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Apel's Commission Info (closed)

Commission info.
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Secret Agent Human-Deer

May will probably contain mature content unsuitable for minors. Swearing and unpleasant stuff!
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Syongery-Ytuh; let the world burn

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Apel: personal blog

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...there is a place...

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stillness, stifling heat
the air lies heavy,
strangling the earth

no movement

dry leaf trailing past,
raven crying out

dust begins to dance



grey clouds amassing on the horizon
slowly rolling, falling, pouring forward

thunder in the distance

bruised sky, cloud-tendrils feeling, sprouting, ever-changing
greedily reaching for the sun
a cold embrace


he rides on the vanguard winds before the storm
soaring above the clouds' precipice

storm's wing

wing flap, thunder clap

stormbringer over the earth


Just a little something inspired by some heavy rain. This and
this is "he".

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Opinions on my characters?

I've been curious of this for a while now, and with these recent what-do-you-think-of-my-deer things popping up, I thought maybe I could do one too.
I'm not expecting much answers but if you have anything to say -- only a word or two, even! -- feel free! Good things, bad things, anythings.



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