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Antics 5-25-08

Scape: Pega seems to have taken over in talking on here, hasn't she?
Magnet: *nods* Seems so.
Scape: Hm... Time to take it back, then! (Pega: Oi... *the one who's typing* All you have to do is talk. No need to speak of "taking it back" like I forbid you to say anything anymore. XP) ...I knew that. >.>
Magnet: *rolls eyes*
Scape: ^^; Eheh... Ok then...

So I entered the Forest as a mini for the heck of it. I came upon a group dancing at the Playground: Sluggs, Echo, Trinket, and I can't remember who else. O.o Anyway, I joined in, sneezing off my mini spell not long after Sluggs cast candles on me.
We were soon joined by Quad.
I decided I wanted to surprise I let Richter switch in. X] Gotta love the looks she got for that.
Then Quad sat down and...


Then Trinket conveniently was standing on the "ledge" of the biggest rock, so..

Richter sat on his head. XD
She left to get my mini-deer with candles data, ran to find Trinket again, and ended up mooing in his face at the last second of the spell lasting. ^^; It's funny to hear a fawn moo like a mini. XD
Anyway...she decided she wanted to attack some trees...? O.o

Richter: I was practicing. X3
Scape: Practi...? Nevermind. >.>;
Anyway, then she got mad at the trees when she couldn't stay in place to become a carousel deer. ^^; But she finally got it. And tried to climb the tree. >.>;

[=green]Richter: Headstand! 8D
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Antics 5-24-08

2 interesting occurrences in the Forest today...
First Magnet saw this:

Then later Scape sees Anzel:

I think GoldenWinged could see her, too.
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Yesterday's Birthday Antics

Made a Photobucket album of yesterday's fun. There's a caption under most of the pics.
Birthday Antics

And now I'm off to hang out with friends for real life b-day antics. X] Later!
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Antics 5-22/23(early morning)-08

Get ready for a screenshot overload! (Then I shall start up the Forest so my deer can get spammed with spells for my birthday. X] GO CRAZY EVERYONE!!)




Scape again:

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Antics 5-22-08 (early morning)

Scape: Look closely at these closeups...
Eyes... 8O

I have a twin!

8O Persephassa just disappeared!

Cattails are comfy.


Taiko's heavy...

And after throwing my back out, he became my chiropractor.

Double fear...

Who needs pole-dancing when you've got reed-dancing?
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Antics 5-21-08

Pega: I think I've mastered controlling two deer at once. X] And accidentally found out how to get one of them to almost permanently sleep-slide while the other walks. XD;
Seed saw it first.

But then he left suddenly, so Scape and Magnet followed their original plan for being in the Forest at once. They went to visit the Sunbeam.

After that, they slowly made their way towards the lake, but along the way were joined in their slow walk by Rune, Laruna, and a few others. They also ran into Timber when they reached one of the lake's cliffs. I think their synchro movements weirded him out. XD;

Just as they were about to reach the dragonflies - with Trinket running by several times ^^; - they noticed a cluster of pictos on the radar. Quad's was one of them. He hadn't been in the Forest for awhile... So they went that way.
And basically weirded more deer out. XD

But then a line dance started up.

And a circle dance.
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Antics 5-20-08

Scape: I'm trying to help Richter decide what set she'll wear when she grows up. She has her eye on the "leopard" pelt, as well as the Secretary bird antlers, but I don't know if they really go together.
What do you think?

(She's thinking about wearing the same mask as me, but doesn't really know which one otherwise.)

While looking through my masks, I ended up sneezing them all off. XD And then I was approached by Kelvana and Sqish (his sister Vision was messing with my pelt right before I woke up >_> ) twins. 8O

Sqish left after a little while and reappeared asleep. So Kelvana and I hung out, casting pelt and mask spells (I sneezed them all off to see what ones I had. XP).

Whoa...bright. O.o
I finally got both my mask and pelt, which is good enough for me. I like the default antlers sometimes, and with the Nightfall pelt, they're dark-tinged with some gold tips. =]

Then Magnet was in the Forest awhile ago, and ran into some Stags who wanted to cast spells. He got the Butterfly pelt, one he'd been thinking about wearing sometimes. And later on the skeleton pelt got cast on him a few times. =D

Magnet: Probably see me in it next time I'm around. =]
Another Stag and I kept casting the same pelts on each other, too. Like this one:

I think they failed to see the humor in it. ^^;
Alright, that's all from us.

Both: Until next time.
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Dragonfly Deer: Biography

Last Updated: July 29, 2017 - this needs some updating, but at least I have my broken images taken care of finally (until I stop being lazy about updating them)
Can you believe I haven't touched this in almost 3 years??

The Dragonfly Deer

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Antics 5-19-08

Pega: Today was a pretty calm and relaxing day. =] ..aside from when hyper Richter was in the Forest. XD But I'll get to that after Scape and Magnet.

Scape's day was basically a dance at the Ruins:

(Does Bastion have a sibling? Cuz he turned into another deer. O.o A very nuzzly one..)

And hanging out with a nice fawn who appreciated having spells constantly cast on them:

They were sad after each spell faded, so Scape cast another one each time. =]

And Magnet just went on a stroll through the Forest.

(The reflection looks like a realistic deer to me. =])

And with Richter..well... O_o She's hyper with a short attention span. What can I say?
Though she hung out with Porcelain (when she wasn't running around XD).

Took a bunch of closeups at the river.
Vipin, another deer, and Squeegie's antler XD:
Squeegie and Vipin:
Squeegie again, part of Vipin (XD), and another deer:
Cyric and Cole:
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Antics 5-18-08

Scape: Last night, after casting spells in a mushroom circle with Bambi and Vipin, I met Skyler and Ada's son Allhier.

I ventured down to the lake with him, because I saw that Taiko was over there. While there, I let Richter have some fun and meet some others.
She seems to like showing off.

*rolls eyes* She likes to rub in that she can do that as well as jump from sitting in the air.

Richter: *shifty eyes* It's fun..and...totem pole! =D

Scape: O.o
Richter: *chases butterfly*
Scape: ..I should probably mention Richter has a short attention span. >.>; 'Net and I are still getting used to it.
But that's why she stopped dancing and started running around the lake, then becoming a carousel fawn.
And then Taiko became a carousel deer, too, so..

I'll admit, I would've done this, too. X]
She spent a little more time at the lake, running around, and ended up sitting on a stalk growing from the water.

That's it for last night.

As for today, Magnet ventured into the Forest first.

...dude. Are you taking a shower? O.o

Magnet: *shifty eyes* Well, yea. I do almost every day. Sometimes at the lake, sometimes at the Crying Idol. Don't you?
Scape: No..
[=orange]Magnet: O.o
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