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The most different and good experience online I've ever seen


I don't know If I'm writing in the right place because this blog is very old and I get a little bit lost here.
But, speaking of lost, I've been playing this game for about 3 or 4 days and I was just wandering over there. I'm too shy to approximate to some players and they are always just lying in the places, sleeping and chilling, so I never know If I might be bothering them or not. But today was different, I was walking freely around the game until I heard some deer's call. Soon I recognized that was two fawns who makes these noises so I started calling then back for me.

(I remember that I heard a very strange deer sound before them and that's what caught my attention and makes me stop walking for hear well where it was coming from. I still don't know what was that, I just know that the sound reminded me of The Old Oak's sound but with the noise of a deer mixed.)

When they came, we started greeting each other and dancing, It was fun. Soon, we went on a journey to the lake with the bridge and lying there for some minutes, until when we least expect it, an adult deer appeared and apparently adopted us? Or rather, we adopted him lol
Well, we followed him and he took us to a place with a fountain where we drank water and became animals. I had never seen this place until then and Is my favorite place on the game now.

When I arrived there, a fourth fawn came with me and joined with us. We played with him until he walked away and it was just the three of us again. We just keep playing around this place for a while until we stop and just lay down with our mom/dad. I saw that the two fawns fell asleep and left the game along with the adult deer and It was such a strange feeling for me In the moment that It happened, the way they were "disappearing" made me feel an strange empty. I think it's because it was a very good and different experience that I didn't want to end. It was a lonely feeling, but it wasn't bad or good.

[Rut Blog 2022] It is a truth universally acknowledged...

...that a single man in possession of a good fortune...

  • Competitor
  • Mature Adult
  • Masculine (He/They)
  • Leucistic Stag Fae (Red Deer/Elk-like)
  • Size: #17
  • Scent: like beeswax saddle soap, pipe tobacco smoke, spiced mead, wet earth.
  • Affected by the season/available to sire offspring.

Not unlike his waking reflection, the royal stag is confident and in good health- and knows only one way to resolve conflicts and show himself at his best.

Rothane tends to announce himself and his fitness by bolving his deafening roar, rolling in flowers and ferns and tearing them up with his antlers to wear like a garland. He is huge, fit, and means to take the season rather seriously, fully intending to fight fiercely for his space and the chance to impress the judges, or court any interested hinds.

It is hard to say how good a father he would be, aloof as he is- but he at least makes for strong stock.

His waking self, on the other hoof...

... must be in want of a wife.

OOC Notes
  • Returning Old Buck
  • Open to shipping and family rp
  • Open to injury/combat rp
  • Discord: Rex#2287
Hi! My name is Rex (he/they)- I used to play Zelig the caribou and Skinner the pirate back in the day! This is my first time coming back to play in the forest (or making an attempt as a busy adult alas.)

I am mostly looking to make some connections and find some friends and friendly rivals for my grumpy old lord of the manor- both in the forest and in the waking world as a humanish being.


Sable I am scared, where have you gone?
I think I must have slept for a long time for the forest around me has changed in many a small way...
I don't want to sleep deeply again... Why do I keep getting so tired?
Sable... I miss you and Sadiki.... please... find me soon.

i'm baaack

hi! omg it's been so long. i genuinely can't remember the last time i was on here, but i've missed it so much.
i doubt anyone would remember me, i didn't have much of an active role within the community, but even if you do please.. don't, i was such a cringe kid back when i first started playing and i apologise for how annoying i was aha.

in recent years i've really picked up art as a hobby and now planning to as a career. it's something i adore and this game has such a huge artistic community, it really makes me motivated!
i have a youtube and instagram to showcase my own artwork! but i'm not active on anything other than that since social media is bad for my mental health, but i really love sharing my work with others. but i'll post some of my artwork on this forum, too.
i may even draw some people's deers from time to time!
ig - https://www.instagram.com/deathbytwiliight/
youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBGt16fydcSijRaGb3F8jjQ/featured

i really can't wait to get back into this game again, especially the community. i love seeing everyone's artwork and having such a peaceful place to feel relaxed while i draw.

if anyone has any spare time to help me out with my deers pelt, etc. that'd be so kind, they haven't had a makeover in like 4 years :') will most likely draw you deer in return because y'all have such pretty deers
i hope you're all doing well, take care <3
shadowmere's picture

got back my old deer

hello. i'm back again. after.. over/around 20 years in the endless forest.

support was kind enough to help me remember my old deer's accounts.

i just had a big hit of nostalgia and had to see if this lovely game was still alive.

looking back at my old posts, sheesh. now i can appreciate how far i have come with my endeavour of learning english on my own. yes, i still screw up, but i screw up far less than back then X3

i always wrote everyone to check out my artworks, sheesh , i had also come far from then

the old deviantart account is pretty dead. i have moved onto other social media and art profiles.

i will post them below. in the rare situation that someone , vaguely remembers an old baby deer constantly looking for elder deers to learn from, and showing off the doodles it did. would like to look how far this now old deer has reached.

https://www.furaffinity.net/user/shadowmeere/ <- please turn on SFW browsing in that one 0,0''

anyway, i should check on my secondary deer, the one i made when i forgot the login for this one. hopefully i will get back the skins i got in both of them, and do a drawing of them.. so many memories. i hope to find new friends over here.

everyone please take care.

R.S <3

[ I’ll be the shadow, you’ll be the light, nothing ] ever lasts forever

Personal Shadow work.
Working on healing.
If you read, forewarning I curse.

[ all your rage, all your pain, & I ain't talking ] about forgiveness

Personal Shadow work.
Working on healing.
If you read, forewarning I curse.

***TRIGGER WARNING: SA/Physical abuse is mentioned

[ can you see me longing for you ] forever

Personal Shadow work.
Working on healing.
If you read, forewarning I curse.

[ darkness in the heart of my love ] for you

Personal Shadow work.
Working on healing.
If you read, forewarning I curse.
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