This must be some kind of sick joke...

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"We have closed the forums because we are uncomfortable with what's going on here. We suggest everybody goes and plays in The Endless Forest as a deer. Happy and silent. No more human drama."

"Happy and silent" my *beep*.

I literally cried reading that. Part of the reason I like this game so much IS the human factor. I like talking to people, and knowing the people behind the deer. Actually knowing what to call them since the pictograms are unpronounceable. The forums make it easy to do this.

I hope this is some kind of joke...

...damn it... *wipes away more tears*
Call me pathetic if you wish; I don't give. I just want the forums back. And I'm sure my friends do, too.

(Scape and Magnet's human)

...oh heck.
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We can still all communicate

We can still all communicate through this website or even the other sections of the ToT forums. Cheer up! I am sure the forums are not going to be closed forever anyways.
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Hopefully it is only

Hopefully it is only temporary, at least until things settle down a bit. But whether it's temporary or permanent is still up in the air.

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Few problems with that. 1:

Few problems with that.
1: not everyone knows where this website is, and I only know about it due to a post made on the forums with a link to a diary entry.
2: I like talking about the fun my deer have in the Forest. Are we even allowed to post about that in the other sections of the forum?
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I hope it's only temporary,

I hope it's only temporary, cuz it's making me feel like a kid in a class thas being punished due to the behavior of one student.
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Don't think of it as a

Don't think of it as a punishment so much as a liberation from the ridiculous amount of "deer drama" we've had lately! There was a lot of fighting and stuff that was just not getting resolved, so I think this is for the best.
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You can think that way if

You can think that way if you wish, but my opinion shall stay the same.
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the way I figure it, I'll

the way I figure it, I'll move my diary back here, and keep this going: any maybe it'll be OK, and maybe it won't. In the end, we're just players: it's sad, but true. In their world, we have only the power and freedom they grant us.
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Still, though. Less people

Still, though. Less people look here cuz not everyone knows where this site is. Therefore, less friends to talk to. And it's harder to discuss out of character things like we could in the Endless General Chat and Discussion board. I'll barely be tolerating this.
Plus these forum tags are not easy to remember.
(Just me showing that they work here in case you wanna use color, bold, and whatnot.)
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ephra - i know people have

ephra - i know people have been on edge because of run and maybe a few other people arguing about stuff i don't pay attention to, but taking the whole forum down? i definitely don't share your view of it as a 'liberation'.
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Be sure to back up your

Be sure to back up your journal here by copy-pasting it to your other blogs or at least to a text document on your hard-drive. I'm surprised this Beta forum is still up.
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frith- yeah, with any luck

frith- yeah, with any luck they wont remember it. if they dont bring it back in awhile, i might create a new forum for endless forest players
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(this is really unrelated

(this is really unrelated scape lol) but you and i are a lot alike! my birthday is may 31st, and i'm also an art student! what state do you live in?

im unhappy the forums are

im unhappy the forums are down but im surprised they didnt do it earlier, there have been so many unresolved fights just because of them, but it does say "closed" but its only for mods meaning that all the stuff might be there but the A&M are w8ing till the deer drama calms down, and we all accpet it, as a community, it may be a long while b4 they come up again, and if this site becomes the new forums, they may block this site too. people where being so unsensitive and cruel with all the drama maybe it is for the best FOR NOW.

and since we are being open now

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Gemini art students for the

Gemini art students for the win!
Oh, and New Jersey. Whoot? ^^;
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im in illinois, but my mom's

im in illinois, but my mom's from baltimore and my boyfriend's from delaware!
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Wow... I'm off for the

Wow... I'm off for the weekend and then.... *shocked* It's very disheartening that they've closed the forums... I'm so new and wasn't on enough to catch whatever drama they were referring to, but I truly hope that after things have settled down and passed us over that they'll set things back up again.

*gives Pega a nuzzle in sympathy* I don't think it's pathetic at all to want the forums back, or to be upset by them being taken down. How else DO you get to know the names of the other dear, or more of the persona behind them? *cries too*

~ Light the sky
| Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. ~Maori Proverb |
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@Kogy: My mom grew up in

@Kogy: My mom grew up in upstate New York, complete with true stories of "when I was your age, I had to walk miles through the woods at night, trudging through swamps, just to find some stupid cow that decided it didn't wanna stay in the barn, so it broke through the barb wire fence.." ...ok, so she doesn't talk like that, but she talks about stuff like that! XD I could go on and on retelling her childhood farm life stories. O.o
And I've got you beat! My dad's from Syria! Slight Arabic accent anyone?
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@Light the Sky: It's moreso

@Light the Sky: It's moreso the fact that I like to talk to people, and that made it so easy and fun to, especially since I'm more open on the internet. I know why they closed it, too, but I'm not sure if I should say, cuz it's not really my place to. Has to do with death and near-death discussions, though. There's talk going on in the News and Gossip forum (we've all migrated there for now basically).