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Abio pics coming later...

So I got on and got a bunch of pics of the "before abio party". Then when it started, we went to the Pond and everything froze on me.

I had to restart TEF, and it took over 20 minutes, so I was pretty pissy, but when I got back, everyone was at the Old Oak. I went over and GOT A LUCHADOR MASK!!!!

I need to find out which Twin God I thank for this! It was whichever one that was wearing the blue mask.

Anyway, I got a bunch of screenshots from then on, but I'll post them up later. Things have heated up at my house and I don't want to anger my parents any more tonight.

It would be funny if Auriea was the one who gave me the mask, because I got the red DotD antlers from Michael on the FIRST abio I was on. Then again, if it was Michael who gave the mask, I know who the "provider" is Eye
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Quad's Candid Camera: 7/14/08

Got some more candid shots for you guys!

Okay the following pictures...well...you'll just have to ask Butch/Himself how to do this because I have no idea. Basically they figured out how to put different pelts on mini-deer.

Mini-Quamar looks so adorable!

There was a random Phase-2 deer standing around

*dies laughing*

Phase 2 deer is STILL there. Sad

I didn't get any pics but later there were at least 8 of us including myself with this.

The legs on the first deer look funny!

I found Ammy and Skokey!

I don't know who this is, but here's a free closeup, whoever you are!

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Quad's Candid Camera: 7/11/08

Sorry for the lateness of this. I haven't been doing very many screenshots lately as I have been working on my story. However, here's everything I had in my screenshots folder - gotta clear it out anyway before the Abio Laughing out loud

Big and Little Statues

Huge dance party at the Ruins


I want Quamar on.... :cry:

Synchronized head tilting! Cool

Don't ask. Eye

Okay these were the deer I was around when the Forest crashed.

What am I, a fawn-sitter?!

Seriously, there were like eight fawns around this area!

And now the rest are screenshots of some random deer. If any of the deer there are you, let me know cause you are a good model! Eye

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Divine Intervention - Chapter 5

The crew marched on for hours. Quad apparently knew where he was going, but the others weren't so sure. Auge spoke up, "Hey Quad, I don't recognize any of this." They stopped, Quad looking around. "Hmm...I could have sworn we came from this direction.", he said.

The area was lit well, beams of sunlight coming down from the canopy above. They could hear a variety of insects chirping and buzzing in the area, as well as a faint sound of rushing water. "It looks so familiar...", Quad said. Dim shook his head, "I don't remember this area." Scorn shrugged, "I'm sure Quad knows where home is."

They treaded on, unaware that Quad was attracted to the area not because it was the way home, but because it was the way he went on the first day he lived. The sound of water slowly grew louder, and the terrain was a little different. They were starting to walk uphill rather than on level ground, and this concerned the others. "Quad I don't think this is the way.", Mazey called out, but Quad didn't hear her. He kept going, following the water and becoming more excited with each step.

They passed a fallen log, and Quad saw tracks and a dent in the wood before they leapt over it. Mazey tried to jump the log and her back legs got caught on it for a moment before she pushed herself over. Quad knew he was close - he had to see it. They saw a clearing ahead, and Quad rushed forward, leaving the others behind. He stopped at the edge of a cliff, looking down at the river below. "This is it!", he exclaimed in excitement. "What is this?", Auge questioned.
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My Recieved Artworks

Loooong overdue update of this topic!

If anything's missing, please let me know.


From Moosehoof

From Foristica

From Kogy

From Lieka

From Lieka

From Nem

From Pepokeen

From Her

From Her

From Kaicow

From Corg

From QuadRaptor (lol drew my own picture)

From Jennifer

From Fledermaus

From IceFoxer

From Emiva

From Marona

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Divine Intervention - Chapter 4

"Forest Shamans?", Quad questioned Scorn.

"Yes, the Forest Shamans are some of the most revered deer known!", Scorn exclaimed. "Why is that?", Mazey asked. Scorn nodded, "Well, several reasons actually. Each Shaman has their own gift from the Twin Gods, some kind of power or ability, and all have used them for peace and harmony. Some could control nature, like the weather and the elements. Others could read minds, interpret dreams, and so on. Brooke...", Scorn paused here, "...was an extrordinary healer."

"I've heard of her!", Dim added, "She brought the trees back to life after a fire once!" Scorn nodded, "Yes that is true. She also could bring animals back to perfect health right before they died. She was really amazing." He looked over to Quad, "It's also been said that the Shamans brought luck to anyone near them." Mazey jokingly came close to Quad, smiling and looking up to him. The others chuckled a little.

Auge decided to speak here, "The Shamans were gifted, but at the same time they had to be responsible with their powers. They were anything but normal deer." She looked over to Quad, "Who knows what kind of power you'd have Quad, if you were one of the Shamans!"

Quad sighed and shook his head, walking off in the direction they were going. The other four tilted their heads. "What's up with him?", Scorn questioned. They ran after him, Auge going past and stopping him. "What's the matter? You're going to be some kind of hero, Quad!", she questioned him. "I...", Quad started, but he shook his head and tried to get past her. "Quad! Tell us!", Scorn snapped at him.
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Divine Intervention Official Soundtrack (basically done)

Okay this is just a stupid thing I'm working on, but I keep finding songs that would fit if there was a soundtrack to Divine Intervention. Below is a tenative list of songs that would be on the soundtrack, and songs will be added/removed later. Each song title will take you to a Youtube link that plays the song.

You'll notice that most of the songs are either mysterious or sad. I haven't really found any fast-tempo songs that really fit aside from the Good Charlotte one and the Papa Roach one.

Soundtracks/albums generally have 12-15 songs on them, and I want to try to find songs from various genres that would fit what's going on in the story, but we'll see what happens.

Live - The River
Live - Selling the Drama (Quad's Themesong)
Damn Yankees - High Enough
3 Doors Down - Be Somebody
Shinedown - Second Chance (Story Themesong)
Collective Soul - Run
Papa Roach - Time is Running Out
3 Doors Down - By My Side
Hoobastank - Without A Fight (Please ignore the Naruto crap Eye )
3 Doors Down - Not My Time
Lynard Skynard - Simple Man
Journey - All The Way
Queen - Show Must Go On
Good Charlotte - Broken Hearts Parade
Rob Thomas - Ever The Same
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Divine Intervention - Chapter 3

The morning brought a light drizzle that bathed the deer just slightly. The slumbering deer were not bothered by it, and most stayed asleep, their dreams suddenly becoming more wet than they were due to the damp smell. Another hour passed and the drizzle ceased, though it produced a fog that blanketed the Forest. Slowly everything awoke and came to life - birds began to call and fly around, insects started to chirp, and even a few deer were up and greeting each other. Twenty-One and Demon had already awoken and walked off together, leaving Quad alone by the tree. He slept for a little while longer before awakening and stretching.

He felt different than usual, but he ignored it and made his way to the Pond for his usual morning drink. As he walked, he thought the Forest looked a little...smaller than usual. He also noticed his head was a bit heavier, but he ignored that as well. Making it to the Pond, he saw some other deer hanging around in the distance, but no sign of his adoptive parents. He bent down to the water to drink, and upon raising his head, he looked at his own reflection. Water dripped from his face as he glared at the deer that was looking back at him. His face seemed a bit longer, his chest more full, and he had antlers.

Antlers? He had antlers?!

He was a stag!!

"I'm a stag! I'M A STAG!!", he exclaimed joyfully, hopping around and laughing loudly. The other deer in the area looked at him curiously, unaware that today was his Stag Day. Quad turned and ran, feeling the wind brush through his new antlers. He passed several deer who had just awoken and continued without stopping. He wanted to find his parents, to show them what he had become!
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Introducing Creek - updated

Creek is a new character I made. Right now he's still a fawn, but I plan for him to be a stag when he grows up. I've been trying to decide what I want to do with him, though - I definately want to play him differently than I play Quad.

I was considering having him as my more mellow deer (I originally said Quad is occasionally anti-social, maybe Creek can take over this role if I want to be in the Forest but not necessarily dancing or being crazy). I also was trying to decide what set would fit him.

I was definately thinking about the antlers with the red and blue feathers on them, but as for the mask and pelt I don't know what direction to take.

Anyway, if you have any ideas, let me know. Creek is occasionally in the Forest so if you see a fawn with the picto above, then it's me as my new deer.


I think I have an idea of what I might do with Creek. I didn't take a screenshot of it but I was thinking the green pelt with the pink belly, the curly white antlers, and the "antelope mask" - the one that is flat and looks like a tiki face.

I also wanted to ask everyone what they thought if I also had another character that was a doe? I know it's usually okay for female players to play as male characters, but I wasn't sure if it would creep anyone out if it was the other way around. I don't know a name yet, but her set would probably be similar to Quad's but with the "doe antlers" instead of his Antelope or DotD antlers.
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Quad's Candid Camera: 6/28/08

Sorry guys, I'm too tired tonight to put captions on all of these, but they're from last week:

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