Diary Entry

[ I’ll be the shadow, you’ll be the light, nothing ] ever lasts forever

Personal Shadow work.
Working on healing.
If you read, forewarning I curse.

[ all your rage, all your pain, & I ain't talking ] about forgiveness

Personal Shadow work.
Working on healing.
If you read, forewarning I curse.

***TRIGGER WARNING: SA/Physical abuse is mentioned

[ can you see me longing for you ] forever

Personal Shadow work.
Working on healing.
If you read, forewarning I curse.

[ darkness in the heart of my love ] for you

Personal Shadow work.
Working on healing.
If you read, forewarning I curse.

Fawn Adventures!


Today had been a lot of fun! I woke up early at dawn and saw a fellow fawn. We ran across the forests together, casting spells whenever we could and rolling over in laughter after mooing at a deer deep in slumber. We found another deer decorated in gorgeous gold and velvety red and had fun dancing and traveling together as a trio. Drowsy from all the energetic fun, we took a nap together beside the ruins and poppies

First Friend

To the wonderful brown/honey marbled deer that took time to goof off and play around with a fawn, thank you! It was a lovely time and I enjoyed the company. Hope to continue seeing you around!

Hello World!

Entry Date: 5/6/22
I used to be on here forever ago, but I couldn't remember my name and I've been through quite the journey since then, so i've started over from scratch. I was super excited to see that they've kept updating and working on this lovely screensaver game after almost ten years of hiatus, so of course I had to come back now that I have a decent laptop.
So, Endless forest, meet baby Valko!
-<3 V

ED: 5/7/22

Wow, a lot of deer are active today! I'm enjoying the vibes. It's weird being a fawn again, I miss my customization, but I'm excited to go on the month journey of being small until I earn my antlers.
- <3 V

New user, and it's 2022!

Hello, I'm so happy to write on this blog! Discovering again the entire world from zero is such an interesting way to spend my free time. I'm from Argentina, and today I was entered in this amazing game. I'm right now with six other players just lying in the grass and listening to the birds (and flies occasionally) and I feel so pleased and comfy... I'd like to know more about those users!! It's right next on some two gigant trees!

A scratch upon the Forest

Hello TEF!

I am Kudzo. My symbol looks like a whale jumping out the sea, I love it.

You may have had encounters with me recently but I'm honestly quite a noob and a bit shy Laughing out loud

I just have purple flowers in my antlers at the moment and often park myself next to someone for some warmth and relaxation.

I danced and worshipped a statue today with two little ones in skull masks. Thanks for the derpy fun, fawns!

A bit about me, in real life.

I last played this fabulous game when I was roughly 13 years old on my mothers work computer. I'm now 27. Needless to say, this game was quite a significant piece of my early teens and arguably a title that got me interested in the games industry. I grew into a 3D artist and I'm about to land my first job in industry. So thank you, TEF team. You are part of the reason I decided to stick to my gut feeling and pursue games.

My heart was so warm when I saw the crowdfund page. I can't wait to play The Second Decade in UE4!
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