Hot Air Balloon Festival photos

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Went to the Balloon Festival my state was having yesterday. Took around 20 photos (but left the 2 of spider-pig out since they didn't turn out well).
I'm sure my phone hates me for taking so many. |D

The launch begins.

The wind was sending some of them overhead.

Some had obvious product placement. |D The Pepsi can was cool though.

They were dropping chocolate. @_@ I wish I'd been in that section of the crowd.

That Snapple bottle isn't a hot air balloon. It's just a balloon over the Snapple booth. |D

Spot the tuxedo.

That butterfly was the most complicated one there.

The shark was freaking me out with how high it went. o_o

Cool Sony camera penguin is cool. Cool

And here's one of the video clips I took. Liked this one the best.
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So many! That must have been

So many! That must have been really fun. I want to go to one some day; in my area we have a lot of hot air balloons during the summer taking off from the park, but never a big festival like that.

My favorite is the shark.

My favorite is the shark.
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@Dag: It was interesting. And

@Dag: It was interesting. And there was a sort of flea market/bazaar set up to walk around before the balloons went up. I don't think I'd seen hot air balloons "in person" before that either, so it was cool to see that many at once. =]

@knsm073: From the way the crowd was cheering, I think it was a lot of people's favorite too. XD The tail kind of flapped a bit at first.

Those are awesome! 8D

Those are awesome! 8D
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They were. 8D

They were. 8D
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Wow, awesome! I wish I was in

Wow, awesome! I wish I was in my head city to watch such things as well! Sooo many balloonz!!!
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I wonder how many it really

I wonder how many it really was. I didn't count them. Laughing out loud
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OOH very nice! My favorite

OOH very nice! My favorite was the pepsi or the hershey's chocolate one! 8D

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I found the butterfly

I found the butterfly interesting myself. Laughing out loud
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Oooh, that must have been

Oooh, that must have been awesome! I would love to go to something like that as well, I don't think I've ever saw a hot air balloon...I think they are really dreamlike somehow - the various colours against the sky makes them look so pretty *u*
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It made burning in the sun

It made burning in the sun for a few hours worth it. Laughing out loud I'd just never go up in one; I'd pass out from the height. |D