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Is silliness contagious?

I think the Triangle's finally retaliating against me...

I'm sinking! 8O

I met a newly stagified Feathercrest (I believe) today. Had a mishap while sniffing, though:

Then Seed arrived and greeted us, but Feathercrest took off. *shrug*

I was unusually hyper today (I blame my human's mood rubbing off on me!), so I was really energetic. I wanted to run around like crazy!
So we did. =] And hopped around in circles, as well as walked backwards. I even ended up moon-walking. =D

Nights came over and we danced a bit:

Moon-walking again:

I wish I knew how to do that on command.

After that we couldn't decide what to do. I was looking around at the surrounding trees, trying to spot good ones for "carousel deer", but there weren't many appropriate trees nearby.
But then Seed decided what we should do next. We ran towards the lake.

I love water-walking. =] We even danced on the water. But somehow Seed fell in and lost his set. =( So I helped him get it back.

And we finally became carousel deer!

Sqish and Squeegie (sp?) joined us. =] I think that other deer thought we were all crazy. XD

We all danced, and during the dance Seed had to go. =( Seeya next time, buddy!
Squeegie disappeared sometime, too, except...
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I hate allergies

This is the human speaking, letting you know that if Scape and/or Magnet suddenly stop running around and don't respond for a bit, it's because my nose decided to be the Spawn of Satan and spontaneously drip or cause me to almost sneeze my brains out via nasal passage.

I hate tree pollen. >.> And Field Bio lab for making me walk in the woods. Thank god it was the last one. >_<

You may now continue with your regularly scheduled afternoon. Or morning. Or evening. Whenever it is for you; I'm done here.
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Um...untitled? ^^;

Got screenshots from last night to post, starting with a few from Magnet:

Magnet: I ran into Sqish when I woke up, and soon after Timber. He was a stag! O.o

Can't wait for my own Stag-Day. =]
Then Scape switched in.
Scape: It was surprising to see Timber as a stag, but also cool. =D
He kinda confused me when he started casting spells on me. I couldn't figure out what he was doing. It looked like he was going for a specific set.

"*extreme bemusement*"
When he was satisfied, I ended up like this:

" to explain? O.o"

Anyway, I ran into Taiko afterwards, got my normal set back (Taiko cast my antlers on the first try! 8O), and basically went crazy. =D
We confused a fawn with our log-sitting skills! X]

And it only continued when Seed showed up.

But they were amused, too. =]

Running around in circles.

Hopping around Taiko. X]
And then he gives us heart attacks. O_o

...yes I'm hiding behind Seed. What of it? >.>

Long-distance conversation:
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Fawns have taken over

Yesterday was filled with just Magnet hanging out. I'll probably make an appearance tonight, though. =]
Anyway, he got some good screenshots:

Sluggs cowers under Magnet:


Good thing Ammy wasn't around, eh, 'Net?

Magnet: XD Yep.

I got some closeups when I came back later, too. =]
They're too big to put here, so they're links:

Sluggs was squirrelified, and he cloned himself like that. O.o Pepokeen cowers XD:

Taiko, Pepokeen, and I formed this sort of 3-headed deer of the 3 different sizes:

The deer version of Mount Rushmore:

And that's all I have.

I'm finding it a lot easier to approach other deer now. =]

Scape: Good. It's about time you did. XP
Magnet: XP

Both: Until next time.
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Might as well get used to this...

Since we don't know when/if the TEF forums will be reopened, I'm going to continue Scape and Magnet's journal here. (Though I'm a bit upset about losing the journal that was on the forums. So many hours of entry-writing I can't reach. ;_; )
Anyway...I'm gonna let Scape take over now, since he was in the Forest tonight.

[=blue]Scape: I'd heard a rumor going around that spells were sticking to fawns. This made me want to investigate it to see if it was true.
Turns out it was! O.o
Need proof?

X] Fawn-sanity.

I'm sinking! 8O

We are the three mini-fawns.

Fear us, for we are great dancers:

Form totem poles:

And...randomly sprout out of the ground? O.o


I hide under you.

We drowned. 8O

..ok, so it's actually just the deer version of the dead man's float. XD
Magnet was showing Seed how to do this the other day. =]
Then we hid under fawn-Sluggs. XD
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This must be some kind of sick joke...

"We have closed the forums because we are uncomfortable with what's going on here. We suggest everybody goes and plays in The Endless Forest as a deer. Happy and silent. No more human drama."

"Happy and silent" my *beep*.

I literally cried reading that. Part of the reason I like this game so much IS the human factor. I like talking to people, and knowing the people behind the deer. Actually knowing what to call them since the pictograms are unpronounceable. The forums make it easy to do this.

I hope this is some kind of joke...

...damn it... *wipes away more tears*
Call me pathetic if you wish; I don't give. I just want the forums back. And I'm sure my friends do, too.

(Scape and Magnet's human)

...oh heck.
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