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It was just like the first time...

I finally got back in the Forest after taking a short break. I've been hooked on IT so long that when I got on TEF, everything just seemed to come back.

I suddenly reminisced about the first few times I played, how I had to learn everyone's names, and how much I loved to cast spells on people. The sounds of the Forest came back to me in a rush, and even seeing Quad's smiling face made me feel bad that I abandoned him for so long.

So anyway, I gues the point is that I'm sorry that I haven't been around as much as I used to. Real life has been a pain, both school and work, and then when I got home I just wanted to play one of my lions and chat with people instead of having Quad run through the Forest. I feel so rotten...
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Bandwagon's Full, Puh-lease Catch Another! (Deer Meme)

(Yes I pulled a Fall Out Boy reference Laughing out loud )

Who are you?
They call me Quad!

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Several sibling-in-law (Twenty-One and Walter love to adopt)

Do you have a mate?

Do you have any kids?
Axie and Zephyr!

What is your favorite food?

Have you ever killed anyone?
myself o_o not.

Do you hate anyone?
Nope, I love all

Do you love anyone?
Uhh yeah, Starts with an M and rhymes with Daisy Eye

What is your status in the forest?
Forest Shaman

What do you do to relax?
Sit at the Bridge and dream.

There is a deer who is teasing you; what do you do?
Tilt my head over...
and over...
and over...

Do you have any special talents?
I can make a whole crowd of deer DANCE! Laughing out loud
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Divine Protection - Chapter 5

Quad's legs were stiff. The creatures continued toward him at remarkable speeds. He couldn't seem to move any part of him.

"Run! Run, Quad!!", the voices of his parents called to him. He finally moved and ran, not looking back. He didn't know how fast he was going, but it didn't matter - the only thing on his mind was to survive.

He could hear two of the creatures just behind him. He kept running, until one of the infecteds was able to get infront of him. Quad slid to a halt, almost colliding with the infected form of Lieka. He turned to see Aspen there, who also carried the disease. Quad lowered his antlers at them, "Back off!", he yelled. It didn't phase the deer, who continued to approach him. Aspen lunged at Quad, who braced his antlers and connected with the infected. This gave Lieka the opportunity to ram into him from the side, tossing him down forcefully. Quad stumbled to his feet and tried to regain his breath when Aspen thrust his antlers into Quad's chest.

The stag was already in tremendous pain when the other infecteds arrived and encircled him. His vision was blurry, and all he could do was lower his antlers and ward off any attacks made to him. He connected antlers with Hunter, while FIU and Nina caught him on the sides. Backing off, he blocked another attack from Pan, while Lorak and Rutilus got him on the sides. He was slowly losing his strength as several antler thrusts connected with his body. He slowly slunk to the ground in agony. His body was going into shock when another infected tried to attack him.
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Divine Protection - Chapter 4

"Poor Axie...", Rutilus said. A small group of deer were gathered there around the seemingly lifeless body of the fawn - the first of the deer Zephyr had caught. "What's all that black stuff on him?", Tabii questioned. "I'm not sure...", Lieka said, as she approached the fawn. His face was forlorn, and his body was covered by the infection. Lieka noticed that the infection was still spreading on him. She also noticed that his body was moving slightly.

"That's odd...", Lieka said. "Hmm?", Rutilus asked. "He's still breathing. It's not much but he's still alive.", Lieka said.

Tabii walked up to the fawn, looking down at him. "He is...that's...", but she couldn't finish the sentence. Axie's eyes opened suddenly. The fawn sat up and pounced at Tabii, making contact with her and infecting her. "Tabii! Run!", Rutilus shouted, but the doe was already turning. She collapsed momentarily, only to stand and glare at the other two with the same expression as Axie. "What's wrong with them?", Rutilus questioned Lieka. "It's that stuff on them, they're not the same anymore.", Lieka replied.

The two infecteds began to approach them. "Run!", Lieka exclaimed, as she and Rutilus doublebacked and fled. Tabii and Axie persued, the infection on them enhancing their speed. They caught Lieka and Rutilus quickly, and they were infected as well. The four disbanded and went in different directions, making contact with every deer they spotted. Many of the deer who saw them did not suspect anything was wrong, and this proved to be the drive to make the infection spread quickly.

Within the hour nearly everyone in the Endless Forest was infected.

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Something very cool (Non-TEF)

Sorry for another Non-TEF related topic, but I just had to tell you guys about this.

After one of my classes, I was leaving the building that had the English Department at my college when I saw a bunch of books sitting on a table, with a paper above it that read "Free Books".

So I looked, and saw a few things like Plato, old literature, ect. I then saw a green book that caught my attention. I grabbed it and walked off to my next class.

When I got into the other building, I skimmed through the first few pages and was suprised to discover that the novel was autographed by the author!

So yeah, you never know what kinds of things you'll stumble upon!
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A brief history of my original characters

I thought this would be fun to do, although I'm sure I've left someone out. Anyway this is a sketch of several characters I've created over the years. Below the picture are descriptions of who these people are, what story or series they come from, and around what age I was when they were created and popular in my life.

And yes I'll talk about things I was obsessed with earlier in my life, so this doesn't embarrass me to post this.

Name - Cat Chris
Series - Party Animals (original story my brothers and I came up with)
My Age - Early Childhood
Character Traits - Laid back, agile, and had quick reflexes
Biography - Not a whole lot is remembered about him, other than the fact that he was my imaginary friend. He was part of a superhero team called the Party Animals, and his partners were Turbo Tony and Micro Matt. He later had his own adventures where he fought a mob lord called Slimeco, who sent legions of enemies after Cat Chris, but was never successful in doing away with him. Cat Chris eventually defeated Slimeco, and since then went into retirement.
Current Whereabouts - Unknown, though he is probably on a tropical island somewhere laying in a hammock and drinking a pina colada.

Name - Iron-Claw
Series - LBT: The Secret of the Fire Rod
My Age - Childhood, Elementary School
Character Traits - Serious, Protective, and a little intelligent
Biography - From a dumb Land Before Time story I wanted to write back when I was obsessed with the series. Iron Claw was a velociraptor who strangely was a herbivore, so he was accepted into the Great Valley's community. He was able to wield a staff called the Fire Rod that gave him elemental ability. He faced a nameless opponent who was dragon-like and could zombify animals.
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Brandy and Delilah (Non-TEF related)

Sorry but I gotta share these Laughing out loud

Here are Brandy and Delilah playing. Brandy is my dachshund and Delilah is my brother's, who got to come down for a few days. This is the first time they've seen each other since they were seperated back in February, and basically they wrestled like this most of the time.

To tell them apart, you can either look at:
Ears - Delilah's has long hair and Brandy's is short
or Collars - Brandy's is red and Delilah's is Pink

So here are some of the best shots I got.

And for a bonus, here is a picture of me with Brandy at the beach (Dauphin Island, AL).

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Divine Protection - Chapter 3

The following morning brought a cold wind into the Forest. The first week of October was strangelly bitter for the deer. Axie shivered as he stood next to his mother. Mazey looked down at the young fawn, "My poor baby.", she said to him as she laid down. The fawn immediately pressed into her belly and settled next to her, keeping as warm as he could. "Shh...", Mazey said softly to her fawn, "It'll all be over soon." She nuzzled the fawn as he slowly drifted to sleep, his body shivering less as he stole some of her warmth.

At this time, Quad approached the two. Mazey looked to her mate sternly, and at once questioned, "What happened with Zephyr?" Quad shook his head, "It's nothing.", he said. The doe stared at him for a moment, "What happened?", she asked again.

Quad shook his head once more, but the doe replied with, "She hasn't been the same since yesterday." "I know, but...", Quad began, but Mazey interrupted, "You've gotta talk to her. Every day she's like this, everything will just get worse and worse."

Quad didn't reply. He couldn't fight her over this. He sighed and began to walk away when the doe asked of him, "What's troubling you, Quad?" He stopped and looked back, "It's nothing.", he said once more, as he walked away.

He had much on his mind. He didn't want to lose his mate or his children, but he was finding it harder and harder to talk to them.

"Hey Quad! Get over here!", a voice came from the Ruins. It was a doe's voice, and Quad looked to see Her standing by the place. Another deer, Yorres, was there too. The stag walked over and then asked, "What's going on?" "Look.", Her said, pointing her snout to the pillar Quad slept on.

There was a strange marking on the pillar, one Quad had never seen before. "That's never been there.", Quad said. He looked at the marking closer.

It was Quad's pictogram.
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Brother and Sister

Here are some screenshots of Zephyr (played by me) and Axie (played by Mazey), the two children of Mazey and Quad.

Zephyr's looking more and more like her father!

She was sad to see her little brother go. Sad
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Divine Protection - Chapter 2

Quad awoke to find the Forest in a light drizzle. He stood and walked out into the open. The rain did not prevent the deer from their play. He passed by a few of the deer, bowing to them before continuing. He found a patch of mushrooms and began to eat when someone approached.

It was Mazey. "Good morning.", she said to her mate, and the two nuzzled. "Where are the children?", Quad questioned. The doe looked in one direction, "They are playing with some of their friends." The father nodded, once again relieved that they were safe.

The two were silent for a moment before Mazey spoke, "It makes me wonder...", she began, "...how all this happened." "Hmm?", Quad questioned. "How I met you...", she started to say, but wasn't sure how to continue the sentence.

They reflected on the moment. Whether fate allowed it to happen, or if it was chance, it didn't matter to them. They had each other, and they had Axie and Zephyr. They couldn't be happier.

Quad especially remembered the day he was told that he would have children, and the first doe he ran into was none other than Mazey. Then after the March of the Deer, Mazey was the first to embrace him when he came to. There was definately a connection.

"I bet the Twin Gods chose us to be together.", Quad said. Mazey smiled, "I think so, too. They are wonderful, aren't they?" The stag nodded, "I always think about where we would be without them...if we'd even exist." "Oh...", Mazey sighed, "Please don't ever think about that. I couldn't begin to imagine what this place would be without you, our little Axie and Zephyr, as well as everyone else. It's a little depressing..."
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