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Antics: Richter's pics

Pega: Rather than post all of the pictures Richter has taken, I uploaded them all to a separate album on my Photobucket account, with a caption under each pic.

Richter's 1st week

From here on, all her pics will be included in regular Antics updates.
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Antics 5-15/16-08

Magnet: I have some screenshots to post from last night and today. Then Scape and I are going to announce something that Pega (our human) has been debating on whether or not to keep secret. But frankly, she hates keeping secrets, so we're finally telling. But not yet. That's for later.

Last night I got to hang out with Ammy again. Hadn't been in the Forest at the same time for awhile. =] And it was a good thing Ammy left not long after Sluggs's glitching. This would've freaked her out:



And today, I awoke to find Walter being harassed by SS. =/ He managed to avoid that RD by sitting on the lake, but when Complex switched in, SS turned their attention to harassing her. I tried my best to defend her (endless devout pelting isn't a good tactic anymore it seems), but it took joining a group of deer for SS to stop. But they kept being an annoyance via casting unwanted spells. This continued when I met Stumps. But finally, SS left the Forest. Only, I swear I saw their picto turn into another before it disappeared...

I was helping Stumps get his set, and he was helping me with mine (you lose it when you get the endless devout pelt casting). After successfully getting our sets, I turned a mushroom tree into a "demon tree".


(Pega: Did Magnet start "spazzing" in the mushroom tree? Cuz at one point when I hit the eat mushroom button, he just started turning left and right back and forth really fast. 8O Freaked me out...)
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Antics 5-14/15-08

[=blue]Scape: As promised, I was in the Forest last night. The colors of sunrise prove to be the perfect time for wearing candles.
I was unsure of what to do at first. No one I knew was around. As I was walking towards the Sunbeam, I noticed a familiar picto getting brighter on the radar. Only, it was purple with sleep... O.o

Trinket was sleep-sliding! XD So of course I sit-slide after him.
I was feeling pretty hyper after that, and we started acting like insane fawns, hopping around, and button-mashing. And soon Sluggs joined us. Some more deer came along (I only remember one was Draco), and Sluggs disappeared.
Only to reappear sleep-sliding towards us! XD Sit-slide time again.

We headed over to the Ruins, where I discovered the ground had lines, separating 2 different colors of the ground. 8O

And there was a deer I hadn't seen since my fawn-hood when we danced in the Crying Idol with their picto clone. I call them Snail due to their picto. Wonder if they remember me...

The lines were soon forgotten, though, as there was a mask-spam war going on that I jumped into!

As I was sneezing off my masks afterwards, I got a little too enthusiastic and reached the end of my masks. ^^; I got help getting it back, but right after I got it and was bowing my thanks, everyone disappeared. 8O The game had disconnected. And when it came back, it was no longer sunrise, but normal day again!
Plus, Sluggs had my picto. O.o

Until I left and came back after grabbing a certain set from my stores.
There was a cage-dance. X]
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Antics 5-13/14-08

Posting for last night and today. Mostly screenshots, and they were all taken by Magnet. O.o I need to shove Scape into the Forest again, don't I?
Scape: O.o But I was in the Forest. Just ask Taiko.
Pega: For all of 10 minutes. =P
Magnet: *snickers*
Scape: XP I was gonna go back later anyway.
Pega: *rolls eyes* Alrighties..

On to the screenshots!

Magnet was mostly hanging out with Seed last night. It was pretty peaceful, with some goofing around. =]

Log-sitting at the lake:

Slowly walking through the birch forest:

Turning an innocent tree into a "demon tree":

And today the Forest was drenched in the colors of sunrise. I made Magnet pose for a few good pics that would make nice desktops backgrounds. X]
Aside from that, he finally got properly (meaning, in-game) introduced to Skyler and Ada. And got to spar with Walter again.
But then Walter sorta went Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde on everyone and suddenly seemed pissed off, not wanting anyone near him. O.o This led to a tentative chase around the Forest, trying to see what was wrong without getting too close. ^^;

Alright, time to shove Scape into the Forest...but he's gonna be sleeping for a bit; I need to eat. Really gotta stop getting distracted. X_x
Scape: >_>;
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Antics 5-12-08

Scape: The Forest had an interesting tint to it when I awoke. And it caused the candles I wore to go ablaze. It was sunrise in the Forest, something I'd never seen before. First rain yesterday, then this today. The Gods must've heard the pleas for weather changes. XD

I headed over to the Playground and came across Sluggs and Echo. Sluggs asked me to take some closeups:
(Pega: I couldn't bare to crop them, cuz of how nice the background colors are. =])

[=blue]I met Light the Sky's deer, Light, at the Playground, too. =] I had fun hanging out with them

"Hey, check out my new chair."

"Though this is probably better."

I caught a semi-closeup:

Then I went to hunt down Taiko.
I showed him how to obtain the endless devout pelt spell. Magnet learned by observing, so he told me how.

I caught a closeup of Taiko when he was sitting.

What? Never seen a deer try to burn ferns with candles before?

A sleeping Sluggs went sliding by Taiko, Sqish (I think. O_O Darn my memory. >_< I blame Pega for it.), and I. Hmm...commence the chase!
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Antics 5-11-08

Magnet had to borrow Scape's RD Defense Force badge, which had been collecting dust, cuz, for some reason, SS started up hir (his and her put together, since I'm not sure of their gender, and never have been) old ways again, purposely targeting Echo.

So he and the others chased hir around the entire Forest. Magnet had a blast during this, mostly cuz, by watching Quamar, he learned how to continuously cast devout. X]
Never did fully gain Scape or Magnet's trust. They always felt a bit on edge around them, and for good reason it seems.

And today Magnet found it was raining! =D He'd never seen rain before, so right after waking up, he just looked around in amazement for a few moments, before heading off in search of other deer.
He ran into Seed after a fawn came up to him, and then Vipin came over.
They went over to the Playground, where the closest sleeping deer was, to help Seed with his pelt. He had to leave pretty soon, though.
And another fawn, maybe the same one, approached Magnet. He had a lot of fun with them, disappearing into the stage-like rock, and:

Doing this. XD;
I later found out her name is Vision.

Magnet had to quickly leave then, as I just found out my family was going out to eat and I had 10 minutes to get ready. ^^;
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Antics 5-9/10-08

Pega: Because I'm posting for both last night, and earlier today, and Scape and Magnet switched a few times, I'll be doing the talking to cut out transitions between the two.
Plus it's less of a headache for me.

Ok! Starting with last night.

Scape got some closeups of Bellie (I think thas her name?) - aka Draak's picto clone - when she was air-standing (and sneezing off spells XD; ).

Magnet journeyed into the Forest a little later. He could hear Walter calling out over and over again. He found him at the Sunbeam, calling out in sadness. =( So Magnet stood with him.

He seemed to be back to himself after awhile, though. =]

Now onto today...

A closeup Magnet took while following Seed to a sleeping deer to help with Seed's pelt (don't know who this deer is; hard to see the picto and I don't remember what it looked like ^^; sorry):

And after getting Seed's mask, they ran. And wound up at the Playground, only stopping to greet Sqish. =]
Seed left after some more running around, but then a devout pelt spamming got started. O.o
Magnet tried getting a closeup of Liëka, who was sitting on the big rock, only...
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Antics 5-8-08

[=blue]Scape: Some screenshots from last night.

The deer in the middle started this line dance. =] They kept standing in me and the others and pawing at the ground, but we couldn't tell what they wanted, until stood next to me and started dancing. Then we got it.

I was feeling kinda silly last night...

"You don't see me..."
And I started some carousel deer hopping, and there was also some hopping from sitting (I showed Esll how to stay sitting. =]). I tried showing Esll and Trinket how to moon-walk, but they didn't seem to get what I was showing them and kept walking backwards normally. ^^;

I seem to have become obsessed with photographing the doves that fly by. But only the ones that conveniently fly towards the camera. =]

We met The Phantom when this one flew by.

8O Giant dove will take over...

I don't know who that green deer was. *shrug*

Later on, Trinket left for awhile, and The Phantom signaled for me to follow him. We went down to the lake. He fell in somehow. O.o So, for the heck of it, I jumped in. X3
Sluggs came by soon after and started casting spells. This is when I noticed The Phantom had been replaced by Her. O.o But soon Her left. =(

But then Trinket came back! =]
And he and I both got hit with spells. XD
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Antics 5-7-08

(From now on, these will be titled "Antics" [the journal title on the Forum], followed by the date being written about.)
[=orange]Magnet: Not long after I awoke in the Forest, I was approached by Walter wearing default. And somehow he cast the devout pelt on me! 8O How'd he do that?! I just pretty much stood there, dumbfounded, as he ran off, until it faded. If deer could shrug, I would have then.

A little later, I felt an urge to visit the Sunbeam once more.
And guess what? Stelmaria finally approached me. And then Walter came over. I was a little apprehensive then, as he seemed mad at me yesterday. But he bowed!

Then SS came along and started casting spells on everyone, despite us telling them to stop. They didn't. >_> And eventually this caused Walter to leave. I don't blame him; SS can be annoying.

I headed over to the lake, where I found Taiko. Walter and Stelmaria were there, too. And it seems he was in the mood to spar!

We had three matches. I don't know who "won", but it was an honor to spar with him. =]

He even sparred with Taiko, and I think Pepokeen when he arrived, too, but my memory's not the best...

Things got a little weird later on between Walter, Seed, and Peyton, but I don't know the details. I just kept seeing them running by or somewhere in the distance. Things have been smoothed over now, though, so it's alright now. =]

Oh! I got a chance closeup shot of a dove:

And almost got another good one at the Crying Idol later, but that one wasn't so great.

Pepokeen led me over to the Crying Idol where we found Nem. And started messing around with the Idol.

I turned it into a Demon Crying Idol. X] Love that trick.
And air-sat in one of the falls. Seed came over and saw me doing that. I think he was trying to sit on top of the Idol, though. XD
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I never know what to name these O.o

[=orange]Magnet: I awoke in the Forest feeling oddly social. And there was a big group of deer in the distance, hanging around a patch of purple flowers. I knew almost all of them, too, so I headed over there. Except, when I got there, I got attacked by Walter. Normally I don't mind a friendly sparring match, but this was definitely not friendly. All I wanted to do was hang out with my friends, even become friends with Walter, and there he was attacking me. I showed my antlers once, but he wouldn't stop. He finally backed away, but there went my good mood.
Walter ran off. And Seed followed him.
Definitely wasn't in a good mood anymore. It was like no one wanted me around. I sat in the shade of a tree away from everyone else.
It was then I noticed I was near the Ruins, and there was the sunbeam, the Light to Heaven I like to call it, as I can feel the presence of those who've passed on in its light.
I went to sit with the spirits of the deceased. They never pushed me away.
I was joined by a fawn who just sat down beside me; nothing else. Sadly I don't remember their pictogram, and wasn't in the mood for pictures.
Sluggs came over after a little while, too, and sat down with me for a bit. He left, but the gesture was appreciated.
Eventually I fell asleep in the light, and when I awoke, it was to fawns casting pelt spells, and GoldenWinged getting antlers cast on her. Then Timber came over. He seemed to want me to follow him. Still not quite in a good mood, but curious, I followed. And wound up at the lake. I don't know why he led me there, as he just sat under one of the willows and fell asleep.
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