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Antics 9-26 to 10-1-11 [image heavy]

Some Impressive Title screenshots are at the bottom.
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Antics 9-11 to 23-11 [image heavy]

Some Impressive Title screenshots at the end of this.
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Antics 9-2 to 10-11 [image heavy]

There's some Impressive Title screenshots at the end of this too. Most were taken because Six couldn't get screenshots to work for some reason...and because I'm a sucker for cutesy moments. |D
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Antics 8-13 to 31-11 [image heavy]

I have no excuses. |D Though you could blame IT.
I can't remember a lot of what was going on, so there probably won't be any captions.

There are also a few Feral Heart and some Impressive Title shots at the end.
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Antics 7-24 to 8-9-11 [image heavy]

I got pulled in by Impressive title recently, so there's not as many of these as you'd think there'd be. |D Gonna put some Feral Heart and Impressive Title screenshots at the end of this too.
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Hot Air Balloon Festival photos

Went to the Balloon Festival my state was having yesterday. Took around 20 photos (but left the 2 of spider-pig out since they didn't turn out well).
I'm sure my phone hates me for taking so many. |D
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Antics 7-20 to 23-11 [image heavy]

I wanted to clear the rest of my screenshots out before I take more today.
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Antics 7-12 to 19-11 [image heavy]

Catching up with current screenshots!
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Antics 7-5 to 10-11 [image heavy]

These are very delayed for a few reasons. Though I probably could've posted some on the weekend. |D;
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A Good Day

Hung out with one of my friends last Friday. We drove through a few parks, one of which had a lot of deer. It's where we usually see them. She let me have control of her camera to take photos of them.
Photos are semi-big, so below the cut.
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