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Antics 7-2 to 4-11 [image heavy]

I'm on top of my screenshots right now, but this probably won't last long. XD
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Antics 6-28 to 30-11 [image heavy]

The last 2 are technically from the 1st of this month, but it was only like 20 minutes into the day, so I still count them as the night of the 30th. Hope that makes sense. Laughing out loud
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Sims 2 Insanity #5

<-See batch #4

Some things crazy. Some things cute. All things normal for Sims.
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Antics 6-25 to 27-11 [image heavy]

You know the drill. Laughing out loud
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Sims 2 Insanity #4

<-See batch #3
See batch #5->

I got back into playing Sims recently, so here's more TEF-deer-as-Sims screenshots.
Quoting what I had in the last batch: "Homophobes are advised not to proceed. There's nothing mature since I wouldn't post anything like that, but still. |D"
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Antics 6-17 to 21-11 [image heavy]

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Antics 6-6 to 14-11 [image heavy]

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Antics 6-1 to 5-11 [image heavy]

I have no excuses for taking so long. |D Just enjoy?
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Antics 5-28 to 31-11 [image heavy]

Screenshots folder started overflowing. I need to stop doing that. ...I say this so often. |D
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