Antics 9-11 to 23-11 [image heavy]

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Some Impressive Title screenshots at the end of this.

Quad made a mini.

I saw you two. |D

What a way to be found. XD

The Creeps.

They be creepin'.

Oura sandwich.

Toukan: *sniffs Quad Hummingbird* I think you killed him.
Oura: >>

Toukan: *Zephyr'd*

Toukan: >> << >>
Oura: >|


Reez dropped something.



Impressive Title ahead.

Draw Points look cool in the dark.

Pillow paw. X3

Mantis be creepin'. >>

Tree hugging.

Got creative with dropping items again.

She's only as big as his head. o_o

Here's where Haru got bored and came up with the crazy idea to piss off a bunch of the animals in the Animals map and have them chase her.

Skitties and I were being like "news choppers" in the air.


Six challenged the Zombie Dragon.

Fought through the night... have victory at sunrise.
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You have sceenies of The

You have sceenies of The Creeps. ._.
They managed to creep both me and Illrose out one day, and I actually thought that even before I checked their account-name. After that it all just made sense, lol. xD

Also like the one where you have Bright Eyes flying right above Toukan. n_n
I also like those Impressive Title screenies, haha. xD
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Yep. |D Cuz I wondered about

Yep. |D Cuz I wondered about them. I saw them creepin' Illrose too. Laughing out loud

Touk was amused watching those two run/fly around. Laughing out loud

And I like being creative with IT shots. Laughing out loud
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...I totally did not realize I fought it through the night. |D I was too busy spazzing and hitting cure every few seconds. I love how small I am in comparison to it. |DDDD

Seeing those screenies is bringing the adrenaline rush back. 8|

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Yes. >] I was watching and

Yes. >] I was watching and waiting for it to fall so I could hit Printscreen again. It wasn't easy getting you and it against the moon. XD
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Such epic shots. ;A;

Such epic shots. ;A;

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you can fly in that game?

you can fly in that game? Shocked
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Impressive Title lets you

Impressive Title lets you have wings; yea. =] Very convenient.