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The Floating Duo

I have some more I'll post up later (if I choose to add to them later on), but here's something wierd - two deer floating on a willow tree.

Well, it starts out as one and then the other somehow does it too.

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Quad's Candid Camera: 6/10/08

I know it's been a little while since I've posted these (I was on vacation last week Eye ) but I took some shots today.

Freaking Quamar out with my old head-mount trick.

The next few are Quamar doing one of his wierd laughing back-flips....


Yes, it's very sad when a deer leaves the forest. :cry:

I might have more later on tonight.
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Quad's Candid Camera - Highlights 1 of 3 (very image heavy)

Thought I'd do this while the Forest was down. These are some of the best screenshots I took when I was doing Quad's Candid Camera. I'll break this up into 3 parts so it's not too overwhelming.

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I hate to bug everyone, but....

I'd like an art picture of Quad to make for a semi-perminant avatar. I can make the screenshot ones myself, but I feel like they're boring. I would draw Quad myself, but my drawings aren't very good:

The only art I really have is this one:

(to the person who made this, I'm so sorry but I forgot who to give credit to. It was a while ago)

I feel like such a jerk for asking about this, but if anyone has a spare moment, could you make me an art or an avatar for Quad?

Here are a few pictures if you need them:

Favorite Pose

Sleeping spot

DotD Antlers:

Large-scale of my pictogram:


Thank you if you decide to help me with this! I'm not picky about how anything comes out and any attempts at this are greatly appreciated!
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Quad's Candid Camera: 5/25/08

Today had much better results. There were many interesting characters....I mean deer....in the forest, so I got some good shots.

So I logged on and guess who was on!


So we nuzzled and danced a bit.

GRR! I'm a wild animal!!

This has got to be one of the most fashionable sets in the entire forest!

At one point Mommy kept dancing. I nudged her butt a few times but she didn't respond, so I went off to see who else was around.

Then I found these deer. I recognize a few of the pictograms.

I got some close-ups of Trinket:

....yeah I have no idea....

Hehe, me up to my old tricks.

Quad - "Whatareyoulookinat, bub?"


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Quad's Candid Camera - Series 2!

After some deliberation, I've decided to get back to my candid camera business while in the Forest. For those of you who weren't around back when I was doing this, I'd take random screenshots of the deer in the Forest and post them up here. Quite often I'd get some really funny screenshots:

The old topic is here if you would like to see it, but I will warn you, it's very image heavy!

Old Topic

Anyway, I'll start this off with some deer floating.

I STILL don't know how or why this happens, but sometimes I'll see a deer just floating in mid-air. Usually when this happens I'll get some shots of it and then try to get some close-ups of the deer before they fall back to the ground.

Later I got back on, but there wasn't much happening. I took a few more pictures:

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After a long, irritating process of figuring out what was up with my ForestViewer, I finally figured out the solution. I had to get an updated driver and that fixed the problem.

So anyway I can play again! Quad was on earlier (he was sleepy though) so you'll see him again in the Forest.

THANK YOU JEN!! That FAQ page solved my problem!!

I don't know if I'll continue taking random screenshots or if Quad's just going to frolic, dance, and make funny faces, but either way he's back!
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Virus on the forums

Yo I keep getting a VBS:Malware-gen virus/worm warning every time I click a topic on the forums. I am unable to read any of the topics because my anti-virus program aborts the connection.

I'm hoping this is just another problem like the one we had a while back where the forums prevented us from posting, that it's something easy to fix and not my/your/our computer.

Edit - The problem has been fixed. I was looking through my "Temporary Internet Files" folder trying to find the file that was causing the problem. So if you get this problem, try looking for it in that folder.
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Same pose, different enchantments

I wanted to compare these two pictures, and maybe even make others with different antlers, pelts, and masks....but with my pose.

Last update - January 21st

DotD antlers given to Quad from Michael after the last Abiogenesis.

Quad's usual look with the antelope/gazelle antlers.

Supposedly Demon Gazelle's old look.


He almost looks like a pronghorn antelope in that pic. If he didn't like the gazelle-ish antlers so much, Quad would probably wear those antlers instead.

Okay, so this is just Quad's usual look, but doesn't he look so adorable with a tree going right through him? Eye

Most of the "real deer" set.
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