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School... -_-

Well today I go back to college, so I won't be able to play as much as I used to.

I got invited to join a society at my college that is supposed to take up part of my time, but it's called the Society of Leadership and Success. It's supposed to help me with my study habits and help me get done with school.

I'll still be around here, but just not as much as I used to. Don't worry, I still plan to finish Divine Abandonment and write the third story in the trilogy, Divine Protection, and I should still be in the iScribble room as well.

So anyway...I gotta go -_-
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Divine Abandonment - Chapter 6

Warning - has a little violence

The President of the General Assembly was calm. He replied to the stag, "Yes, well. We will allow you to speak your mind if you can do it in a civilized manner." Quad nodded, "Our represenatives are prepared to speak to yours in the languages they know." The President nodded, "Then you may speak."
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Divine Abandonment - Chapter 5

Note - This chapter mentions several countries and is not intended to criticize, mock, or otherwise insult them or anyone who lives in them. I tried to go through each country with little detail to prevent this.

The message hung in the air for a few seconds before the deer took in the reality - they were going to leave their sanctuary. None could believe that the Twin Gods had abandoned them, but they could not speak up.

Magnet nodded, "It's settled then.", he said to Silent and Laruna. The deer slowly began to group up, finding the pictograms they knew so they could walk together. Some of the others began to call out in random directions, attracting any other deer to the area, letting all who weren't present know that something was going on...and that they would be left behind if they didn't come.

Quad closed his eyes. He couldn't believe that any of this was the Twin Gods' doing, but he, too, wondered if they had any part in the events that led to seven deaths in the Forest. Something touched him on the side, and he opened his eyes and saw Christine petting him. She seemed a little scared. He nuzzled her and told her what was discussed.

"Don't worry about the deer.", he said to her, "They know not to hurt you. Besides, you've got me here, I won't let any of them harm you." He looked around for Creek, who had vanished into the crowd. About that time a few of his friends came out of the crowd - Scape, Quamar, Rev. Jelly, and Trois. The five discussed the situation in the deer language, Quad occasionally turning to Christine and letting her know what they said.
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Understanding Quad

I meant to do this earlier, but Quad's not really hard to understand anyway Eye

- (I'm away from the computer, or I'm there but not looking at the screen)

- If far away, Quad is calling out to see where other deer are. If close to a deer, he's having conversation.

- Usually done after a bow, it's his way to greet someone he knows really well. Also if he ever sees anyone be sad, he'll walk over and nuzzle them to comfort them.

- He rarely sniffs due to something stupid he used to do. If he does it, then he's following someone else's lead who's sniffing a deer.

- Is both a greeting and a farewell. Normally the first action he does whenever he sees someone, and the last he does when he needs to leave.

- He finds something funny.

+ - He finds something HILARIOUS! He often does this as soon as he sees someone he knows, in an attempt to make them laugh too.

- Doesn't understand something. During spell casts if a deer looks really strange, he'll tilt his head. He often does this for no reason, as it is his favorite action.
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Anyone bored and want to draw Quad?

I feel so bad about this, but I've been wanting some new art of Quad lately. I feel like a jerk for asking, but if anyone's bored would you draw Quad for me?

I've done this kind of topic before, but it was to get an avatar.

I don't care about the quality of the artwork, either. It can be a stickfigure for all I care, as long as it has one of his sets I will be overjoyed! I absolutely love suprises, too! By the way, it doesn't have to be just him, either (like if you want to draw him and someone else, that's fine.)

Don't forget, Quad loves to look goofy! Eye

A few references of Quad's looks (he has 2 to choose from) --

Original "Oldschool" Look -

DotD Antler Look -

I'm mostly looking to add a little more to Quad's Biography gallery. I really appreciate anything done.

What I've recieved so far -
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Divine Abandonment - Chapter 4

"Come on!", the fawn called to his friend. He raced with another fawn, laughing and bounding. The other was slightly out of breath, but followed close behind.

The two ran in the twilight toward the Playground. "Come on! Come on!", the first called again. He wore the whistling mask for a while, and could not wait to become a stag. His pictogram read "Trunks". The other was a fawn with a strange name that Trunks could not pronounce.

The Playground was oddly empty. Normally there would be some deer who had already settled down by now. The other fawn saw this and stopped. There was something wrong.

Trunks slid to a halt a few feet away, looking back. "What's the matter? We're almost there!", he called out. The fawn backed away, "This doesn't seem right...", she said.

"Oh don't be chicken!", Trunks laughed, "What could be wrong with the Playground?" He turned and continued on, leaping onto the great boulder with one jump. He looked around - the place did seem a little creepy. Glancing back, he saw the other fawn running away. He tilted his head, "What's up with her?", he said to himself.

There was a strange smell in the air. The fawn felt his eyes become heavy, his body suddenly became weak. His legs felt like they turned to goo, and he collapsed on the boulder. The fawn couldn't breathe, and making short, painful breaths, he tried to call out for help, but his voice was gone.

He slowly closed his eyes, and would never open them again.

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Quad's Candid Camera: 8/6/08



I found Darcy...or was it the other way around?

Quad - "Get up, Rev. Jelly!!"
Rev. Jelly - "Idunwanna!"

Look! Quad's levitating Magnet!

"And now I will make my assistant rise!"

"It worked? I mean, IT WORKED! I'M AMAZING!"

"It worked so well, even my assistant is baffled!"

"You know what, I don't know how I'm going to get you down!"

Quad loves Fawns!

What was that?!


Lotta peeps I know here!

I found Mazey again!

Line Dancing for the WIN!
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8:30 PM CST

Apparently this is a good "Prime Time" in the Forest. I see a lot of pictos I recognize, as well as a few I didn't know but found out who they were on here.

Here is everyone I saw:

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Screw it! Questions for Quad? (Revived Again)

Ask anything about me or Quad!! (Can be any number of questions, by the way) Laughing out loud

I revived this because I want moar questions! Even if you've asked some questions before, you can ask new ones. Eye Eye Eye

Squeegie -
1: Favorite TV shows?
Oh boy, I have a long list of things I love to watch. Let's see...

Cops, The Simpsons, Hell's Kitchen (when in season), Deadliest Catch, Most Haunted, South Park, basically everything on Adult Swim except for the live action stuff (Tim and Eric, ect ect), Crossing Jordan, The 4400, most Judge shows (Judge Mathis, Judge Judy, ect.).... and so on and so on.

2: A place you'd like to travel too?
Many places, but if I could pick one, I'd love to see Ireland, since I am part-Irish.

3: Any phobias?
Bees, Wasps, Hornets...basically any flying insect that has a stinger. I'm "semi" phobic of clowns - they don't scare me, but they creep me out. (Don't worry, The Joker doesn't really count for this...well, he kinda creeps me out too so....) I have a few others but they're kinda gross, so I'll just leave it at that. Eye


1. Do you recognise any of my pictos? XD
I know your main one. Other than that, I don't think I am familiar with any other deer you play.

2. How long have you been playing TEF?
Since about the middle of October last year. I saw an advertisement on deviantArt about the Great Zombie Deer and thought it sounded cool!

3. Wishlist?
Would like a new car eventually (driving a 1990 Mazda that I love, but it has a few problems). Other than that, I'm pretty set. Eye


Liëka -

*Shakes fist at you!!*

1 - What does your name (Quad) mean and/or originate from?
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Quad's Candid Camera: 8/5/08 (moar added ;) )

These are a little late, sorry...

EDIT - New pics from today! ^_^

Hangin' out with Vipin and some other deer

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