The one who came to take claim of this heart

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30.09.18 Attempting to be a part of The Rut. Tries her best to meet new faces, successfully makes friends and probably enjoys attention. (but i'm so sry i still don't know majority of new faces)

"You will always stay my mother in my heart"

She always knew that this would someday come but it's not like she took it easy.
The white doe who turned out to be a goddess met Kaya, and soon told that Moon is leaving. Forever.
"She will never return" - something that sounded in Kaya's head every day, but today it was finally said aloud. The white doe looked and spoke as if she could be trusted, told a lot about mother, but this news wounded Kaya so much. She resigned that Moon wanders somewhere, that they hadn't seen each other for a long time, but the main thing that she was okay.
Something that must now be accepted.
Kaya found mother's left things and carried to their old house.
Putting her thoughts in order.

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>>Name; Kaya, 'Kah-yah'; "by the sea" in Hawaiian
>>Picto; Tamerlane
>>Reference; soon
>>Gender; female
>>Face claim; Margot
>>Age; young adult
>>Diet; herbivorous
>>Size; 7
>>Voice; Elizabeth, #DCEED6
>>Scent; Not strong, lunar flowers

Cloak - made by Shane;
Earring - given by Natasha;
Necklace - got from Verve;
Skull - Got from Verve;

Art and character belongs to me, CSS code done by TavraWolfe with my editing.
Text may contain material of a violent nature.
Discord: mb#2106

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//1/ test/

//1/ test/
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Traaack <3

By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3

She is so cute! Track!

She is so cute! Track! ♥
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Track (:

Track (:
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ohs thank you, guys

ohs thank you, guys <3
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Lovely CSS! Track c:

Lovely CSS! Track c:

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thanks Smiling
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Owns white magic? Haha!

Owns white magic? Shocked Haha! Moon too has this ability! Eye She can tell it about it or correctly teach her to supervise Smiling
By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3

Track. x)

Track. x)
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TmA: Ohs sorry i dont saw

Ohs sorry i dont saw your comment! Sad maybe in future Moon can be a good teacher for Kaya, cause now my doe dont interested in magic a lot
thanks Sticking out tongue
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track =)

track =)


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thanks &hearts;

thanks ♥

Vittani was probably very

Vittani was probably very curious and extremely rude, or conversely, that at night again approached. She went to see her. The non-aggressively, rather the contrary.

Ears up, and had directed the eyes of particular interest. Maybe he came back to see if it still afraid. "You're still afraid of me?" she asked from afar, when tilted her head to one side.
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Kaya tried to avoid this

Kaya tried to avoid this predator, bit she saw it again. 'Dont you... want to eat me?" Kaya made a few steps back. "You scared me, and hissed on me!" Kaya pressed her ears and again became tense.
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Kaya had already asked Verve

Kaya had already asked Verve if she could help her out when needed. This time the doe was there. A tall, dark leg got placed besides Kaya, as the tall doe stared at the predator. "You've been rather mean to Kaya, maybe you should leave her alone." She tried to look scary. An emphasis on tried. She wasn't really someone to scare others off, but tall she was.

She pricked up her ears. "But

She pricked up her ears. "But we do not eat deer," she said. "Great Black Predator said that we can eat only dead deer, when they die." she answered openly and trustingly at her watch. Everyone feared... and she did not understand it. "Everyone is afraid of me..." acknowledged and bowed her head hurt.

Vittani after a while she lifted her head and looked at the high doe with great amazement and just opened her mouth, confused.
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Kaya stay near Verve, in

Kaya stay near Verve, in safe, she put her ears and hid behind Verve. It seemed that the little fawn will not cause anything bad, but still evoked fear.
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Verve frowned at the little

Verve frowned at the little one's reaction. Kaya seemed rather scared before. "Then why were you scaring her before? You didn't need to hiss or show your teeth. Of course others are going to be afraid then!" She hadn't been there, but Kaya had told parts of what had happend. And she still seemed scared. "You need to be nice to other deer. Then they won't be scared."

Vittani at her expression

Vittani at her expression suddenly looked guilty. "But They were ugly to me," she said. "They beat me and pain me. And then I was very hurt." she said, crouching. Watched a big doe. "I remember the pain, sure, sure." she whispered, gently shaking.
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"The deers hit you?" Kaya was

"The deers hit you?" Kaya was in shock. "But...why would approach to me and show a threat?" Kaya was confused
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"Eh?" That didn't answer

"Eh?" That didn't answer anything at all. "Well, sorry to hear that, but you have to understand you scared Kaya by acting how you did." She tried to be patient towards the child now. "Do you understand it was wrong? Even if others were mean to you, you can still be kind yourself." That was her wise lesson for today, it seemed. This child confused her. Kaya didn't seem to understand it either.

Vittani looked at Kaya. "You

Vittani looked at Kaya. "You looked at me... I was afraid." said her ears and turned herself in when spoke a large doe. She felt that she begins to learn something so immediately lifted her head. Anything new is to learn. She stared at a big doe with ears and when they talked about it is wrong to do what she did, but she bowed her head guiltily and behold, could not to cry.
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Kaya was still pensive,

Kaya was still pensive, Vittani drew closer. "You scared me more... but I hope that something like this will not happen anymore" Kaya took a step back, staying in the shadow of Verve
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Verve's eyebrow was raised

Verve's eyebrow was raised now. "You were scared of Kaya?" She looked at the small doe. How could anyone be scared of that? "But you're the one with teeth you know. To me it sounds like you were scaring her on purpose." Verve sighed, looking at Kaya still behind her. "Maybe you should apologise to Kaya for scaring her." Her eyes turned back to the child.

She does more before and

She does more before and cringed when he pulled back a bit, Vittani straightened legs. Tail, pulled between her legs and ears pressed to the head. Hung her head guiltily. Apology... As say, to apologize? She took a step forward with her nose almost to the ground. "I'm sorry." from its tiny mouth, and while it began to cry. "I'm sorry."
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Kay was in a stupor... She

Kay was in a stupor... She did not understand the strange behavior of fawn, Vittani was very strange... very... "Ehm... I forgive you...only one condition, ok? Be kinder to others and they will be pulled to you..." Kaya at last relaxed and looked at Verve.
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Verve nodded. The fawn said

Verve nodded. The fawn said sorry, Kaya forgave them, that seemed like a better situation. "Great! Thank you for apologising." She said as she bowed to the fawn. "Kaya has a good point though. If you're kind, others will be too. And well, those who aren't you just evade!" She said enthosiastically.

Vittani just sadly shook. She

Vittani just sadly shook. She understood what he was talking about. But she was kind to others ... at least most of knew... That they always keep to it as the greatest creatures in the world. Led her friends, or perhaps it fun for attack. And it was a mistake. Vittani with intensified attacks against certain fear of losing and losing respect for others...

She looked at both of them after a while, again shaken lightly and coughed. Yet strangely hunched and then looked back at them. She waited for something else if she told.
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Thanks for rp all

Thanks for rp all <3 And forgive me if you wanted to continue this rp, i just had some problems yesterday

Me too. : D

Me too. : D
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You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
~ C.S. Lewis

Vittani closer to the Kaya

Vittani closer to the Kaya after a long and noisy reporting it here. "I can be here with you?" she asked wearily. Hunched, and she was more numb than yesterday. She held her head, trying to sniff her, instead of sucked air loudly and coughing. "Can I?" she asked after a while.
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"I think yes" Kaya didn't

"I think yes" Kaya didn't hold any grudge against the small predator and understands that it poses no danger... At least for now. "Are you... okay?"
P.S. sorry for late answer

Vittani she did not answer.

Vittani she did not answer. Just went to her and lay close to her. Her body was immediately and sweaty hair is standing on end. "I'm tired, I sleep," she whimpered and looked sadly at her.
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"Rest here" Kay was calm and

"Rest here" Kay was calm and laconic. "Are you hungry? Why not try mushrooms or some grass?" Kaya lay not far Vittani, she felt not very good too.

"I'm hungry," she said again,

"I'm hungry," she said again, shaking to keep her legs folded. "I eat mushrooms. Those that grow on the tree." she said. But then she heard something about the grass... "I do not eat grass. We must not eat the grass, she makes a bad tummy. You eat grassss?"
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"Ha Ha! Yes, herbivores deers

"Ha Ha! Yes, herbivores deers eat grass too! I can bring a few mushrooms for you" Kaya smiled and looked at Vittani. Perhaps this fawn can be good, Kaya tries to learn the nature of a small predator.

Vittani looked at her a

Vittani looked at her a grateful look. It was obvious that eats almost anything, even if it is not the main ingredient that is missing her body well - meat. For fungus is almost like meat, she thought.

// Uuuiiii, she is so good at it! x)))
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Kaya got up, went to the tree

Kaya got up, went to the tree and began to pluck the mushrooms, after a few minutes Kaya brought a few mushrooms for Vittani. "Here, eat it Kaya smiled and laid her head in soft flowers. She loved the scent of flowers.
Laughing out loud

Vittani reached out and took

Vittani reached out and took some mushrooms between the front teeth. They were so fragile that it did not make it a problem, even though it was greatly weakened and had trouble just to stretch she neck. Eat quickly, rather the opposite. Very slowly, piece by piece. It was evident that the fungus does not bite, it has become smaller, and only language on the floor and eventually moves and swallows.

Kaya when she saw how her head into the flowers, watching her intently. "You're too sweet like a flower?" she asked. Apparently she thought she also enjoys a hummingbird nectar.
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Kaya didn't understand why

Kaya didn't understand why Gehirn banished Vittani and little doe quickly decided to retire from this place, but Vittani continued to follow her and Kaya was again at a loss, and standing far away from Vittani she asked "Why?" Even if a large deer banish Vittani, maybe and Kaya need to ignore her? Kaya was once again at an impasse.

Vittani ran away when she saw

Vittani ran away when she saw him (or rather when he saw the player.. XD). It seemed that even though the tall grass, and believed that it protects, took a hit, although apparently only the tip of the hoof, and who knows what else it still hurt. Enough Vittani tired and probably quite exhausted illnesses now suffered even more. One ear was immobile, trying to keep it directed to the side and front to her small rank just behind the head hurt and no sting. A step by totter it had an influence on her head. She saw a strange blur and desperately trying to detect whether there is someone who knows. "Where are you?" she called. Finally, while the left edge of the rub of the plants and get rid of the blood that she sticky and dirty her hair and she really hated dirt. Then she lay down. "Where are you?" cried all the time.
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When they ran out into the

When they ran out into the open, with a lack of understanding Kaya looked at Vittani, in her head were different thoughts, she didn't know whether she will return to the Vittani or the best solution would be to leave her, Kaya was scared.

Vittani realized that when

Vittani realized that when there was silence, she ran away. Another friend was gone...

She slowly closed her eyes and twisted. Everything was becoming increasingly blurred and disappeared in the fog. Hid between the nose and front legs bravely holding back tears.
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Kay sadly looked at Vittani

Kay sadly looked at Vittani and approached her. "Are you okay ...?" Kaya kept at a distance.

"You left me," she said

"You left me," she said sadly. It was a quiet growl spilled between the front legs, and even more twisted.
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Kaya just closed her eyes and

Kaya just closed her eyes and shook her head

After a while, Vittani up.

After a while, Vittani up. Still in place and not moving. Just strangely rocking, and head held low to the ground. Eyes opened. Ears tried to turn around and register a sound. "Where are you? Why do you talk to me when you're not here?"
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lol sorry, my game is

lol sorry, my game is glitching sometimes, thats why i left Kaya sleeping x)