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"Just don't forget there are other flowers out there."

Body 95%
Active. Healthy.
Silver pelt.
|| Mind 60%
|| NoteMostly in the 'lone' world.
"Nem became an ocean-scented essence of loneliness."
This bio needs updating but...

*(9.11.) Visited the Forest and rested on a spot she used to frequent, staying clear of her usual sunspot.

*(1.11.) Settled in her spot, noting that the expecting couple turned into a proper family. Was joined by Tristan not long after that, sitting in silence which she later broke. Informed the stag, as the falling confetti continued to mock her, that she's not expecting. While she didn't plan for it, saddened nonetheless, reliving her own sorrow from two years ago. Reminded the piebald that he's free to move on, which apparently caused him great distress. Dealt with it as best as she could, though grew bitter over having to console him while craving consolation herself but not receiving enough to help her deal with the old reopened wound. Left to seek comfort in the solitude of the lone world when she was done explaining herself, her belief that she can only ever rely on herself solidified.

(29.10.) Showered with attention upon her visit to the Forest, approached by Xecil, a fawn and Tristan in her spot. Seeing as it was cold and snowing and she was also in need of distractions, initiated play with Tristan and Xecil, their little romp leading them near the Old Oak. Eventually settled down when others did so too, watching the snow fall in silence that was later broken by Tristan. Misinterpreted his questions, understanding them to be more general than they really were, partly lost in her own thoughts now that the distractions were gone. Sat close, rousing when UY came by. Instead of settling back down when the doe departed left to the 'lone' world.

Oh you're killing me right now
(You're killing me killing me right now)
I think it's time you burn me down

I love the things we do, when it's just me and you
I'm burning up, burning up

True to her word returned to Tristan the following day, taking all the fire and water themed riddles from theory to practice, ready to let the flames consume her and in turn pull the stag to the very depths of the ocean. Sought shelter under the Playground rocks later when nightfall brought rain with it, spending the night and few following days in Tristan's company.

(21.10.) Listening to an instinctual urge led the doe to the Forest, although she quickly grew erratic and irrational. Set off first by finding her spot occupied by an expecting couple and then shortly after by Tristan's approach. Ran away from the stag, hiding in the tall Birch grasses but was soon found. Despite trying to conceal what the matter was, the doe had her cover blown. Promised to let him catch her again and promptly left the Forest.

*(13.10.) Spent several days following the end of the Rut in the 'lone' world, recharging her batteries and for once fully appreciating the solitude after being so social for the duration of the event. Despite the Rut being over, couldn't help it but feel the season still had a firm grip on her. Once she entered the Forest, settled in her spot for a good while. Alarmed when she witnessed a stag (Aurik) violently attacking a nearby tree but didn't intervene in fear of becoming his new target. Relaxed somewhat when he left and eventually left too, returning to the 'lone' world.

(8.10.) Collected by Rook at the Pond right after entering the Forest, followed him to the Ruins where lots of action happened in short succession. Watched Rook and Pagan spar but a new face swept in to greet her. Immediately impressed by the stranger (Grischa) and his bold approach. Sided with Grischa after he sparred with Rook and followed him a little ways off to rest for a while. Rose to her hooves eventually, following the stag back into the fray. Tristan appeared then, challenging the new arrival. Felt that more was at stake, siding with Tristan this time around and spending the rest of the evening by his side.

(7.10.) Paced around a lot, extremely restless and unable to settle down, nothing about the current Rut happenings capturing her attention for long enough. Took her over two hours to wore herself out enough to actually stand still for five minutes. Approached by Tristan then, still having enough energy to pace and frolic in his company before following him to settle down with a small group (Rohit, Kozan, Jonah). Boys were sleepy and boring so claimed the nearby hill for herself, settling on top. Allowed Tristan to join her when he proved his worth by engaging her in a short play. Joined by Mirah when Tris left. Departed to her world for the night at the end of the day.

(6.10.) Returned after spending several days on her own, almost immediately approached by Tristan. Didn't feel like talking about what had happened and also didn't want to keep the male from enjoying the company he had, so kept the conversation short. Despite that, ended up spending the evening in company of the piebald stag and the herd (Éasca, Mirah, Limaria, Sulwyn, UY ♥, Phobos, Jude,...) he had gathered and won over. Put on edge by Lucy's approach later in the day, unsure how to react. Declined Tristan's offer to join him for the night and left to spend the night in her world.

(3.10.) Woke up next to Tristan. Left the stag so that she could do her own thing, stopping by at the Pond. Contemplated returning and initiating some sort of play but then Lucy appeared. Recognised the patchwork doe from the past, heavily associating her with Zash and their family. Followed when prompted to do so, assuming it had something to do with either the doe, Zash or their family, momentarily forgetting all about Rut, her mind more in the past than the present. Disenchanted when she realised the doe's intentions were in fact purely Rut related. Grew extremely uncomfortable with the situation, Lucy challenging Tristan, who appeared out of nowhere, some trying to intervene (Brille and Devani). Hightailed to the Pond. Knew she only had herself to blame for the misunderstanding and for getting so nostalgic and thinking it had something to do with Zash, the interaction leaving her all sorts of nostalgic and unsettled. Was followed by Tristan who attempted to comfort her. Didn't stay for long, realising she'd be better off alone in her own world where she could sort out her thoughts and push the nostalgia to the back of her mind where it belonged.

(2.10.) Arrived in early hours of the day when the Forest was void of activity. Walked here and there, settling in sunspots before returning to hers. Slept soundly for several hours, waking up to a slightly busier Forest. Was saved from aimless wandering by Xecil's arrival. Followed him and chilled until Cu appeared. That's when the fun began. Fly. ♥ There was a fawn, also Violet. Almost grew overwhelmed towards the end, separating from the group and heading towards her spot. Was invited by Violet to join a small group (Nyami, Sky-Sight, one more I can't find ;-;), but eventually drifted towards the Ruins to see what's up. Approached Tristan's and Greitai's group... or so she thought. Didn't take it very seriously when they sparred, assuming it was just them showing off for their herd. Was wrong and watched Greitai walk off. Oops. Way to fail as a judge. Stayed with the group (UY, Limaria, Cereja, Nimh, Galene, Izumi, Yoko, Tristan). Kato showed up to steal some ladies. Kozan returned. Jonah appeared. Spoke with Tristan and got an invitation to spend the night at his spot. Not really used to sleeping in the Forest, much less sleeping next to others... but wasn't complaining and accepted.

(1.10.) Settled away from any commotion upon entering the forest, grateful to be joined by a pretty stranger (Cierra). Eventually took her leave, curious to take a peek at what was happening near the Ruins. Didn't find much there to watch. Was eventually approached by Tristan but refused to follow, wanting be won over and not simply asked to obey. Later watched a spar between Varg and Sambar, deeming Varg the winner. Settled nearby his group/family. Grew restless and moved to the nearby hill to observe the happenings but was too stuck on the thought of being won over so didn't join anyone since there were no fights going on and eventually slipped away back to her world.

(30.9.) Somewhat lukewarm towards the event when she entered the Forest, first staying in her spot and then on the outskirts in yet another sun spot. Spoke to Tristan when he stopped by, talking in riddles about the sea and the fire, well aware that the two don't mix. Settled back down once the stag left, joined by the stranger from few days ago (Xecil). Dozed on and off, lost in thought and not paying much attention to the event. Brief Cu visit! Woke up to Xecil gone and Rook and Xipilli standing close. Somewhat in daze after waking up, trailed after them when it seemed that she was invited to do so. Lots of mingling and greeting followed. (Averell, Rohit, Violet, Rune, Firyn, Vee..?) Got lured away by Akan, slightly doubting her own judgement but was greeted by a pretty and attentive lady (Haroten) at the end of the journey so all was forgiven. Stayed around, watching some tensions brew but eventually slipped away to talk more riddles with Tris. Melted ever so slightly under the weight of his words and disappeared back to her own world faster than she appeared.

(29.9.) Entered the Forest to find the annual event was off to a steady start. More than happy to be joined by Fly and frolic around, shaking off any nervousness or hesitation and getting used to being around other beings and groups again. Left poor Fly behind when a Rut scuffle began to unfold, casting her vote to Kolgrímr. The peace was short lived though, as Tristan challenged the other male soon after. Sided with Tristan this time around, not liking the way Kolgrímr ignored the judges attempting to end the spar. Lots of greeting new faces (Rúna, Jonah, Artemis, Jude, Lofn, Steini, Jagoda, Liathe, Fletcher.. more?). Eyeing Arcturus when he kept approaching the group but it seemed that he was more into flirting with Tristan than fighting him. Drifted away when the activity died down and ended up with a group of ladies she vaguely recalled from the previous years (Mirah, Éasca, Sophie, Lacie), enjoying their peaceful company.

(28.9.) Sensed that the Rut is just around the corner. Sat in her spot, joined by a stranger (Xecil).

(16.9.) Spent the foggy day in Tristan's company, glad to see that the stag was alive and doing well.

(31.8.) Had only visited the Forest a handful of times over the past few months, oblivious to anything and everything that happened in her absence. Feeling detached from the woods she used to call her home, yet feeling the familiar curiosity that draws her closer every autumn. Hoping that others feel the same pull and perhaps she'll be able to meet some old and new faces. Set a steady hoof on the Forest floor and headed to the spot she used to frequent to bask in the sun and Forest magic.

(22.1.) Braved the snow again, smug about seeing Anker and Tristan together when she made a stop at the Pond. Didn't want to disturb their bonding time and quickly left to check on a certain spot to see whether there were any signs of presence of certain someone. There were none in the fresh snow. Settled at a nearby tree. The stranger who also sat there, Riddick, spoke to her so ended up introducing herself and making small talk about weather. Got whisked away by Anker just when her conversation with Riddick threatened to involve more serious topics. Together with Anker had an old-school romp that made her heart soar because she really missed that. Filled with nostalgia and the thrill of the chase and playfulness. Good stuff. Chilled at the Playground with the Seafarer afterwards, extremely content and reluctant to leave but in the end slipped away to return to the lone world

(21.1.) Made a fairly brief visit to the snowy Forest. Sought out Anker and settled down in his company, relieved to see him again and relieved to know she can trust his word. Didn't break the silence, eventually leaving when she felt too cold.

(15.1.) Upon her arrival to the Forest was met with Tristan in a frog form. The male had mercy on her and didn't demand her to go along with his 'cursed prince' antics. Was briefly informed there was a predator on the loose, an exchange that prompted her to finally voice her question about him enjoying the hero role. Didn't get the answer because Anker, an old friend she hadn't seen in ages, approached. Happy yet sceptical about his return because too many times those who returned didn't stick around. After introducing Anker and Tristan to each other quietly watched them exchange small talk. After reluctantly letting Anker leave, returned to her conversation with Tristan when he asked if she was okay. Despite saying she was, clearly wasn't as her mood dropped and she snapped at Tristan when he gave what she perceived to be an odd answer to her question about playing hero. Apologized, checked with him whether she was still welcome in his company some other time and quickly fled the scene to process the events of the day on her own in the lone world.

(14.1.) Wandered, determined to chill on her own. With her spot of choice being taken over, ended up settling down near the Ruins. Her quiet presence somehow managed to attract several fawns and strangers. Cautious but otherwise okay with the company. Noted Tristan hovering nearby but barely even glanced in his direction, her way of saying 'I know you like to play a hero but I don't need saving'. Shared the spot with Cu once the group left and later on with Tristan. Was tempted to question him about his actions but in the end opted to stay silent. Returned to the lone world for the night out of habit.

(13.1.) Settled in her spot, later approached by Tristan. Accepted his company and shared silence with the stag. Silence that was only interrupted by the bustle of the arrival of Cu and his friends. Left the Forest when she found herself alone.
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(19.12.) Not too thrilled about the weather when she entered the Forest. Stumbled through the snow to find a somewhat sheltered spot between two trees near the Ruins. Caught Tristan in the act of sneakily dropping a package next to her, learning that it was in fact a Christmas present. Went to investigate when he instructed her to and once the gift was unwrapped, immediately made use of the grey shawl and draped it over her shoulders. Thankful for the thoughtful gift.

(11.12.) Hiding behind the veil of darkness of the night that covered the Forest, settled in her spot for a good while. Noted Tristan in the distance but didn't pursue him when the male left as soon as she made a step in his direction. Deduced that's how he wants things to be. She shouldn't approach. Enjoyed more of the darkness before leaving the Forest again.

(5.12.) Wandered the Forest after a night spent in the 'lone' world. Once she was found by Tristan, sat with the male for a good while before hesitantly initiating a cautious play. Though not entirely at ease, was able to enjoy the frolicking.

(4.12.) Returned to the Forest when she felt she had everything sufficiently sorted out in her head, the question for Adil carefully set aside in her mind together with all the anger and bitterness. Had to accept her encounter with Adil was real after all, since Tristan was very clear about seeing the stag with her. That meant there was a chance she was going to encounter him again, now ready to question Adil as soon as she laid her eyes on him again. Settled near the Crying Idol and watched the water flow, glad to find the spot unoccupied. Was joined by Tristan and exchanged apologies with the male, delving into a pleasant conversation until the flow was interrupted by a compliment from Tristan that felt so out of place the doe was ready to drop the conversation altogether, aware she overstepped some boundary. Was offered a visit to the human world and although not accepting it right away due to her previous experience, at least promised she'd consider the offer after making sure she could get her hands on some alcohol in there.

(27.11.) Lashed out on Tristan when her escape tactic didn't work as well as it did the previous day when she managed to shake 'Sylvan' off. Called Tristan a jerk when he revealed he was “trying to break her wall”, barely holding back her anger and bitterness when he brought up Adil. Held her ground, refusing to give the male more information or comply with his suggestion that she should take out her rage on him and use him as a punchbag. Left the area trembling with a mixture of intense emotions. Was under the impression that perhaps rejecting others would feel better than being rejected later on but that didn't seem to be the case. In the following days she had spent in the 'lone' world had enough time to somewhat sort out her thoughts. Aware that her anger was meant for someone else and Tristan was just an easy target since he basically offered himself and egged her on. Went as far as settling on one question she'd ask Adil if she'd ever see him again. A question it all boils down to.

(26.11.) During the last few days made several trips to the Forest in hopes of finding some company and left feeling more lonely than ever after each visit. Doesn't recognise most of the faces and auras that inhabit the Forest these days and finds it hard to cope with the short visits others occasionally pay her because they always seem to have better things to do. Knows she got through darker times in the past but currently finds herself struggling.

(5.11.) Spent the night in the 'lone' world and returned to see whether or not Adil was still around. Saw a God instead, and also Tristan... Had a few remarks at the tip of her tongue but didn't say anything to the male. The fact that there were no more traces of Adil's presence made her lapse into an intense state of denial about the encounter from the previous day, each passing day making her more certain it had never happened... Despite the denial, it still clearly left her feeling shaken and unsure about multitude of things.

(4.11.) Had entered the Forest with the intention of finding someone to sit with or at least to get the illusion of not being so alone but was shocked by the being that had emerged from the rain. Believed Adil to be dead for over a year as she hadn't seen him since he was 'possessed'. Had believed that to be the end and finally, after months, managed to move on and find a steady ground again, fought her own demons to become stronger. All that was shaken with the arrival of the stag. Didn't believe her own eyes, terribly unsure about the whole thing but somehow managed to follow him to her spot, sitting tensely while keeping a distance between herself and the male. Couldn't find it in herself to be properly happy about Adil's return even though she thought perhaps she was supposed to be. When Tristan came around, did her best at gently rejecting his company, too overwhelmed with everything already as it was. Stayed in the Forest even after Adil left, pacing and stopping at times to sit down, only to move again soon after...

(7.10.) Headed to the spot near the Ruins upon returning to the Forest but didn't stay for long. Made the bold move of approaching the male from the day prior (Czar) like 'hi, I'd like to see more of you since we didn't get the chance yesterday'. Bit of mingling happened when greetings were exchanged with Arcturus and Chanti. The guys then went to show off but the result was very 'meh' as a stranger stopped their fight. Confused and unimpressed when the males then went to sit together instead of paying any attention to her and Chanti, Nem stuck to the colorful female. 'I'm grey and invisible in the fog but lemme admire your feathers, wow.' Settled in Czar's company when he invited her and Chanti to join. Sylfrid joined as well as wild Cu and confusing Sulwyn. Watched Czar spar with Rook, praising both but opting to stay with Czar and the rest of the group until it was time to go.

(6.10.) Entered the Forest to discover it covered in a veil of fog and proceeded to find herself a tree near the Ruins to cling to. Roamed the woods and then, after being approached by them, spent the rest of the day around a stranger ('cbreplika', not on the comm so player played a balancing game somewhere between ic and ooc). Got to meet a stag (Czar) at the Pond but their ways parted. Became erratic and unsettled after a chase and some disagreeable behavior of strangers so left the Forest some time later to calm down.

(30.9.) Wandered the Forest and then napped next to Vala at the Pond. Then kinda judged a spar between Alain and the Sambar but player was lagging so hard Nem had to go take a nap. Woke up much later and returned to the area where most of the activity was. Observed and was eventually collected by Thorir and joined Brille and Orbit by his side. Met Idelle, Tieff, Arielle. Saw a spar between Thorir and Brent, siding with Thorir and praising him for his efforts but also appreciating his general demeanor. Comfortable in her spot with Thorir, Brille and Arielle but rose to observe a spar between the Sambar and Brent. Again found Brent's ways unappealing and joined the Sambar, Orbit, Lilitu, Jhorla, Idelle, Uy. Grew tense when an antlered lady (Lieva) challenged first the Sambar and then Brent. Though it became obvious the doe was not in it for the judges, still tried, together with others, to break up the second fight when it went on uncomfortably long... Settled with the group for a while before slipping away and returning to the 'lone' world.

(27.9.) Sought out the action soon after entering the Forest, drawn to watch a spar between Arcturus and Henna from afar but was whisked away by Romulus before she got the chance to make up her mind about who the 'winner' was. Besides, the one on one interactions that give her a better idea of who the challenger or competitor are a sure way to win her over when done right. Joined Rom's sizable herd on the hill near the Ruins. Out of the bunch most interested in Blodeuwedd, Rose, Accendare, Róta and Lovelace because of the ways they behaved (not an exhaustive list of the herd members, just those who left an impression on her). Particularly impressed by Róta when she sparred with Alain and praised the doe. Also kinda impressed by Arcturus so went over to him after he sparred with Rom, though the one on one interaction didn't go the way she'd like so was easily convinced by Rom's actions to retreat back to his herd. Drifted away from said herd to join Alain after his spar with Rom. Found her energy dwindling then growing completely overwhelmed when all the herds and deer mingled together. Did her best at greeting everyone but ultimately ended up leaving to take a breather at the Pond when things got too much. Returned to sit on the now abandoned hill, soothed by Rakil's company. Left the Forest after The Harpy departed.

(26.9.) Went for a lap around the Forest to figure out that indeed, the Rut had started. Initially a bit overwhelmed, especially after noticing a pretty big herd near the Ruins. Took time out to first warm up to the idea before going for a second round to look what was going on around. Joined Alain's herd when invited over by the judges with him (Sophie, Jetta, Lilitu?). Watched the white stag spar with Isetore and gave him (Alain) her approval afterwards, deeming him the 'winner'. Stayed in the area but it seemed that there was no need for judges over there as all the challengers and competitors were keen on making friends with each other, so much so, that they barely paid any attention to the judges in the area. Wandered off to find someone more interesting and interested. Was invited by Morganna to join Romulus' herd and did so when the male himself went over to sniff and acknowledge her. Stayed around for a good while, generally impressed with how active Romulus was and also comfortable with the herd surrounding him. Until, of course, he gave up the herd and left. XD Not really keen on the stag who 'won' them (Tieff) so left to take a nap at the Pond, in the end deciding to leave the Forest for the night.

(22.9.) Another day of visiting various spots in the Forest and being restless.

(16.9.) Surprised to find the Forest still basking in the twilight, something that briefly confused her as she became unsure about how much time had passed since her last visit. Wandered here and there, her restlessness aided also by the suspicious activity and movement of several creatures. Settled in her spot to make her presence there and generally back in the Forest known before departing to her world.

(12.9.) Found herself restlessly wandering around and visiting spots she used to frequent during her early days in the Forest while also enjoying the pretty twilight weather.

(4.9.) Driven by instinct to visit the Forest more often though it is still not enough to make her willingly approach others. Just lingering around.

(30.8.) After the success of her visit the previous day returned again, but knew she made a mistake the moment she entered the Forest. The mushroom circle was crowded and instantly gave her a feeling of claustrophobia as she felt her escape route was blocked until the area was free again. Then had a 'idk what to do with myself' freeze at the Pond when she noted Draven sitting there. Was greeted by the doe who was with him and who she vaguely remembers (Anneliese) and also got a greeting from the stag himself. Unfroze only when she sensed her escape route was free and promptly left the Forest.

(29.8.) Settled in her sunspot and was found by Cassie! ♥ Content to sit and rest with the doe, thankful to have her company.

(31.7.) Drawn to the Forest, reason of which she scented soon after arriving. Found Zash near the Playground and joined her old friend there to sit in the comfort of his company. Got groomed and eventually returned the gesture when she got over her hesitation about touching and being touched. Returned to the 'lone' world afterwards.

(13.7.) Returned after a long bout of absence. Grateful for any company but will most likely be very skittish because she was alone in total isolation for months.
Ended up going for a stroll, spending the day on her own and getting used to being around sane beings again. Was briefly greeted by Vala at one point, cheered up by seeing the familiar red doe.

(17.5.) Spent the day mostly with Tristan, grateful to have some company which gave her sense of comfort and safety as she was not utterly alone. Startled by a scuffle near the Pond, ended up leaving the area to settle in her spot, closer to where her escape route from the Forest was. When alone after Tristan left, dozed on and off and wandered around, observing the changes that happened during her absence. Left in the evening, returning to her home at the seaside where waves sung her a lullaby. Something she was more accustomed to than the Forest sounds that made her sleep uneasy the previous night.

(16.5.) Ventured back to the Forest after a long absence during which she was spending time in solitude in the 'lone' world. Was startled immediately after entering the Forest, not expecting to be faced with anyone right after arriving. Bowed to the trio (Fly, Anneliese, Lupen) and took her leave, seeking serenity in her spot after a stop at the Pond. Was drawn to a spot on a wall of the Ruins and settled down there for a while for old time's sake. Returning to her sunspot, she noticed an unfamiliar creature (Maggot). Filled with unease due to the creature's behaviour and appearance, darted away every time they got near. When the creature left, Nem returned to her sunspot again. Decided against leaving the Forest and settled down for the night, sleeping over for the first time in months.

(30.3.) Got surprised by Vala upon entering the Forest, instantly feeling more at ease and like things are somewhat still the same whenever she comes back. Settled in her spot for a while but then decided to seek out some company and followed Draven's scent. Wasn't sure if she would be accepted into his company seeing as he was already with someone (Thais, Rose). Stayed a small distance away, noticing one of the does being pregnant and putting one and one together. Nothing a month at the seaside couldn't fix, she decided. Stayed around and greeted others that appeared (Hannelore, Nhoz, Kerosene), eventually taking her leave when the surroundings got too crowded and busy with activity, putting her on edge.

(16.3.) Returned to check on the progress of the seasons in the Forest and found herself marking the trees around her spot to feel more at ease before settling down. Sought out the only familiar scent she could pick up on - Mjölnir, only to find the doe all battled up. Took her leave rather soon, feeling out of place.
Wandered around after that, stopping by at various places of interest until her paths crossed with those of an unfamiliar figure (Rakil). Could feel herself being extremely socially inept, just like she did weeks ago when talking to Tristan. Couldn't even remember the last time she had met someone properly for the first time before then, a result of her new secluded life. Struggled to express herself as well as read the winged female's body language but reverted to her submissive and 'copycat' ways and with enough encouragements from the other female followed the winged creature. Had eventually settled down under one of the Ruin's pillars on which the female (Rakil) perched. Got spooked by a fight that seemed to be taking place nearby and was ready to leave the Forest should she grow even more uncomfortable as the creatures passed by.
Moved to her spot when the winged one left and eventually made her way back to the 'lone' world.

(1.3.) Another visit, another nostalgia filled stop at her former home in the Birch. Except she didn't have much time to get nostalgic as she was approached by an unfamiliar male (Tristan). Was asked for help/favour but couldn't shake the feeling that the situation wasn't what he wanted her to believe it is. Talked to the stag, ignoring his flirty remarks for the most part until he admitted that he had followed her after seeing her at the Pond. Left rather abruptly after they exchanged names and the stag's false pretense was dropped. Despite Tristan's questionable motives and her own concealed nervousness it was, in retrospect, a rather pleasant conversation.

(29.2.) Encouraged by the positive interaction from few days prior decided to return to the Forest again. The meeting with her first friend put her into a rather nostalgic mood so after some wandering settled down next to a tree in the Birch that was once her very first 'home' in the Forest.
Noticed sleeping Flyleaf on her trip to the Pond so settled down next to the male, able to relax and sleep next to him. Noted the familiar doe (Anneliese) and a whole lot of fawns but was not in the mood to play so stayed put next to Flyleaf until it was time for her to leave.

(26.2.) Decided to trust her instincts when she felt herself being pulled towards the portal. Her gut feeling proved to be right when she sensed an adored and dearly missed friend in the Forest. In fact her very first friend, Zash. Settled with the male in a flowerpatch after exchanging happy greetings. The content thought that 'they always come back' basically radiating off of her. ♥ Some purring and grooming later watched the stag leave and then come back followed by a burgundy doe (Thais). Couldn't quite remember if they met before and exchanged greetings with the female only to watch her depart. Spent a bit more time with Zash before excusing herself and leaving the Forest.

(18.2.) Found her way to the Forest during one of her walks through the 'lone' world and settled in her sunspot. Once again silently grateful to find it unoccupied and taking it as a sign that the Forest didn't completely banish her just yet.
Was joined by Cassiopeia and very much clung to the doe for the rest of the day, finding comfort in her company. Even agreed to play with the female, now physically strong enough to frolic again. Relished in the feeling of being strong and agile after months of being nothing more than a broken shell. All the battles are not won but it's a good start.
Greatly amused, watched the larger doe tear up the flowers, her eyes sparkling with shared merriment. Settled next to Cassie when she found herself feeling pleasantly tired. The two of them were then joined by another doe (Anneliese) and a familiar face ('SylvanRah'). Sometime later grew restless and uncomfortable, sensing alarmed hoofbeats and commotion of a big group nearby. When more strangers approached, darted a few paces away, watching warily. Gratefully accepted Cassie's offer to move somewhere calmer and less crowded, bedding down next to her in the Blue Bowl. Some hours later excused herself and headed back to the 'lone' world.

(27.1.) Spent the day by the Pond, finding the sight of water comforting after spending months at the seaside. Was found by Mjölnir, more than happy to cuddle with the antlered female and spend her time around sentient beings. As a consequence also met one of the doe's bebs (Víðarr). A lot of shifting, observing and snoozing later excused herself from the two and left the Forest again.

(21.1.) Braved another visit of the Forest after making sure that the weather is sunny again. Wandered, spent time in her spot, did her best to stop the flood of memories that are always brought back every time she sets her hoof on the forest floor.

(12.1.) Fled the Forest just as the first raindrops hit the ground and returned to the safety and warmth of the 'lone' world.

(11.1.) Sat with Fly and those she assumed to be his friends ('SylvanRah', 'TamaBird') until they were all suddenly gone. Moved off to her spot, stirring awake when Anker arrived. Followed him to the Pond after a short nap, settling by his side under one of the willows. Couldn't help it but let her thoughts wander back to the days when they first met many seasons ago. She felt like she should speak up but the silence that settled between them was comfortable and so she decided against it. For now.

(10.1.) Encountered an insistent frog but more importantly, was reunited with an old friend, Anker. Seeing him again gave her a sense of nostalgia but also a sense of comfort and relief. They always come back. Invited the stag to join her in her spot, peacefully dozing on and off in his company.

(9.1.) A month had passed since her last visit so the doe braved the cold and returned to the Forest. Lingered at the Pond, thoughts returning back to the seaside. Was surprised out of her thoughtful moment by a familiar face, Mjölnir! Greeted the female warmly but didn't join her under the willows. Instead headed to her spot, half-expecting it to be overtaken by someone new. To her relief found it unoccupied and settled for a short rest before heading for a walk. Wary of those who approached her, yet glad to be acknowledged somehow. Paid a quick visit to the spot she associated with Adil (while being secretly stalked by Anne) and then continued her round of the Forest before returning to her spot.
Was approached by Draven and spoke with the stag, finally breaking the silence that settled between them since the fateful day.

(8.1.2016) Took refuge in the 'lone' world shortly after being confronted by Adil, or what was left of him, months ago. Possibly the only reason she was able to survive this far as the weather is much more mild where she is now. Found herself a nice nook near the seaside, her days consisting of careful creation of patterns using the sea glass she collects there. Goes through the motions day by day, recovering. Physically at least. Visits the Forest only when absolutely starved for the feeling of other sentient creatures being around or on other extremely rare30.11., 7.12. occasions.

(Paper Crown - Alec Benjamin, Maggie Eckford - Everything Is Lost, new bio art by the wonderful Unplugged)


Name: Nemesis
Nickname: Nem
Real name: Zoe Summers Her human name unknown to others in the Forest.
Picto: xxx
Gender: female/doe
Age: adult
Species: fallow deer, prevailing human thought process
Size: female version of #6
Scent: ocean, melissa (herbal/lemony scent)
Orientation: pansexual
Status: single
Offspring: none
Set: grey pelt/orca mask/peacock antlers
mini spell
Voice: #8B008B
Diet: herbivore
Haunt: lately she really enjoys spending
her time in a sunspot behind the Statues

I. Personality

shy, friendly, intelligent, humble, calm, polite, loyal, peaceful, loving, sympathetic, caring, playful, silly, helpful, curious, timid, sometimes moody and overemotional, vulnerable, submissive, sensitive, reserved, distant, insecure, reliant, quiet, stubborn, naive, sassy
follower, observer, over-thinker

seems to have two very different sides to her personality, one more mature and human-like, very serious, calm and intelligent and the other one more childish and animal instincts-driven, playful, silly and wild

cheerful or calm companions, deer willing to lay down next to her to sleep or snuggle, poppies, chirping birds, naps, drinking from the Pond, playful fawns, aimless prancing through the forest, feeling protected and cared for, running with others, the sounds of the night and rain, fireflies

receiving mixed signals, obnoxious mooing, deer who negatively reacts to her greeting, feeling lonely, violence, being ignored

Waning-Sun's picture

She's welcome to sit with

She's welcome to sit with Zash whenever. He enjoys her peaceful company. (:

And a track.
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Thank you! She really enjoys

Thank you! She really enjoys her time spent with Zash. He makes her feel safe. Smiling
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Aww ♥ I'm pretty sure

Aww ♥ I'm pretty sure that just made his day right there.
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Tracking for Keshadei and

Tracking for Keshadei and Lumilla. They are sitting with her and Zash right now. Keshy is Zash's daughter-in-law.
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Thank you! Nemesis is happy

Thank you! Nemesis is happy that she had the honour to meet them. Smiling
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^_^ She's welcome around them

^_^ She's welcome around them anytime. Lumilla doesn't have a set of parents but she has guardians and parental-like figures, and Keshadei is pregnant so rests most of the time and eats mushrooms like you wouldn't believe, lol.
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my DA
Siggy by Kokote
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Thank you!

Thank you! Smiling
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Here's a track for Nemesis!

Here's a track for Nemesis! Laughing out loud
Skype: bl-ossomed.
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Thank you! Nice to see Zeriah

Thank you! Nice to see Zeriah again. Smiling
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Tracking on behalf of

Tracking on behalf of Juggernaut.

Jacklo's Characters/Hub
Discord: Daddy#4977
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Thank you!

Thank you! Smiling
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Thank you for a fun evening!

Thank you for a fun evening! <3
Skype: bl-ossomed.
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My pleasure! Nemesis had

My pleasure! Smiling Nemesis had loads of fun with Zeriah and Rhael today! <3
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Thank you! If I remember

Thank you! If I remember correctly Nemesis already had the pleasure to meet Stymfalia! Hope to meet her again! Smiling
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The new art looks beautiful!

The new art looks beautiful! Laughing out loud Pretty doe <3
Skype: bl-ossomed.
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Ohh that new(to me..haha) art

Ohh that new(to me..haha) art of her is absolutely beautiful! She's such a pretty little lady.
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That amazing art piece was

That amazing art piece was done by Kallonate (thank you!)! It is even more beautiful than I have imagined... Smiling
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Track! x) Rhhya zdravi!

Track! x)
Rhhya zdravi! Laughing out loud
Ahoj! xD
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Taky zdravím a dekuji za

Taky zdravím a dekuji za track! Laughing out loud
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Tak spisovna bejt nemusis.

Tak spisovna bejt nemusis. x)
Odkud jsi? Smiling Jak dlouho jsi na TEF? : ))

Mas Skype?

Strasne se omlouvam, ze tak vyzvidam,
ale je to strasna senzace, ze jsi tady! Moc cechu tady neni.., takze z toho mam
relativne velkou radost, ze je tu nekdo novy a ja muzu s nekym mluvit normalnim
jazykem. :'D
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Takove nadseni jsem necekala!

Takove nadseni jsem necekala! Laughing out loud Na TEF jsem relativn? krátce, jeste to nebudou ani dva mesice. Skype nevedu, jen mail. Tu radost ale vlastne chapu, taky me ta cestina dost prekvapila. Laughing out loud
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Az tu budes dyl, budes mit

Az tu budes dyl, budes mit zachvaty radosti z kazdeho cecha, co se tu objevi.
Mimo nas, jeste Kikinkacze, a PLK217. To jsou zatim jediny aktivni, ale brzo je poznas.

Tak hlavne at tu ses s nami co nejdele! xD
A preju krasne budouc interakce a RP! X))
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Díky, myslim, ze tu nejakou

Díky, myslim, ze tu nejakou dobu pobudu, zatím jsem nadsena. Laughing out loud
(nevadilo by Ti, kdybych ti poslala mail? mám pár otázek... Laughing out loud )
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Klidne posli!

Klidne posli! x)
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Track ^^

Track ^^
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Thank you!

Thank you! Smiling
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Aww, I think there might have

Aww, I think there might have been something wrong with my connection. I wasn`t able to see her at all in game 8C I`m glad she got to meet Brighton, though! ♥
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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Sorry to hear that! I hope

Sorry to hear that! I hope they'll have the chance to meet under better circumstances another time. Smiling
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Awww there's no reason to

Awww there's no reason to feel awkward around him Nemesis.
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0baf0's picture

Hopefully it's just some

Hopefully it's just some phase and she'll be more confident in the future. I wouldn't want her to be awkward around him for the rest of her life. Laughing out loud
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Waning-Sun's picture

No, he wouldn't like that.

No, he wouldn't like that. He'd think he did something wrong.(Worrywart that he is ) Perhaps it's just a teenager phase. xD
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tracking <3 thank you for helping Hyssop out with the mini spell!
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Thanks for the track!

Thanks for the track! Smiling
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Btw I'd love to have either

Btw I'd love to have either Hyssop or Caden rp with her to help ya out!
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I could toss Zash or Reate at

I could toss Zash or Reate at her, but like you, I have no idea where to start.
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Oh wow! Thank you mismatched

Oh wow! Thank you mismatched and Waning-Sun! I didn't expect anyone to actually consider interacting with Nemesis. As I already wrote I am totally new to this so I'd really appreciate if someone else would start. We can also move this to skype or mail if you'd like to... Smiling
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Waning-Sun's picture

Skype or here is fine by me.

Skype or here is fine by me. I'm not sure who to toss at her though. Zash possibly since he's known her a bit longer.
Avatar by Meadow. Siggy © Shey & Squeegie
0baf0's picture

I prefer skype as I don't

I prefer skype as I don't feel confident enough to post my first RP attempt here. Smiling (My skype name is in the bio.) Feel free to add me and toss Zash at her. Laughing out loud
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-plops- it's muy sloppy but I

-plops- it's muy sloppy but I wanted to paint her rly bad...so erm...sorry about that ;-;

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I have no words! That's so

I have no words! That's so beautiful! Thank you very much! This is so unexpected and I don't know how to express how thankful and happy I am.... I love how you portrayed her (I literally fell in love with my own character all over again!)! Laughing out loud
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gif by Hautakumpu
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gif by Hautakumpu
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gif by Hautakumpu
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Dekuji! (jednou by to

Dekuji! Eye (jednou by to stacilo Laughing out loud )
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I understood this sentence!

I understood this sentence! Haha c: Our languages are similar.
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Hello~ Track, little sweet

Track, little sweet doe. x)
by VasilisaKonti <3

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Thank you!

Thank you! Smiling
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Tracking! Laughing out loud <3