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Foregoing the title of "Antics" this time. No antics took place during any of these screenshots.
As I said I would, I've collected all of today's screenshots into an album. Click "next" like always.
Oh, and be sure to read the titles and descriptions where they appear, though I was feeling rather poetic for most of them..

Walter's Farewell
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Antics 6-4-08

Pega: I'm going to be posting about yesterday right now. Today's screenshots won't be posted 'til later, cuz the ones I currently have are going into an album that might get added to.
For now, yesterday...

First up, Richter, who had a little too much fun with the underwater glitch with Trinket (that she didn't even find out herself. One of my secret deer did [see if you can figure out who they are; they were around today, too =P].)

Who needs cement shoes? Just bury them in the lakebed! XD

It's Trinket's disembodied mask and antlers.. O.o

Oh, and this is why Scape shouldn't be alone lately:

He starts thinking about Tempo, and turns melancholy from missing her.

But he soon found a group of deer casting spells at a mushroom circle. They were all turning mini! =D Pretty soon Scape was mini, and they had a group of 4 mini-deer.
Then a few more deer showed up, who I think just kinda looked at them oddly. XD Until they all started dancing.

The red one got turned into a squirrel before. X]
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Pega's Art 6-04-08

Pega: I made Vipin my next speedpaint victim. And GASP! I put effort into the background! O.o

Tools: PhotoShop 7 and mouse
Time taken: 1 hour

Makes me feel like I should do another for Taiko now, cuz when I look at both I feel guilty for not putting more time into his. >.< But then, I may have messed up on Vipin's cuz of trying something different with that angle. XD;
Well....hope ya like anyway.
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Antics 6-2/3-08 + art

Pega: I seem to have grown addicted to creating Photobucket albums. They make my life so much easier when it comes to posting pictures. Plus I'm sure it saves your page-loading time, right? Eye
Pictures from the 2nd and 3rd (hit the next button like always):

And here's a little something I drew last night.
It's a Taiko!

Tools: PhotoShop7 and mouse
Time taken: 45 minutes (felt like speed-painting =])
I wasn't sure what set to draw him in, but then I remembered seeing him in this set a lot, so that settled it. (I'm not even sure if I got the pelt right. XD; ) Hope ya like, Adagio. =]

I wish my scanner were working. I have other deer pics I've drawn, too, as well as other drawings, that I can't upload right now. =(

You'll know when it's working again. ^^;
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Antics 5-31-08

Pega: Made another album for screenshots. It's so much easier than uploading pictures, cropping, and linking them individually. =] These are from later on yesterday, and early morning today. Then I'll individually link some from a little while ago.
5-30 and 5-31
I know that's not the first picture in the album, but Photobucket's weird with uploading. Just click next like last time. (Until you get to the one titled "0531end" - of Richter sitting on Taiko. XD;)

Now, from tonight...
Magnet was in the Forest, and hung out with Vipin. He'd lost his set, so Magnet helped him get it back. That mask was pretty stubborn, though. =/ But eventually they got it, and headed to the birch forest.
Demon tree:

XD Attreu and Noekie made it four.
Then they had a party.

After it broke up - and Vipin left, Magnet slowly made his way to the Ruins, to be at the Sunbeam for awhile.
Don't have any more pics, so thas all.
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Antics 5-30-08

Pega: Ok, time for last night and today's fun (so far)!

Scape: Last night, Magnet ran into Halogen. I think he was a little surprised to see him all grown up since the last time they met, he was still a fawn. XD
Magnet: I was oddly hyper, too. X]
Richter: Spell and run! 8D
Magnet: Exactly. X] That's when I pulled a fast one by switching Richter in.
Richter: I continued the game! X] But then I let Scapey switch in, since he and Halogen are buddies and hadn't hung out in......
Scape: ^^; A long time.
I got confused by something, though.

Magnet/Richter: What?
Scape: This:

I didn't see the sleeping deer Halogen was getting pelts from. O.o All I saw was the cloud of smoke signally them disappearing.

Magnet: O.o Weird.
And then you dared to summon me from my sleep. Twisted

Scape: ...just admit it was fun weirding everyone out with out synchronized movements. XP
Magnet: When did I say it wasn't? =P But we started something sinister...
Scape: You mean the...SLUGGS CLONES.

Magnet: Oh, and so everyone knows, the "gold Stag" isn't me in this picture. That's Bambi. I'm wearing a skeleton pelt here.
And then we met Shadax, who found amusement in our synchro. He and Esll had started playing "copy-deer" with us. XD

You can see another Sluggs clone appeared, though one is missing a picto.

[=blue]Scape: I still don't know how they move around so well. He had 4 of them in total! O.o
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Antics 5-29-08

Yay, the server's back up! X]
I had to find ways to entertain myself while it was down, though, so I have a bunch of screenshots from the last 2 days uploaded to an album.
The first day's shots were already seen on the community site, but regardless of where you're reading this, I'm linking from the first pic of the first day. Just hit next to see the next image:
Server Down

And now I move onto the fun that was had when I discovered my deer could see others in the Forest again.
Scape came upon a big group of deer and a dance broke out.

8O Dude...

After an antler battle near the lake, Taiko appeared. Scape greeted him with an antler spell after he woke up. X] Then Richter switched in and acted insane with Taiko. XD Until Seed showed up! He needed set help. After that was done with, Seed and Richter became carousel deer and sat in a tree.

Where they were joined by Trinket.

Scape came back during a tree-dance, but thas when Seed vanished. =/
Trinket and Scape eventually went to the lake (Richter came back again), where it was found that Trinket was a true mer-deer. O.o She couldn't figure out how to do it, and even called Scape back in, though he couldn't either. But he did find the spot where you can jump on the lake without falling in right away. XD
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Know what?

Know what I've found helps playing in an empty Forest? Listening to music at the same time.
And making your deer "dance" to it.
But not regular dancing; that would cause you to hear two songs at once, which is trippy. O_o
Nah, what I do is make my deer run around, trot, walk, air-run/fly, and other things in time with the music. And I also play it a little louder than the Forest volume, so they kinda blend together. =]
Just try it if you can. =P
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Antics 5-27-08

As the server is down, I'll just post up screenshots from last night.
Starting with some insanity that occured at the lake.

8O Trinket's just a head!

Magnet's new bench.

MISSING: 8 legs. Rewards upon return.

Someone lose a few pairs of antlers?

This hillside was softer than first appeared.

It's quicksand! 8O

And expect anything while you rotate the camera at the closest view.

Even better when Richter pulled a "switch under their noses".

Some discarded pictos and candles.

Hello Cyric. there a problem?

...feeling alright there, Trinket? O.o

...really. Are you ok? o.O

I hope no one got too annoyed with Magnet's endless devout pelting. ^^; I though it'd be funny to have what appeared to be a pair of antlers keep hitting other deer who got too close with the spell. XD;
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Antics 5-26-08: Anzel Spotted! (and moving!)

Pega: Scape just spotted the "ghost" of Anzel wandering the Forest!
While he could see her perfectly - only wearing her "handprint" mask - she could not see anyone else. He was the only one to see her at first, until 21 noticed his casting, sniffing, and pawing. She got the idea, left and returned in a few moments, and by her amazed look Scape knew she could finally see Anzel.
But Anzel still couldn't see anyone.
I posted screenshots of Scape's (and later 21's) spotting of Anzel in an album.

Anzel Spotted 5-26-08

He also encountered a very nuzzly, clingy fawn.

I think they "adopted" Scape as their parent without his permission. XD
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