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Sims 2 Insanity #1

See batch #2->
Starting these over again, numbering from 1 since I had to remake my Sim-deer from switching computers. |D
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[nearly-lost] Antics 12-1 to 11-10 [image heavy]

The screenshots I never got to post before my old computer died. There's quite a few of them, so be warned. I can't remember some of what was going on in them either. XD;
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Antics 1-30 to 2-5-11 [image heavy]

Might be a little more image heavy this time.
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LAN Party Abiogenesis screenshots

From the Abio that was held on Sunday.
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1 + 1 + 1 =


Which is how many years ago I found and started playing TEF. And I haven't taken a break since.
I feel old.

It's also Scape's birthday, as he was my first deer. =]
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Antics 1-26 to 29-11 [image heavy]

I think the screenshots are building up quicker than usual lately.
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Antics 1-21 to 25-11 [image heavy]

You know the drill.
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Antics 1-18 to 20-11 [image heavy]

AKA "Toukan Takes Over", since there's no shots of anyone else. XD;
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Antics 1-12 to 16-11 [image heavy]

I might start calling these "Toukan Takes Over" at this rate. |D
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The leopard or the wolf?

"Let's make this bio fun, shall we?"


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