

Quad calmed, breathing deeply to slow the throbbing heart within him. He was terrified of losing his young, every instant he feared for them. He arose on his pillar at the Ruins, shaking the light dew from his fur before hopping down and making his way to the Pond.

The night was still young. The forest was dimly lit by the crescent moon above. Quad's eyes adjusted quickly, his antlers picking up the gentle breeze in the air as he moved past the trees. Finally the canopy above him opened up, and the Pond appeared before him.

He moved to the shallow water and dunked his head in, washing his face. He gulped a mouthful of the cool water before lifting his head. He shook the excess from his face before opening his eyes. "Oh!", he exclaimed, and at once fell to his knees in reverence.

The Twin Gods stood in the middle of the Pond, above the water. Their fur glowed a golden color, as they circled the center of the Pond, looking around. Their pictograms shown this time, and Auriea spotted Quad bowing to him. "He has come, Michael.", the god spoke.

Michael looked over, giving a slight smile. "Arise, Quad.", he said. The mortal stag stood as the two gods approached him. Their eyes met his in a seemingly loving matter. Quad cleared his throat before speaking to them, "I've been wondering about...", he began, but Auriea finished the sentence for him, "You wish to know about the prophecy." Quad nodded at once.
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Magnetic Deer Board...

Hey guys, a few weeks ago my parents bought me this:

It's a metal thing that has magnetic darts that you clip things onto. It's mounted on my wall next to my bed, and of course it's in the shape of a deer.

The big question, though, is what to put on it? I've never had anything like this so I don't know what to use it for. I'd definately like to stick something TEF-related on there, but I don't know what. And of course I can always get more magnets.

Any ideas? I considered maybe a compilation of some of the artworks people have done of Quad, but other than that I don't know.

UPDATE - 12/25/08

XD I'm addicted to collecting magnets now!!
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A good practice for Forest etiquette

I was reminded of a good lesson that can be used in the Forest when dealing with deer you are unfamiliar with.

Do like the Greeks did - welcome them when they arrive and treat them well, for you never know if they are a god in disguise!

In mythology, Greek gods would disguise themselves as poor beggars and would test the people by begging for food. Some people would fail the test by treating them badly, but others would welcome them into their house and feed them well. It was a test of charity and humility.

I feel that the deer of the Endless Forest should be treated the same way, regardless of what their appearance is. I always greet deer who approach me, even if they are fawns, nameless stags, or phase 2 stags. I try to welcome them into dance parties if one is going on (you'll see me run to them, bow, and try to lead them to the group).

If the deer does not have any enchantments, I try to offer them some. I'm sure it happens often where someone is there trying to get you to enchant them.

Finally, I try to be polite and bow when I have to leave.

Anyway, you never know when someone is a god in disguise! I mean that figuratively and literally. It could end up being someone you may become good friends with. It could be someone who enjoys the game more because of you. Or it could be Michael or Auriea pretending to be a nameless stag! You just never know!

I hope this makes sense, and I hope that other players will consider practicing this as I do. I think it makes the game more enjoyable for everyone I meet because I try to welcome them regardless of who they are, and I hope that it helps the community feel more unified too.
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Emiva Photo Shoot! (Very image heavy!)

Rofl that was funny how we suddenly got into taking pictures of each other without having to talk outside TEF!

Anyway, I got 23 pics for ya Eye I did not crop any of them.

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Divine Abandonment - Epilogue

"Mother? Mother! Where are you, Mother?", a young fawn cried out. She looked everywhere for her mother, but she was new to the Forest and didn't know her way around. Next to her was another fawn, a male, who followed her silently.

"Mother!!", she cried again, and wasn't looking where she was going. She bumped into a stag, who's great antlers startled her. She backed away, terrified by the other deer. The male stood next to her, as if to protect her.

Quad looked down to the two, giving a smile as he asked, "Are you lost, little ones?" The female fawn quietly nodded. Quad looked around, and gave out a loud call. The sound was strange to the little ones, but in the distance they could hear another deer reply. The two recognized the voice, and turned to see their mother approaching.

Quad bent down and nudged the female fawn. "There is your mother. Go to her.", he instructed them, and at once the younglings ran to their mother, connecting with her happily. The doe looked to Quad, giving a smile and nodding before turning.

The stag could hear the male fawn ask her mother a question as they walked away, "When will I see Father?" "Soon. Very soon.", the doe replied.

Jen saw the spectacle and walked up to Quad. "They looks just like you two.", Jen said. Quad nodded, "They sure do." "Did you two decide on names yet?", Jen asked.

"Zephyr...", Quad replied, "That was the name I chose for the little girl, and Mazey chose Axie for the boy."

Zephyr and Axie...they would not realize how important they would be in the future.


Quad approached the Twin Gods' statue. He hesitated, looking around to make sure no others were around, before he began to speak to them, "I've decided on the day."
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I had a crazy idea to raise money for ToT...

I wanted to see what everyone thought about this before I began to plan.

Anyway, I started thinking about things I could do to help. I realized that people say they have a hard time reading the stories online, so I thought that it would be cool to make hard copies of my stories when all three are finished, and autograph them as well. I was considering keeping a minimal amount of the proceeds to help with shipping and making them and sending the rest of the proceeds to Tale of Tales, but I changed my mind on that. I think sending ToT everything would be better since I had to planned to donate some money anyway. So that will be my gift to them. I may even throw in a little more.

I will collect the money through PayPal, though if I have to get money orders, ect, I'll just transfer the funds from my own account and cash the money order. Also I could send it through USPS in Media Mail (has to be books and I believe things like this), which is a very inexpensive way to send stuff.

I have to consider several things before I begin this, though, and I need as much imput as I can get on this (Text in italics are my current thoughts on each part):

1. How much should I charge for them?
I'm not sure what price to put on them, but all I can say is the more donated, the more that would go to ToT. The range I was thinking was anywhere from $10 to $20, and remember the more made and sold, the more that would benefit ToT, too.

What we also could do is have a minimal amount ($10-15 was what I was considering), which means that whoever buys a copy can include extra if they'd like to donate to ToT.

A basic rundown of how much would be donated depending on the prices (based on having 20 copies and excluding extra donations):

$10 x 20 = $200
$12 x 20 = $240
$15 x 20 = $300
$20 x 20 = $400

2. And finally, the overall interest in this...is it something you would actually want to buy?
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