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Antics 3-27 and 30-11 [image heavy]

I didn't play TEF on the 28 or 29, so no shots for them.
Here there be cute. You have been warned.
Also some FH at the end.
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Antics 3-24-11 [image heavy]

How did I take so many screenshots in a single day? o_o
Oh, that's right...OkamiLugia's one year celebration. That's how.
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Antics 3-19 to 23-11 [image heavy]

How did I take so many screenshots the past week? o_o
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Antics 3-15 to 18-11 [image heavy]

You know the drill? |D
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Antics 3-4 to 14-11 [image heavy]

You know the drill. Some Feral Hearts shots at the bottom (that you can ignore if you want) too.
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Antics 2-25 to 3-3-11 [image heavy]

There's some Feral Hearts screenshots at the end of this. You can ignore them if you want.
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Antics 2-13 to 23-11 [image heavy]

Photobucket changed their uploader back! =D But editing still gets freezing. >>
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Sims 2 Insanity #3

<-See batch #2
See batch #4->

So I downloaded a mod...and had a bit of fun with it. ...ok, a lot of fun.

Homophobes are advised not to proceed. There's nothing mature since I wouldn't post anything like that, but still. |D
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Sims 2 Insanity #2

<-See batch #1
See batch #3->

Starting with just after Kinsha moved into the "Ninja House" (which I forgot I had called the "Dojo" |D).
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Antics 2-6 to 12-11 [image heavy]

I waited awhile again and they built up. My bad.
(I think I need to kill Photobucket for ruining itself. Cropping images in there sucks now since it freezes after a minute when you go to edit and you don't know how long it'll take to unfreeze. D=< )
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