Antics 9-26 to 10-1-11 [image heavy]

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Some Impressive Title screenshots are at the bottom.

I glitched when my TEF reconnected, so Toukan was stuck like this 'til I restarted. |D
Six wanted in on this too. B| *shot*

Spell-and-run fawn got Flyleaf.

Flyleaf's censoring the orca pelt? |D

Oura dropped something.

So Quad Hummingbird ate it. Shocked


Toukan: HA!
Oura: lkajdlkj D8<

I think you forgot something when you left.

Toukan: *stares at Walter suspiciously out of corner of eye in case he does something* <<
I heard that he'd been sparring before that, so I figured that was why he seemed calm. |D

Of course. |D


And I died of cute.



Oh hi over there.

Saw you guys getting pelt spells for that very stubborn pelt. ...and then saw Draum steal some dreams. |D

Impressive Title ahead.

Kusa: *noms Alyx*

The Dells is a pretty map.

Haru, Six, and I explored the Labyrinth for awhile, seeing if we could solve it.
Six won. |D Apparently you need to refind the entrance to it. IT HAS NO REAL SOLUTION.

Like some giant creature raked its claws over the ground...

Really really tall waterfall coming from a floating island.

Toukan: ...what? O_o
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in the last one, toukan looks

in the last one, toukan looks like a gay pride schoolboy hahaha
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I see Fly has always his head

I see Fly has always his head stuck in the ground loool !
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Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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@Mick: Maybe that's why the

@Mick: Maybe that's why the mantis was staring at him. Laughing out loud

@Fly: He must think he's an ostrich. XD