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Antics 6-16-08

EDIT: Had the wrong day in the title. ^^;
[=orange]Magnet: Let me start out with a strange occurrence that happened two nights ago, when it was still raining.
While hanging out with Ammy and a few other deer I don't know the names of except Darcy, I saw Sakura (I believe) as a floating mask. 8O

I'm not the only one either, because a few other deer that were near her before kept looking confused and/or shocked. O_o;
Nothing of interest happened since then. Yesterday was just a peaceful day in the Forest; Pega didn't have it running that long anyway. ^^;
But today...
I woke up to three deer dancing in front of me, one of them GoldenWinged.

I greeted them then went about my normal wake-up routine of walking up the river to the Crying Idol and bathing in its tears, then visiting the Sunbeam.
I could hear Sluggs calling out, so, curious, I headed his way. I found GoldenWinged there already, and...Sluggs seems to have found a new way to freak us all out. O.o

Hill? O.o

Sand? 8O


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Antics 6-14-08

Pega: Ton of pictures = Photobucket album.
Have at it:
6-14-08 Rain Day
Plus there's 6 closeups of Walter, starting at image 7 I believe. =]
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Boredom Art Time!

Prepare for minimal effort crap art. XD;

My three (main/known) deer conveying how bored I was when I started this. The Forest was literally dead. X_x As I had no idea what else to do, I decided to draw my boredom.

Do not say this is good,'s not. XD; Just purely vent art you could say.
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Antics 6-12-08

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Antics 6-10-08

Pega: Laziness likes to kick in when I let screenshots pile up. Album time again! XD;

6-10-08 and early 11
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Antics 6-8-08

Pega: Because it's easier, I'm talking this time, and posting yesterday's Doe-day fun pics in a separate Photobucket album. (This sounds a bit like a story. I was tempted to start writing the same way I do in the RP on Kogy's forum. XD)

Ok, first off was Magnet. Hardly anyone was around, so after going about his usually routine, he fell back on what he used to do as a fawn - he went exploring for Forest oddities.
And ended up finding something he'd seen numerous times before. A black bar rising up from the ground; you could only see it from a distance, from a certain angle, and when you run up to it, it would disappear. 8O Mentally marking where it was, he found the spot where he saw it, and found grass.
That fox-tail something grass, but with a few patches of green grass where the bar would be. Is that what was causing it? Strange glitch...

Remembering there were mushrooms nearby, Magnet quickly found a tree that let me click the mushroom button and munched away. Except...

"Wait a sec..."

"Where are the mushrooms?!"
Invisible mushrooms. 8O
Heading to the lake, he found a few deer sitting very close to the dragonflies, so he sat to wait and see if they would move. They didn't. So he decided to keep sitting in the shallows. And pretty soon Vipin entered the Forest.
After paying their respects to Walter at the shallows, they headed to where Taiko's picto was, quickly finding him and having fun glitching around.
Magnet was reminded why you should never sit down around Taiko.

He'll sit on you. 8O
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Antics 6-7-08

Magnet: I've never seen rain fall so heavily in the Forest before. Scape told me he's seen it like this once - as a fawn - months ago. But never since then.
For once I found myself running through the Forest. I don't mind the rain, but when it's pouring like a waterfall so that it drenches a deer right through their fur in a matter of seconds, I'm not a fan. I quickly went about my routine - visiting the Sunbeam, but foregoing bathing in the Crying Idol's tears, for obvious reasons - before taking shelter within the hollow of the Old Oak. Other deer had the same idea, though some would only stick around for a few moments, before diving back into the downpour. I was staying put; I'd only leave for a quick drink at the lake now and then.
At one point a fawn came that turned me into a dove. O.o So I cast the pelt spell I had from the sleeping deer that were present as "revenge". X]

The rain was making me drowsy, so Scape switched in before I left, but he didn't stick around, as he was "naked". XD

[=blue]Scape: XP Funny.
But really, Pega just wanted a break, so I came back a little later.
I found a group of deer dancing in the rain nearby to the tree, so I joined in. And soon we were all rearing, as prompted by the deer with the Orca pelt.

Not long after that, Vipin started slowly walking away, so we all followed at the same pace. It was pretty peaceful just walking through the rain and letting it soak us.

Though I think Stumps was too antsy to just walk the whole way. XD
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The sky is crying...

There's heavy rain the Forest right now! And I think I saw Michael's picto on the map, meaning there might've been a mini-Abio, and thas also the reason for the rain. But alas, I got there too late.
Better luck next time I guess. ^^;
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Pega's Art 6-08-08

Pega: Tonight's victim (or should I say this morning's? ^^; lateness... XD; ) is...


Tools: Photoshop7 and mouse
Time taken: 1 hour

I know it's not happy, but I was trying to capture how Anzel the deer must feel in the Forest.
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Pega's Art 6-06-08

Pega: Next victim is...


Tools: PhotoShop7 and mouse (No duh at this point, right? XD)
Time taken: 1 hour I think
Decided to make it at night so the candles would be lit. =]

No requests right now please; I draw these spur of the moment. But chances are, if your deer is friends with one of my deer, they'll be drawn eventually. ^^

I actually hand-drew Seed and Ammy some time ago, but..scanner. >_< And I was smart enough to draw them after I knew about the scanner not working, cuz, y'know, my logic's just like that. 8D;
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