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A wip. Will be sporadically updated with info whenever I come up with new things.


23rd of September, 2019
Poor Sweetgrass has been a bit neglected lately. He's in the Rut as a Judge! Rut blog

5th of May, 2019
Was spending his time resting in the Birch, when he met a fun deer (yasv) played around with them, rested a bit, some frolicking, and then suddenly was charged by Moord. Had thought the stag was gone - Sweetgrass hasn't seen him in ages - but apparently not. Cue panicked scramble all over the forest, until he finally lost the stag.

Later, was browsing for new leaves and tender grasses by the stream, when suddenly a wolf (Krowe) appeared. Gave him quite a scare, left the area quickly, but was followed and pursued by the wolf. Still tired from fleeing from Moord, was not at his best and so stumbled a few times, definitely hearing the snap of sharp teeth very close.
Eventually managed to flee, leaving the wolf behind. Exhausted, he went to cool off in the pond and rest in the sun.

Sigh. Wolves... always the same, in every place... hunter and prey. I miss my herd.

(Definitely feeling like he needs to make some Big Buff Friends. Pls protecc)

2nd of May, 2019
Pleasant spring days. Spending his time roaming the forest, eating the new greens and tender shoots, learning where things grow and what places to avoid. Misses having a herd around him, and is feeling a bit lonely.

Was dozing beside a tree when approached by... something vaguely deer-like (A Gnu). Seemed like they wanted to spar with him! Very flattering! But also feeling a little delicate and not quite up for sparring with someone with Actual Antlers and also quite a bit bigger than him. So tried to decline politely and did some frolicking instead. Eventually settled down by a tree in the sun.

13th of April, 2019
Went to check on Egg, but found out it had hatched! A small, dark, blueish... toothy baby. After some hesitation - those teeth looked sharp, would it try to nibble on his legs or what? - the baby squeaked and Sweetgrass' heart melted. THis Is My Baby Now, I will Die for Egg Baby.

Followed Egg, who really needs a better name, on its first stumbly adventures through the forest. Ended up by the Pond. Please don't drown, Egg, you're super tiny. Kept an eye on Egg and its fawn playmate (who managed to wipe a bunch of egg slime on his fur!! Augh! Sweetgrass will endure for Egg's sake), and also met a pretty doe who also seemed interested in Egg (Thais).

Was quite worried about Egg Baby, as he is used to fawns with mothers caring for them. What would Egg eat? Relieved when it started chomping on dragonflies and beetles, vaguely unnerved when it swallowed a whole frog.

Hauka was conspicuously absent the whole time.

Found the Egg again. Had been curious of it since yesterday, when he first saw it, but now it had been moved. Tried to ignore it and go do other stuff, but what if it got hurt? or cold? Hauka didn't like it, though. Greeted another deer who was sitting by the egg too (Yumi).

Noticed the forest was very lively today - perhaps it's just Springtime.


Art by me. Thanks to Mis for the css <3
Apel#9645 on Discord. Always up for rp and interaction!

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&hearts; a good boi

♥ a good boi

Holy moly I'm in love

Holy moly I'm in love

a handsome boy owo

a handsome boy owo
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Oooo such a lovely concept

Oooo such a lovely concept <3
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This guy is so darn cute. I

This guy is so darn cute. I noticed him last night.

Discord:Nazzard#9068 ||Click for bios.
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w o w

w o w
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Thank you everyone

Thank you everyone <3

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I'm intrigued... What a gorg

I'm intrigued... What a gorg char and bio!! Would love to throw Bayleen at them tbh
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Gorgeous boi &hearts;

Gorgeous boi ♥
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loving that design!!

loving that design!!
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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Bayleen: Thank you, and

Bayleen: Thank you, and please do!! Gimme sweet sweet interaction

snow and Thais: thank you both! :>

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-nods- Yes, this is a good

-nods- Yes, this is a good place to sit down.
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Gorgeous color palette here

Gorgeous color palette here and the pretty simple bio.
Icon © Sluggs
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Thank you both!

Thank you both!

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Track. What a beauty.

Track. What a beauty.
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ooo tracking

ooo tracking
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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Awentia and Osmotious: Thank

Awentia and Osmotious: Thank you Laughing out loud

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OH I love him....

OH I love him....
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:eyes: Arien is Intrigued.

Arien is Intrigued. She might nibble but she'll be gentle c;
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Keeping an eye on.

Keeping an eye on.
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i love him too omg

i love him too omg
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wow I love him sm &hearts;

wow I love him sm ♥