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He waits.
For over a year he waits, fervent hope and despaired fear mingling together.

Time passes... many things come and go, others change; but never the memories. Memories of blood and dirt and the sound of a dying heart; of claws and smoke and ashes falling from the sky.

Now they are coming back...

...and he will be there to meet them once again.

(Way late and rushed but whatevs, had to do something :'D )

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asjhskldfs fuck. ng. You.

asjhskldfs fuck.

You. You you you. ♥
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It's been a long wait for

It's been a long wait for Ephiré, this was great.
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Oh dang watch out, badass Eph

Oh dang watch out, badass Eph coming through. <3
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Short but full of feelings

Short but full of feelings and hidden thoughts. I like it ;D
I wanted to write something yet, but I forgot what it was |D
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Pffft. Badass ravey? BADASS

Pffft. Badass ravey?

Bloody hell. All your art and skills. All the jealous.
But also all the awe.

Those colours. So beautiful.