Fawns have taken over

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Yesterday was filled with just Magnet hanging out. I'll probably make an appearance tonight, though. =]
Anyway, he got some good screenshots:

Sluggs cowers under Magnet:


Good thing Ammy wasn't around, eh, 'Net?

Magnet: XD Yep.

I got some closeups when I came back later, too. =]
They're too big to put here, so they're links:

Sluggs was squirrelified, and he cloned himself like that. O.o Pepokeen cowers XD:

Taiko, Pepokeen, and I formed this sort of 3-headed deer of the 3 different sizes:

The deer version of Mount Rushmore:

And that's all I have.

I'm finding it a lot easier to approach other deer now. =]

Scape: Good. It's about time you did. XP
Magnet: XP

Both: Until next time.

PS: Yet again, what the heck is going on with the text color? I'm not telling it to stop where it is, yet it goes back to default after one line. It's getting on my nerves. Is this one of the bugs there might be or something?
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I had cloned myself because

I had cloned myself because I wanted a closeup of a Squirrel, as I've never seen the Squirrel up real close before! (Not that I can recall anyhow)

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Pega: I figured thas what

Pega: I figured thas what you were doing when one of the squirrels left the rock.

haha it was a very good

haha it was a very good thing ammy was not around

yea it was. go magnet im happy your getting over your shyness
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Scape, if it's any

Scape, if it's any consolation, I have the first 6 pages of your "Antics" thread backed up! Smiling *Wishes he had the whole thread backed up*

You can download it here...

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O_O! You are

O_O! You are awesome!
Thank you. You are officially on my awesome list. XD
*goes back to lab paper now* ^^;
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Hey Scape, I was bored, so I

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*cracks up* XD What the heck

*cracks up* XD What the heck was that? XD
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I have absolutely no idea!

I have absolutely no idea! It seemed a good idea at the time!