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Prologue: Reflections of the Past

[Mature content warning: blood and gore]

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Apel's Art Blog

Art stuff under cut
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Origin (A Tale)

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Dreamwalk (private rp)

Private RP for Apel, Sight, and Mis. Feel free to track, but please don't join! :>


Deep within the birch forest, in the sun-dappled shadow a large sycamore tree, the raven stag sat, patiently waiting, thinking. It is a good place, he thought. There was both soft grass, softer than most in the Birch, and warm sandy spot. Gehirn would like that. And perhaps best of all, the bushes, tall grass, and scrawny birch trees all around them made the place hard to find. He didn't want any disturbances or intruders for this.

He had suggested it lightly, not sure she would take up his offer: a Dreamwalk to the past, into dreams and sceneries unknown, old magic at work. Now, later, he hesitated. Was this really a wise thing to do? He did not fear for himself; slipping back and forth through reality's cracks was something he had mastered a long time ago.

She had worried about her strange dreams, wondering what they meant, afraid she would get caught in them; to never wake up. He had thought that maybe a controlled experience would let her explore them freely, to embrace them instead of fear them. He still thought it could work... but fervently hoped it wouldn't end in any mental traumas. Gehirn was going too, and for that he was grateful; Herla would likely feel safer with her mate beside her.

In his mind he went through the steps. Nothing extraordinary, a dreamwalk like any other. It would go well.
He closed his eyes, trying to relax. Birds sang in the distance, newly awakened butterflies fluttered silently around the bushes, and the glittering birch forest dust dance slowed down as the morning breeze disappeared. The day grew warmer in the spring sunlight.

Now, he just had to wait for the others.
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The big blog of Apel's set-inspired paintings (image heavy)

What the title says. I often play tef and find interesting set combos and base a design on them (and sometimes I just want to draw them). Most of these are more or less old, and some you might recognise if you've met apeldille-deer recently. Many of them have names, tiny stories, and ideas attached to them.

Here are a lot of those small paintings I've made over the years I've been here. These design are not up for adoption or free to take. Hence the "apeldille" everywhere. No stealin'

Under cut!
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