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Antics 7-17 & 18-08: love&war? peace&love? ..make up your own title

Only some of this counts as a true Antics post. The later part is,'ll see.

I have only a few screenshots, so they're getting titles. =]

Tophat Pepokeen
More accurate for me to say Selig now though. Hope I got the name right. ^^;

Missing You
While Sarie was in Yellowstone, Magnet found himself missing Aspen. Whenever he got the magpie mask cast on him, he would go off feeling depressed.

With Friends
Anzel was spotted in the Forest again. Of course, those who could see her made chase. =]

Got a screenshot from the Ruins Duo in this post for once, just cuz it's easier. Pepokeen was trying to see the top of the Old Oak, but found it impossible to do, so the "ninja" was sent in to try his hoof at it, using his "ninja walk" (defying gravity).
This is as high as he could see sadly.
No top. It just keeps going up and up and up.... o.o;

And now, something I'm sure some of you know about already if you've been reading the comments on Sarie's blog. (I kinda slip into "story mode" here. ^^; )
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Antics 7-15-08: Summer Abio 08!

Pega: Scape got to go to the Easter Abio, so this time Magnet was sent in for the festivities.
Despite being reluctant to join the crowd right away, he got over his shyness fast to join in the giant dance at the Twin Gods statue to wait with everyone.
Here are the shots I took of the Abiogenesis:
Summer Abiogenesis 08

He didn't get hit with any spells unfortunately, so that got him a little down afterwards, but we both saw that some deer we know got Luchador masks (Trinket orange, Quad green, and I think I saw Laruna in a shot with a blue one). =D

And as he was running around with Seed for a bit in the afterglow of it all, a fawn came up and cast a mask spell on him. The magpie mask.
You'll see him wearing that for a little while.
Think he misses Aspen more than I thought. X] ..*runs for life*
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Antics 7-14-08 Special!

A Butch ocean, pelted minis, and... *drumroll* INVASION OF THE TOEFAT (tophat)!

7-14 Insanity
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Antics 7-13-08

Pega: As I said might happen, one of my deer made an appearance later last night/early this morning.
Her's newest deer (Fuzzbutt Laughing out loud ) made her debut in the Forest, and I was told to send in Richter (a bunch of us were talking via iScribble at the same time).
A line dance started up, so during one of Richter's breaks from the dance, she took a shot of everyone dancing. It ended up being a semi-closeup of Ammy, too. Laughing out loud

Ammy started sneezing off the spells she'd racked up to figure out a good set for Shin.

Um...Ammy? Your face fell... o_o

OMG, you killed Magnet! Shocked ...ok, so it's Ammy with her face "fallen off" again. ^^;

MAN DOWN! Trinket's been hit (with a fawn's spell)! ...and he also makes a good bicycle..

Laughing out loud (Ammy's in the possible future set of Shin, but it's not set in stone.)
Then Squeegie appeared, and there was tree-dancing (courtesy of Squeegie and Trinket-with-doe-antlers XD ). When Ammy was taken over by Shin (still her picto) and acted like he wanted to fight (I had brought in Toukan to say "hi"), I switched to Magnet. Do not mess with him.

Ok, so I decided to start up the Forest this afternoon with Magnet.
After going about his normal routine (and being stopped a few times), he came across Taiko. There was much button-mashing (and I mean A LOT. I was hyper. O_o) and running around, and of course, demon-treeing.. (..."treeing" is a real word?? Shocked )
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Antics 7-11 and 12-08

Pega: Alright, I got a couple-days' worth of screenshots to upload. =]
Early in the morning of the 11th (my time), when the sunset would've disappeared had I restarted the Forest, Scape was hanging out with Pepokeen, hoping they might find Michael in the Forest, due to the upcoming Abio. He didn't appear, but they were greeted by a fawn. Both of them cast spells on the fawn - Pepokeen Orca antlers, Scape the spotty fawn pelt. I didn't get a shot of then, but this was the fawn:

I quote Pepokeen (we were both on iScribble at the same time as being on the Forest, so we were talking at the same time):
"Pega, if Scape and Pepokeen had a lovechild, this would be it." Laughing out loud

Then last night, Scape (and I) were shocked to see...

Butch could cast pelt spells on mini-Trinket! Shocked

Mini-twin! XD

Just a little while ago today, Magnet was roaming around and eventually found Ammy by the lake.
Ammy, if you were wondering why he was in the river, this is what he was doing:
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Antics 7-6 to 10-08

Pega: I gotta stop falling behind so much. ^^; It's an album this time, cuz I've racked up over 30 screenshots, and thas just from the Dragonfly Deer alone. XD
Though I probably won't do updates that often for the Ruins Duo (Toukan and Kinsha), since I don't take as many screenshots while playing them. It'll probably be monthly updates for them or something.
Anyway, the album..

July sixth to tenth

A certain artwork that some people have already seen has been included, cuz it's almost like a replica of a screenshot. I didn't take any screenshots for that day and I like the pic. XD;

Thas all for now.
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Antics 7-1 to 7-5-08

[=blue]Scape: I seem to have fallen behind again. O.o
But no problem; there aren't many pictures this time, even though they go back to the morning of the first. XD
I ran into Himself, and he decided he wanted to be clones, so he started casting spells on me, and pretty soon I had the skeleton pelt, real deer mask, and candles. After posing for a few moments and goofing around as twins, we found who I later learned is a doe named Emiva at the Ruins. Himself had cast the skeleton pelt on her earlier, when she was asking for pelt spells, and after seeing us she sneezed back to it.
We were the three skeleton deer!

I left right after that, though, because it was getting late (early morning for my human after all), and let one of my buddies switch in - Toukan - right before fading from the Forest. Pega was slowly introducing him to everyone we know because his stag-day would be very soon.
He's grown up since then, which you probably know if you've read the journal Pega started for him and Kinsha. =]

And of course, the next day was his stag-day.
After helping Seed out with his set, he wanted to let Seed know why he was acting so similar to yours truly (we are quite a bit alike, actually, but no blood relation), so he let me switch in - after sneezing to candles so I wouldn't be completely naked. ^^;
Seeing Seed's own journal from that day, I see he suspected something before I appeared. Heh. Guess it was obvious at that point.
Everyone who was there all started dancing in the purple flowers nearby. Even Halogen showed up before that. =]
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Antics: Last week and 6-29-08

Pega: Wow. This journal died. O_O
I have a whole week's worth of screenshots to post....which isn't really that much actually, cuz I've been distracted by iScribble. XD; The obsession's died down some, so I've been in the Forest more. Found a bit of a balance between the two. =]

Created an album for last week's shots (which is a little over 40. sad, right?):
6-22 to 6-28

And now for yesterday...

"Twin Gods, I'm seeing double! 8O"

Scape thought he was going crazy... But really, he was amused, cuz he remembered how he'd done this before, too. XD

While underwater with Pepokeen and the two Reetno's, Scape decided to slide into the underwater slope. ...and Pepokeen sat on his head. >.>; So Scape started hopping, and pretty soon...

XD Whee.

And today I was playing as one of my (mostly) unknown fawns. I switched to Scape a few times to show others who his human was. XD
I'll post the bio for him and another born on the same day on the community site when they grow up (in 1-2 days), and post the screenshots they've been taking, then, too. =]

Ok, that is all.
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Antics 6-18/19/20-08

Pega: Couple of days-worth of screenshots to post. But don't worry; it's not too many. Not even gonna create an album this time.
First, Richter was helping Vipin get his set with the zombie mask, and it turned into an antler spell-spamming.

Same antlers. XD
And later, after running around with Taiko, Witcher, and Sakura, and Taiko left, Witcher and Sakura were sitting on a rock... Of course Richter couldn't pass up a chance to take closeups. X]
Then she got a bit creative with the camera. :roll:
Before ending with attacking some butterflies.

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Antics 6-17-08

Scape: 21 and I figured out how to "graze" in the Forest.

I think it turned into a bit of a contest to see who "graze" the farthest from the lake. XD
After that, she sat down by the Twin Gods statue. Perfect opportunity for closeups!
Here's a "normal" one:
One with the soft effect:
And then just one where I was goofing around:
"21-zilla... o.o"
She fell asleep soon after, and didn't wake up for awhile, so I went to find other deer. I came across Reverend Jelly, Wuffers (?), and a fawn. Quad soon joined us for a bit. Then the fawn got the same pelt as me. XD

Shadax came over for a minute, too. =] Before disappearing. O.o
Then Quad left and the fawn ran off. Reverend Jelly had fallen asleep while we were all dancing, and Wuffers was having fun changing his pelt. >.>; I was getting kind of bored, so I went back to the dragonflies and called it a day.

Until next time.
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