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One way to connect to TEF when pictos just won't spread

So, a few months ago I, along with many others, had the pictos-won't-spread problem. Cue much sadness and frustration trying to connect only to end up with either a sad empty forest or a half-connected, laggy, clone-infested forest.

Anyway: I fixed it. (this might not work for everyone, but for me, it worked 100%. It also worked for Sight when she tried it, so I'm not alone)

Basically, I connected to TEF through a VPN with a proxy server. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, and is used to, among other things, connect to private networks (for example companies) and go on the internet anonymously.


This meant that my IP address changed, and somehow that made it work (magic??). Setting up a VPN might be tricky; I'm lucky and have a super tech-savvy sibling who did it for me.

Here's some nice and easy to read basics and I'm sorry I can't explain this any better:


My very vague theory is that it has to do with your IP address somehow (no idea how that explains that my issues disappeared a few weeks later).
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'Your character as human' requests

As the title says; I need to practise humans and/or humanoids. This is not first come first serve, I'll pick and choose the ones I want to do. What I need is a bio and a ref of how you imagine your human-ified character (photos prefered, at least for faces). Photo refs aren't necessary but helps a lot and I'll probably pick the ones with refs first. OR I guess I could just wing it but then you'll get what I think your character might look like (that could be fun too I suppose).

No promises about the quality on these or how many I will do, as they are only for practise. They'll most likely be sketchy, possibly with some colour, but I'll see how much I have energy for.

edit: livestreaming yo https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=ApelArt

done so far:

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Blessings and Sacrifices

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Just The Right Bullets

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Dagger moonlight, velvet shadow

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Designs and Stuff

Under cut.
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