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blessed are the snakes

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Hey all, it’s been a while.. again.
Trigger warning for medical stuff? Idk
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Journey bound in victories and miseries

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Seeking those who would like to be involved in a plot.

Hey all, really want to finally get my old plot moving and brought to life again. I hate and I'm sorry I couldn't follow through with really seeing this thing to the end last time. But I feel like I'm ready for it now. Want to see it through now while I have the great muse for it. Bumping this again because even though I know several were willing in the past, I know availability and muse changes.

Would love if you would give me a bump here or on discord if you'd like to be involved in some way. I have an idea of the direction I want this plot to go but a lot of it widely depends on how many people want to participate in this plot (or if none do). Perhaps ending in some big fight or other event that can be participated in in large.
Really want this plot to evolve sort of naturally which would definitely be affected by the actions of your own characters.

Can involve your own characters in some way, or I have plenty of characters in this story (goodies and baddies) that I'd love for people to play if there's a desire for that.
Open to suggestions or other ways you feel you and your chars could get involved. Pls send help.
Here's the plot blog: http://endlessforest.org/community/guard-your-bones
(added a summery under 'past happenings' tab that explains the plot thus far the best)

Contact me for more info. The dates of everything are still sort of up in the air until get a feel for what kind of involvement is wanted from people.
riddledrhyme#9156 on discord

Thanks, you guys are the best!
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Guard your bones;

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bring me that horizon

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