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Press play and scroll!
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Huuge thank you to: Mis,

Huuge thank you to:
Mis, because without her this wouldn't have happened! (Besides being the owner of Verve, she also did lines and basic colouring for this, and wrangled together the storyboard). a+ plot blog buddy, would recommend

Sight, for sideline cheering, that hilarious date night preparation RP, and because she drew the Neela portrait! Thank you <3

Kate & Alcinda, because we got to borrow Vasana and Indira.

Music is "Fools" by Lauren Aquilina.

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Would reccomend Apel as a

Would reccomend Apel as a plot blog buddy as well, absolutely. She did the most work on this, just to make sure that's super obvious. I am super glad I got friends like her to do stuff like this with. Crazy amounts of work on silly characters who are so obvious to their feelings they sometimes just need an extra little push. Thanks Apel for putting up with me ♥.

And yes thank you to Sight, Alcinda and Kate for letting us borrowing their characters, and also drawing for this! Sight did the amazing Neela portrait, she could not look happier. Al did the sketch for runny Indira, and Kate, you keep on letting us borrow your characters, help us with music, inspiration, good suggestions. You are awesome, and you definitly deserve the luck that's been coming your way.

Anyway, hope you peeps enjoy too! And that the fun we have on these things show.
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What this is so happy I just

What this is so happy I just how dare you the cavities my dentist will be furious I WANT TO HUG THEM
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This is such a special moment

This is such a special moment in their life, I am so happy for them. The story is just so sweet and the scenes are beautifully done <333
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So adorable and well made!

So adorable and well made! Eye candy at it's finest. Well done you guys.

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Aaaah, this is so sweet.

Aaaah, this is so sweet. ♥ The part where the kids 'set them up' and then lurk behind the log is adorable, lol. And the illustrations are gorgeous. Well done guys. ;;
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I need... to recover...

I need... to recover... urgh... *wheezes, tries to steady herself* from this overload... of ridiculously cute artwork... I need... To go punch a wall... To stop squealing...
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This IS True Art

This IS True Art Smiling
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This was so pretty that I got

This was so pretty that I got chills run down my spine. Wonderful job!
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That was so precious. ;; You

That was so precious. ;; You three are such masterful storytellers.. always my favorite. ♥
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*insane clapping* I really

*insane clapping* I really really loved this. Perfect music, timing and everything. I loved this Smiling
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Beautiful <3
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Posts, stories, friendships

Posts, stories, friendships and more, like this, makes my time here worthwhile.
Thank you for posting such a beautiful piece of work.
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such awesome story telling, i

such awesome story telling, i had to go back and look at the beautiful art a couple times. ;-;

//intense screaming

//intense screaming
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Ugh I could "watch" this over

Ugh I could "watch" this over and over again. Perfect.
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Awww, this is so sweet. ;_;

Awww, this is so sweet. ;_; And really really nice, beautiful work.
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Oh my lordy, this was just

Oh my lordy, this was just what I needed on a otherwise dull day <333 Nothing like gentle romance to bring a smile to a romantic's face. I'm so happy for these two and can't wait to see what else comes to a point in their relationship.

Also the art is fantastic! Very very well done you three ^^.

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You always know just how to

You always know just how to tug at the feelings, You bunch. This is gorgeous.
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I'm amazed and impressed...

I'm amazed and impressed... This must have taken a lot of thought, time and effort. Stunning representation of their bond.
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This is great

This is great<33 stunning art.
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B'awww &hearts;

B'awww ♥
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Ah, I've been looking at this

Ah, I've been looking at this over and over today, just so many things to appreciate. The pacing, the way the scenes are set up to tell the stories, the expressions, the way all the things over the last couple years got brought in in a natural way. I love the colors and the painterly style. The facial expressions are just perfect. This is what story telling and character development is about and I am excited and honored to be a part of this terrific group that crafts such seemingly simple but at the same time deeply complex plots and story lines. I'm so happy and excited to see it finally come together too, I know it was a lot of hard work and I just wish I could have been around to pitch in more like I would have liked too, I have such a passion and love for these projects, you're all so very lovely to work with. As usual, thanks for including me, I cherish the memories, it's been the best. <3
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Aaaaaahh! This is so, so

Aaaaaahh! This is so, so gorgeous, they are gorgeous! I am speechless.
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Hahah. Thanks everyone! I am

Hahah. Thanks everyone! I am happy to see we caused cavities and other cute overloads Cool Thank you guys too for looking and commenting. I don't know how many of these stories would be made if there was no audience Smiling But we had fun and that's important. And yes agreed Sight! I am so happy I get to do these things.
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Wow guys, this turned out so

Wow guys, this turned out so incredible. All of the work that went into this is incredible and I was so glad to see it as it developed (well. Early sketch to NOW. LOTS OF JUMPn hahaha) I really do wish I was around more so I could help more, but things got hella busy and you know all the story. But I just wanna thank you all for letting me be a part of it, I look forward to seeing more...
Well done x
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Heart-melting, I almost

Heart-melting, I almost wanted to cry - it was all beautifully done.

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Holy crap. Phenomenal.

Holy crap. Phenomenal. Seriously. ;;
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Astounding job.

Astounding job.
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Am at work, so no time to

Am at work, so no time to reply to you all individually sadly, but damn, thank you all so much! It was a very fun thing to do and I'm glad other people enjoy it too and get an emotional reaction. And what Mis said, what would these things be without people looking at them?

You are all great, thank you again ♥

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Ahh, so lovely.

Ahh, so lovely. <3 Such amazing work was done here.
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aaaa This is so sweet! Great

This is so sweet! Great job. ♥
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Wonderful. I scrolled through

Wonderful. I scrolled through this a few times since it was posted and still I cannot find the right words to describe how perfect it is. Beautiful art and touching story masterfully combined with the song. Great job!
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Feeeelings ;;

Feeeelings ;;
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Parrots: Hahah ah sorry yeah,

Parrots: Hahah ah sorry yeah, I wanted to show more in-progress stuff but it was actually really hard because the files got gigantic reaally quick! ;_; XD And of course, you are a great addition to any event! Thanks for always helping!

Night654, Clare, uitleger, Rikka, echosong, 0baf0, MB
Thank you so much for commenting too! Really means a lot to hear this moved people or that they enjoyed it. Glad for it Smiling