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The Hyena


Spent a day or so recovering from Taras's curse at Veton's. Talked with him about what her plans would be going forward, thankful for his level-headed advice. Mentioned moving and getting a new cellphone, but agreed with Veton that mundane means wouldn't be much help in losing someone. Came up with a different sort of plan instead.
Veton also mentioned getting her a life alert. Which honestly.. not the worst idea ever. She was to naive to the concept to get the underlying humor.

When she got home to her apartment, she first returned Ningal to Noah. Then, she asked Farren if he'd come over. Had begun repairing the locks she broke at her door when the man arrived. The man was immediately not happy seeing her with a black eye. And he was FURTHER made mad when she told him.. sparing several details.. that Taras had put a little curse on her.
Irritated by the fact that he seemed most upset that she hadn't called or texted him. Especially when he seemed irritated that she'd gone to Veton instead of him. Explained that she knew he had a lot on his plate and hadn't wanted to burden him further.. PLUS the fact that she was pretty sure he'd do something dumb like go after Taras if he'd seen her like that. Their last interaction had been emotionally charged enough.. She'd wanted to give them both a break from that.

Did agree to stay with him at his place for a bit, much as it's a danger to her FRAGILE independence. Before doing so, met with Dante and definitely DID NOT tell Farren about that either (':

Had coffee with Dante, gleaning from him some information regarding Taras. Learned a little about things Taras was capable of and his ability to heal himself to an extent. Pushed her questions a bit until she got to the point where she realized Dante wouldn't continue. Thanked him for the information he had shared.
Was surprised to be offered a job by the end of the conversation. Dante offered her the position of receptionist at his psychiatry office. Also to naive about that to realize the irony of HER being a receptionist.. But told him she'd consider it if she'd survived by the end of the month.

Today, headed to the forest to try and.. RELAX a bit.

Riddle here with her monthly muse to update. But wow.. so much happened this month. This is probably my longest update ever and I expect no one to read it through. But when the muse hits, you gotta role with it ¯\_(?)_/¯

Spent the past month being in as much emotional and physical turmoil as usual. Hasn’t spent much time in the forest lately and instead has spent a lot of it on Earth finding out more about her own origins while working odd jobs here and there. Has yet to speak much with anyone about her revelations, simply wanting to understand them herself first. It’s complicated though.. the people trying to help her make these connections are being actively hunted.. As displayed by a sudden shoot-out going down at a bar where she met them.

Followed a couple of days later by Tendaji who’d recognized her in the shoot-out. Jumped him and portaled him to her place and held a knife to his throat. Threatened him to keep quiet about the whole thing because if he blabbed she also knew someone who would very much like to know where to find him, Taras.. Didn’t say the name, but the man inferred it. Really though had zero desire to deliver the man to Taras as she’d once agreed to do. In fact, she’d be happy to never see the Warlock again.

While in forest, had a couple of conversations with Cree. One regarding safe practices when sleeping with people since the doe didn’t know that was a thing. Felt sort of bad she’d never made mention of THAT before, especially since it was a little too late to be completely proactive as Cree had already spent some time with some stranger (Roman).

Since she’d made a promise to Veton she’d try to keep herself out of harm’s reach for at least a WEEK, she decided to take Noah out to dinner a few weeks ago. A belated ‘thank you’ for him saving her ass after Mathias had left her for dead. Had an enjoyable evening with the man. Learned of the demon, Azag, that shared his person when the demon decided he wanted to question her regarding her involvement with certain supernatural beings they’d found her to be ‘bumping shoulders’ with. Found the demon himself and the two’s relationship entirely too interesting.. Of course, later asked Veton about the demon considering the demon certainly knew him.. Consequently learned how dangerous Azag had been in the past.

Met Johnny at a dive bar one evening and ended up sharing a bed with him for a night. Surprised when the man was able to hurt her, as she’d assumed him to be nothing but human. And humans didn’t leave marks on her like that after a night in bed. Watch the man lowkey loose his shit for a bit, seeming surprised by his changes that had come about with arousal. Asked him what he was, surprised when he didn’t seem to think he was anything but a man.. Told him she thought otherwise. Trust me, I know inhuman when I sleep with it. He seemed not inclined to believe her though, so she left with a warning to go easy on the next woman he bedded, less he break someone’s hip.

And then there was the cataclysm that was her relationship with Farren. Ended up sharing a passionate night with the man after learning of his imminent divorce with Lalitha. Confessed feelings for each other that night; feelings she’s still not sure she entirely grasps. Left feeling vulnerable afterwards when the man left before the night was even over and went to confront someone -who she assumed was Lali- on some slight. Further left with a bad feeling when the man then on a trip to Egypt for several days.

Had some fears eased when Farren returned, but others remained. Finds the relationship to be constantly hanging in a too-delicate balance. While not exclusive with each other, and open with that fact, finds jealously striking her when she knows it shouldn’t be.

Most recently, had an explosive interaction with Farren after he felt she’d come on to him too strongly when he was in an ill mood in forest. Goaded the male and ended up being shoved and laid out on the ground by him.
Allowed the man to come over to her place that night when he seemed desperate to apologize. The interaction took an emotional turn in which both ended up seeming as broken as the bottles they’d thrown at the walls. Cares for the man no doubt, deeply. Despite the catalytic nature of the relationship, finds herself borderline desperate for the sort of comfort and closeness he brings. Continues to offer up a bit of her soul to fill the void inside of him.. even if only for a time.

And still, has feelings for Veton that never disappeared. Feels guilty for it in a way when she ends up in his bed on occasion but -at least tells herself- she’s accepted the fact that their relationship can’t be what it used to be. Convinced the Vampire feels similarly as she knows he also sleeps with others. Finds herself worrying over him in quiet moments, knowing that things have been tumultuous within his coven lately. Quick to offer herself up as a distraction or listening ear, desperate for someway to help him. Even if he doesn’t need it. Pained by the walls she knows he’s put up.

Now, onto what happened yesterday.

Went to a familiar bar after a rough day and ended up catching the scent of Taras. Tried to leave discreetly but he caught her before she could do so. Acted diplomatic and casual as possible to the man she’d basically ghosted. Didn’t hold much against him.. Yes he’d withheld information, but so had she. Really just had no desire to interact with him any further given the recent revelations of his ‘relationship’ to Lalitha and Farren.

The man seemed insistent on walking her home which made her.. nervous. When asked if there was going to be a problem, told him no, there wasn’t. But he wasn’t convinced. Ended up being grabbed by the man, some eerie black smoke being blown into her face. When he let her go, he told her to be careful who she crossed. Spit her own words back at the man,
"Would you like to tell me how the hell I've crossed you? Don't tell me it's because I haven't invited you into my bed lately.. Didn't take you to be so soft."
But he was gone as quickly as he appeared, her question going unanswered.

She knew Taras was a warlock, but had no idea what the whole black smoke thing was.. Thought about asking Farren, but given their recent.. explosion.. knowing he wasn’t in a great place lately.. didn’t want to worry him with it. There was Veton, but knew he’d likely be busy and she didn’t want to bother him if it was something trivial.

So, texted her best not-friend Mathias. He told her the smoke might kill her and she should probably go to Veton.. But she wasn’t ready to accept it was that serious yet. Mathias told her to at least tell someone where to find her body..
”Fuck off. I don’t die.”

Texted Noah next, having a feeling Azag would know something about what had been done to her. Was invited over and there came to the conclusion he’d placed some curse on her.. though it ‘thankfully’ seemed temporary. Also then inferred that Taras had somehow found out she’d had contact with Tendaji and hadn’t done as promised and delivered the man to him. Noah offered to let her crash there, as the place was warded. But she refused having learned Taras had already been at odds with Noah and did not want to put him in any more danger with the Warlock. Did, however, accept the offer of his ‘dog’ (Ningal) to keep her company.. Only the shepherd she wasn’t just any dog apparently. She was a young Cerberus who was revealed when the enchanted collar was removed.
Thanked Noah and ended up making a promise to him when the conversation turned darker before she left. It’s a promise she hopes she never has to make good on, but would. She’d want someone to do the same for her.

Already feeling ill, barely made it home after buying Ningal some raw meat. She’d gotten an idea of what she might experience with the curse, but was knocked flat on her ass from it. Could handle the pains, nausea, weakness.. but then she started hallucinating. First, swore she hadn’t locked her door even though she most certainly had. Saw the locks in her mind as unlocked and proceeded to break every one.. all four of them.. without realizing what she was actually doing.
Was lead to her bed by Ningal where hallucinations persisted. Stabbed a pillow when she saw it as someone who wanted to kill her.. someone she thought long dead. Then saw Taras, only he wasn’t a hallucination. He’d gotten in her home and proceeded to mess with her, disappearing and reappearing. Barely remembered the word to unbind the Cerberus from her dog form, but finally did and the pony-sized, three-headed beast took up guard over top of her. Taras promptly left then, but in Rhea’s impinged mind he was still there and after her.

She grabbed a gun and Ningal’s leg, transporting them to Veton’s Palace in a desperate attempt to get away from the people she saw hunting her. When she appeared there, saw Taras’s form again, the hallucination real as anything else. Panicked, she shot at him, only serving to damage priceless marble in the ancient Palace. Drew the attention of many inhabitants with her dramatic entrance, nearly turning the gun on Veton when he approached, spooked by his sudden figure in her periphery. Thankfully, the gun was grabbed from her before she could. But unfortunately, the gun she’d brought was the kind able to hurt Vampires and singed him badly as he brought it, her, and her Cerberus companion to a different room away from the other prying eyes of the other vampires.

He’d seemed clearly irritated at first. If he hadn’t have been there and she’d shot that gun off.. she’d likely be dead and he told her as such. But Rhea told him she was already dead.. Taras was after her and going to kill her. She could see him clear as day lurking in the shadows behind Veton. She could even smell him the hallucination was so strong.

Veton came to realize quickly enough that she was hallucinating. When asked what had happened only managed to say,
And then she was suddenly panicked that she’d led the Warlock here, into his home. The panic made more intense with the fact that she felt she couldn’t catch her breath. Like there was a bag over her head. She had to get out of there, lead him somewhere else.

In an effort to calm her and ease the hallucinations, the Red Doctor sedated her a bit. The hallucinations persisted, though she lay still, panic evident in her eyes if nowhere else. Managed to tell Veton a bit about the situation, but the visions were clearly getting to her. Veton helped her to rationalize them a bit, but they were still so real. When asked if she wanted to be put out and sleep through the curse, agreed. Something pretty out of character for her.. but she was willing to do anything to get the visions to stop.
Slept for a long while, racked with nightmares. Finally relived when she woke to no smell or sight of anyone but Veton. However, she still felt overall shitty and sickly. An odd feeling for one who almost never caught normal sicknesses.

Now there was the question of what do to.. Because she would not be doing that shit again. And that'd felt like a warning shot.

This is a fuckin' novel SORRY GUYS i had to

Busy couple of weeks. Ended up being talked into going to dinner with Farren. Had an emotionally-charged talk and walked away from it no less conflicted.. If not more so.. Especially when he mentioned the end of his marriage with Lalitha was inevitable.
During a night of drinking with Cree and Taras ended up telling them about the dinner, unaware that Taras was Lalitha's ex boyfriend.. And that apparently he very much wanted to rekindle that relationship.

Went unaware of her blunder for about a week when she noticed Lali and Taras in the forest together. Asked Farren only then how he knew Taras, remembering she'd got Farren's number from the man's phone in the first place. Found out Taras's real name, his relationship to Farren and Lali, and the fact that Lalitha wasn't returning any of his calls and just.. :///
Invited Farren over with the sole premise of just being there for him when she had to tell him what she'd seen in the forest that day. But Farren came over seeming SLIGHTLY pissed at Rhea's own involvement with Taras...

"That guy's a warlock, Rhea. He could have killed you."
"He wasn't going to kill me, I had something he wanted."
"You were sleeping with him, weren't you?"
"Yeah, I was. Got a problem with that?"
"I do. He was using you to get to Lali."

But she'd known Taras before he'd know she knew Lalitha. And, "is it that hard to believe someone might just want to be around me."
"With him? Absolutely. He uses people for a living, Rhea."

And when he told her that she wouldn't be speaking with him anymore.. "Did you just come here to pretend like you have some semblance of control over me?" Also, "You're assuming I wasn't using him myself as well."

When he asked just what she was using him for, told him not to make her spell it out.. It'd been a purely physical relationship on both their ends.
Broke it to him then what'd she'd seen of Lali and Taras in the forest earlier that day.

"Please, for the love of god, tell me you have something to drink here."

Ended up getting mildly trashed after that, conversation turning more mild and care-driven. Wound up in her bed and kept him overnight, even being nice enough to make breakfast for him. All in all kept things innocent.. Which begs the thought that having men sleep in her bed and not actually sleeping with them is getting kind of old.

Today, talked a bit with Cree, telling her about how Taras knew Lali and how she'd spent the night with Farren to which Cree wanted to know where the heck she meets these people.. IDK Cree.. And also asked if she'd slept with Farren. Of course, was able to answer 'no' which is still frustrating.

Enjoyed some peaceful time with the small doe along with Talla, Ross, and Monroe for a short time when he joined. Got a little tense when she noticed Farren around though, wondering what his reaction would be when he picked up a certain scent regarding Taras and Lali that she was all too aware of herself. Watched Sance and Farren have some interaction in the distance and turned to leave when it seemed Farren wasn't going to.. lose it.
Except Sance came over and was staring at her.

"What do you want?"
"I'm growing dangerously restless."
"Is that some sort of threat? Because I think you can do better than that."

And even though Sance was half her size, the female was certainly threatening. The form didn't fool her, Rhea was already well aware of what Sance was.. But there were no glasses to smash her hand into here, no weak human body to overpower. Couldn't help but wonder what chance she stood against the woman in this form, so definitely egged her on.

"What's this all stem from, hm?"Her voice drops an octave, eyes briefly cutting to Farren in the distance, "Jealousy?"

In the end though, she quietly decided it really wasn't worth it. Remembering her recent promise to Veton to try and be more polite and with Farren's already rough day in mind, turned to go. Told Sance to go find her fun elsewhere. But Sance was having none of that..

When Sance gave a quick bite to her ass, Rhea wheeled around and went after her. Just as swiftly forgetting said promise and current situation. Angered by the female's speed, though did manage to land some savage bites. Not that they did much to her. Tried to avoid her spikes for the simple fact that.. they were spiky.. But clipped them once or twice in her pursuit.
Single-minded in her endeavor, didn't realize just how badly Farren got himself hurt when he jumped on Sance to try and grabbed her. Pretty much ignored his involvement altogether, singularly focused.

Tried to jump up and grab Sance when she climbed up onto the wall at the graveyard, but ended up being stabbed by her spikes when the female fell back onto her. Screeched like a baby bitch then and furthermore when Sance got her pinned on the ground.
Knew she was pretty bad off then, but nothing some towels and stitching couldn't solve. So when Sance finally let her go, bit out some more words to her before seeing Ross coming with Cree and promptly vanishing.

Felt pretty low doing it.. Especially to Cree... but didn't want anyone going to the trouble over her when she could take care of it herself. She just wanted to go home, stop the bleeding, and take a fucking bubble bath and forget all about vampires and soulless men.
Didn't realize just how bad off she was until she noticed the bleeding wasn't stopping. Curled up in her tub to avoid getting the blood everywhere, she realized she'd soaked three towels and the wounds to her side and back just weren't stopping. She couldn't remember ever bleeding like that, not so quickly. She was quick to draw the conclusion that Sance must have put some type of poison on her spines.. But that meant Farren was also bleeding out somewhere.. It was alright though, Sance would help him.. and then Veton by proxy. He'd be fine.. Of course she had the portal to Veton's but.. decided against doing that to avoid the risk of drawing care away from Farren and towards herself.

More or less came to the conclusion that this is how she would die, alone in her bathtub. Felt a calm sort of acceptance and stopped trying to fight the blood loss. Heard a banging on her door and told whoever it was to piss off. Couldn't she just die in peace?

Sance told her Veton was worried she wouldn't stop bleeding.. Which uh.. yeah. You poisoned me, bitch.
But Sance said that it was just her natural venom and she hadn't had control over it.

Had never been happier of that little fact that the Vampire couldn't come into her home unless she invited her.
Was told that Sance couldn't go home if she didn't have Rhea with her.
Not that Rhea believed that. Veton would forgive her.
But Sance did say she could still tear the hinges down and send someone in after her.

And that was the thing that actually got he moving because Sance was NOT going to rip up her door. This was a RENTAL. Managed to drag herself into the living room, wanting to cry because she got blood all over the Persian rug Veton had gifted her. Didn't make it to the door, ended up swallowing her pride to invite Sance in.

Wad whisked away to Veton's Palace where Maverick promptly began working on her. And he was yelling at Sance which shocked her. She didn't even know Maverick could yell.
Got a few transfusions, the young doctor also able to stop the bleeding. When asked where she wanted to sleep said she'd be fine sleeping in Veton's bed.

Was feeling quite relaxed and peaceful through it all, perhaps a culprit of the blood loss. But when Sance was about to take her to Veton's room, patted her and told her she'd known she hadn't wanted to kill her. Not that way at least. That would have been too easy a way and Veton would have been able to pick out the perpetrator immediately. Sance was too smart for that.
Sance said she hadn't realized just how much they'd bleed, even from a single scratch.
To which she replied that, well, now she did.. glad to be a test dummy

"It would not have been an issue of had not been you two," she heaved as she rested her arms on the table. "I wanted to see you here by my hand... And now here you are and it was an accident and I feel like a fledgling."
Eyes have drifted closed and Rhea looks oddly.. peaceful. "Not like I haven't been asking for it."
"I suppose this is even now," she groaned with her chin on her arms.
"I guess so."

It was a conversation she'd have to mull over another time.

When Veton came to his room, asked about Farren. Not that she was all that worried, she had the upmost faith in Veton's skill and assumed he'd been the one to attend to the man. Still, felt some relief when he said he was fine.
Veton told her to tell her blue friend not to interfere or sass him next time.

Immediately knew he was talking about Ross and asked, "Did he make fun of your glasses?" She knew Ross had been holding onto that one for a while.

He did.
Made sure Veton knew Ross only had the best intentions and that he was a good friend.

Ended up trying to make a move on Veton because it's been too long, I almost died earlier, and men keep sleeping with me and not SLEEPING with me.
But Veton was more concerned with the holes Sance had given her than the hole Rhea was focused on :/// So ended up just sleeping next to him, AGAIN. Not that she'd complain.

It's been a peaceful sort of week for her. Still recovering from her wounds obtained last week, though everything is stitched and healing nicely, courtesy of Veton.

Had a conversation with Veton that she'd dreaded the evening he'd stitched her up. After Sance, Kacie, and Lucio ROASTED her. Told him of her fling with Farren and was surprised by the lack of reaction. Was told he didn't hate the man as much as they both seemed to think he did. And was told he had no claim on her which caused a pang of SOMETHING she told herself she shouldn't be feeling. Further felt that pang when she asked him about the last person he'd slept with.
Learned a little more about the situation going on at Veton's Palace. Learning they were at war with another coven. The conversation took a somber turn and she decided to ask him if he was free that night, thinking he needed a distraction from all that was going on in his home and with his family.

"I was under the impression that you wish to distance yourself from me."
"Regardless of what we are, or what we're not, I care about you, Veton."

Took him to her apartment which was surprisingly the first time she'd ever taken him to one of her homes. Was lowkey self-conscious of the small place given his affluence. It was cheap, sparse, and she didn't even have any silverware yet. He offered to give her a couple of paintings he had in storage. Accepted, because if no one else was seeing them, why not?
Made him a drink -because she may not have silverware but she does have alcohol, priorities- and let him pick out some movies to watch.

It was nice. The first normal night she'd spent with the man in.. years. Didn't even try to jump his bones.

After that night spent some time healing and got to know some of the Brooks family, spending an evening with several of them at Nix's place. Learned that the one Farren had almost killed (Johnny) was also part of the family. Caught Cree up to speed on recent happenings when she woke up from some sort of hibernation

Yesterday, found Vigolfr horribly wounded with a medic (Lee) working on him. Offered her help and mostly just stood to keep the sun out of the medic's eyes as he worked. Finally a job her fatass could do well. Thanked the stranger and offered her name and learned his. Remained by Vigolfr's side for the rest of the day, later joined by Cree, Nix, and Johnny.
It was obvious Vigolfr was uncomfortable with the unfamiliar males given his state. Passed a look and Johnny asked Cree if she wanted to go somewhere. Didn't stop them but did pass a colorful threat to the male should any harm come to Cree.

Ended up getting Vig a drink and asked if he had somewhere safe to stay and heal. He only planned on remaining in the forest, so offered him a bed and shower if he'd like. Not only because she was fond of the male, but because the situation hit really close to home for her.
Took him to her apartment when he accepted and introduced him to the glorious inventions of plumbing and pizza. Picked him up some clothes as well since he was decked out in full armor.
Shared the bed with him that night as she only had the one and couches were lame. Plus the giant of a man would never fit on her's anyway. Which marks the second time in a week Rhea's had a guy in her bed and not had sex with them. What's the world coming to.

Rhea continues to stick her nose where it doesn't belong and no one is surprised.

Lazed around for a minute with Romulus before witnessing some confrontation between Umay and Lieva. Wasn't prepared to touch that with a ten foot pole so wandered off, but paused to stare at Maggot.. YOU..
Was surprised and annoyed when Mathias showed up and plopped right up against her. Started out irritated, told him if he was looking for some reaction, she wasn't biting. But when Rom showed up to stand on the other side of Matty. Suddenly became a smug bitch because she was sure Rom would help her tear the guy apart if it went that way.. Us big guys like to eat, y'know. So, teased and aggravated the Vampire. Really was just trying to make him leave. Tried to make him uncomfortable too but that didn't work :/
Gave up, later followed after Rom when she thought she heard some commotion.

Found the commotion: a fight between Rota, Rom, and Ragnarok. Needed no context to insert herself into that. Quickly became tired and dizzy with Rag's stamina, but keep reinserting herself into the brawl. Others were also involved from time to time (Maddox for one). Nearly had a heart attack when a small cub (Sionnach) ran for the fight. Distracted them for a bit while Rag and Rom had a standoff. Umay helped. Made nervous when the cub went over to Rom.
Barreled back into the fray when Rag charged the cub and Rom. Eventually it died down, but paced, aggravated she hadn't even gotten a meal for her efforts. Cracked up though when the cubs attached themselves to Rom, and RAN when he tried to make her help.. Sorry, you're the chosen one.

Passed by ANOTHER confrontation between Farren, Lalitha, and a stranger (Johnny). TEF FIGHT NIGHT
Caught the tail end of it, watching Farren slam into Johnny. Didn't grasp exactly what it was about, but found herself pissed that Farren was half running over Lali to get to Johnny. When it came to a standstill, there was a shouting match that made the whole thing make a lot more sense. Farren was mad Lali had drinks with a dude while he was in a coma.. wait you were in a coma?!
Lali insisted that nothing else happened between her and Johnny beyond that. But Farren was pissed and didn't seem to believe it. Felt there was a double standard there, after all she'd spent plenty nights with him while he was still married that had not been nearly as innocent, but Lali called him out on it. A nearby Kiss had a good point too. DID sort of catch Farren's point that it wasn't the same, he hadn't left he'd been in a coma.. But still.. just let your wife be normal and hang with people, man.

Checked on Lali when Farren left. Bitches gotta stick together.. (Also notable that last week Lali and Rhea had a little chat and decided there was no reason they shouldn't be friends just because she'd slept with Farren, not knowing she was married to him. Which wow, you're a better woman that me, Lali.)
Tried to stop Farren when he was going back up to Lali who was checking on Johnny. Was told he was going to take him to Veton's. Wasn't too satisfied with that, told him he didn't need to play both the executioner and the hero. Lali had it handled.. He shouted at Lali and told her to take him to V's though.. And before he left told her it would be their last meeting. Just glared at him, not sure how to respond to that.

Had noticed Veton's presence in the forest and wondered what sort of questions it would bring up, her involvement in the situation. Has yet to tell the Doctor about her fling with Farren and wasn't looking forward to that conversation, knowing their acute dislike of each other.
Thought Lali was just going to take Johnny to a different healer and breathed a sigh of relief. But apparently Farren had gotten to V pretty fast and the Vampire came over to collect Johnny.
Brief intermission of Lali going to -presumably- beat up or yell at Farren.

Mildly embarrassed. Hasn't gotten herself beat up in over a month. I think? But now that Veton was here, she of course had to get into something and face him with ribbons of hide hanging from her. When he asked if she was coming, told him yes.. Hard to get out of it now..
Lali came back in time for V to portal them along with the heavily wounded Johnny to the Mansion. Didn't think about the fact that she was armed with blessed weapons as she usually was in New York until they arrived in the main hall. DID remember her little conversation with Lucio in which he told her she'd probably be killed if she came there again carrying such weapons ahaha.. But felt safe enough in the presence of the Lord of the house.
Veton told her he would be seeing to her wounds after he was done with Johnny. Didn't argue because he left no room to with his tone.. but did roll her eyes pretty hard at his back. I'M FINE.

Had Sance as a babysitter as she went to go get some much needed alcohol with Lali. The more time passed, the more bloody her clothes became and the more sore her body felt.
Then it's bed time, but to be continued...

What the actual fuck.. What a month.

Took up renting a shitty apartment in NYC as she continues to carry out some jobs there.

Visited Veton. Acted mellow as hell for once and came at him with only the offer of her help. Learned of him throwing Mathias out of the coven entirely. Felt guilty? Childish satisfaction? In the end, didn't feel like she did or could do much of anything to help V. Mostly because she thought he seemed hesitant to let her.. Just suck my blood, V..

Almost murdered Mathias with a holy knife. Stopped herself though and told him to get the fuck out of her house. Did stab him pretty bad though. Ruined her rug.. But then she just turned around and made Zenzi save him.
Zenzi was not amused.

Actually killed a guy who I forget the name of.. Fuck that guy.

Got drunk and had every intent of laying into Farren for the salty looks and cold shoulder he'd been giving to her. But turned out stunned and downright submissive when he threw her down instead and said some choice words that made her heart hurt. Not going to think about it though because he DEFINItely didn't mean what he said. Right? Yeah..

Got a phone sent to her by her boy toy/sugar daddy (Taras). Invited him over for a booty call but then pulled a knife on him because how tf had he found out where she lived. Stalker.
He appealed to her vain side though with some nice words. So, didn't murder him either.. Well.. COULDN'T because he literally melted her knife with what she KNOWs is voodoo. Fuck the voodoo.

Farren gave her the flower. What. Stop. You fucker, I like flowers.

Ended up at the same bar as Mathias one night. Begrudgingly accepted the offer of a truce of sorts.. even though he stepped on her farren flower.. Got drunk and played 20 questions.

Romulus is an A+ blanket in the snow.

Met Nix and messed with him a bit because he's cute. Swell guy. Agreed to prank his brother, Bronx, when she got the chance with the promise that she could make him super flustered if she was as forward with him. Hell yeah. Gotta get the kicks somehow.

The end.

Flesh . . .

Name: Rhea *

Sobriquets: Ree ; Na-nuh
| The Hyena | The Bone-crusher |
- The Reisiger - Roach -

Biology: Heavy hyaenidae and cervine influences.

Gender: Female

Pansexual ; Heteromantic

Age: Mature adult

Stature: Large & sturdy

Scent: Natural scent is akin to burning grass. Often smells of blood or carrion.

Speech: Jennifer Hale ; #c76033

Sounds: Very vocal.

Aura: Heavily masked.

Diet: Largely carnivorous. Avid scavenger.

Visuals: Pinterest - Tumblr (nsfw!)

Status: An idiot

Depth . . .

Demonstrative | Boisterous | Curious | Persistent
Impulsive | Zealous | Discourteous | Cynical | Extroverted | Pragmatic | insouciant | Stubborn
Loyal | Attentive | Confident | Cooperative | Gregarious | Versatile | Considerate

"Your mind lay open like a drawer of knives."
- Philip Larkin, Deceptions

x At her core, Rhea presents as a hedonistic, self-destructive creature who can become paradoxically self-sacrificing and considerate to those she loves. Most of her actions can be pinned to a desire to keep her inner circle safe, herself entertained, or her stomach full. Not one to keep to a strict moral code, she simply does what she deems necessary in the moment. In this way is quite impulsive, often acting before thinking a situation through. Very little is black and white to her, rather most things are seen in shades of grey. Choices weigh heavily on the circumstances and those involved.

"Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it."
- John Eldridge, Wild at Heart

x Even if it is sometimes shown in unconventional ways, she is driven by a desire to keep her those she loves safe and happy. Motivated in maintaining a certain 'peace' around her, if only for the sake of these close familiars. She is quick to throw herself between a close relation and any who seek to do them harm. Attentive and loving to those who earn her loyalty and largely unempathetic to those she feels no connection with. Is rarely purposefully antagonistic to those unknown, but may not always considered civil or friendly upon first impressions.

"Did you cut your hands on me?
Are my edges sharp?"
- Sufjan Stevens, Enchanting Ghost

x Lives by a pack mentality and strives to surround herself with relationships wherever she goes. Good or bad. At her best working as part of a unit and keen on noticing the most subtle cues of others. Most often found in the presence of familiars or imposing herself on strangers. Not keen on ‘fitting in’ but will make subtle changes in mannerisms to mirror those around her. Can and has made it alone -and finds herself alone quite often- but would much rather have the numbers stacked in her favor.

"Fierce, fireless mind, running downhill."
- Robert Lowell, Waking Early Sunday Morning

x Rhea can be considerate, loving, and accommodating in situations involving close relations. Rougher emotions are more easily displayed, but she certainly has the capacity to express herself in a softer manner. Once loyalty is earned, she is such to a fault and vehemently opposed to turning her back on a loved one. Readily hands out compliments, kind words, and encouragements but has an acutely difficult time accepting these things in return. She never seems to know how to handle the kind words or gestures of others. It is much easier to rattle her with sweet talk than a string of curses.

"I don't know how to stay tender with this much blood in my mouth."
- Ophelia: Act IV, Scene V

x Despite there clearly being soft and kind sides to the female, a sharp tongue, quick wit, and heavy hand are more common means of expression. Agitation in the female may manifest itself in the form of aggression and those drawing out her irritation are often met with violence. Definitely not above being vindictive or savage, the hyena is certainly capable of cruel or heinous acts if she deems it necessary. Quick to fall back on this harsher side of herself. Often tries to find 'appropriate' or socially-acceptable outlets for her violent tendencies.

"Call me whatever you like; I am who I must be."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

x All in all, she has a relatively low self-image. Understands herself to be brash, sharp, and hard to swallow in many cases and often discredits any kinder qualities she has. A rough exterior lends her to cover up most insecurities with ease. At the end of the day couldn't narrow herself down to being good or evil, kind or mean-spirited. While in fact others' views of herself may differ wildly, as she has the capacity to be any one of these things given different perspectives.

"She had been both good and wicked and everything in between. She had been both at once, too, until it was hard for her to even tell the difference anymore."
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

x As a rule, quite genuine with close relations and strangers alike. Not one to put up false fronts. While crafty and underhanded at times in her schemes, she has very straightforward aims. Incredibly expressive in her body language which further conveys a sense of honesty in her interactions. Unapologetically herself even if she's in the midst of spinning some elaborate lie. She seems to have a very good grasp on who she is; confident and self-assured for that reason.

"She wears strength and darkness equally well,
the girl has always been half goddess, half hell."
- Nikita Gill

x No one has ever been able to call the female 'shy' by any means. Many situations bring forth a general weariness but she is gregarious at her core. Loose with and easily swayed by certain personalities, words, or actions. Social as she is, the hyena remains cautious of intimacy with the most tender parts of her kept under lock and key. 'Gives' herself to others pretty readily in a physical sense but typically puts off an emotionally unavailable air.

"Filled with stardust, wearing the bones as the shield and the skin as the cape. Fighting every day and opening up for the new wounds in the hustle of hiding the old scars.”
- Akshay Vasu

x Not a maternal creature, but nurturing in her own way. Quietly protective over any perceived innocence in children or adults alike despite often remaining emotionally distant to such individuals. Terrified at the thought of bearing children or being solely responsible for one. Takes birth control religiously to combat this, even when the chance of pregnancy seems relatively low. Readily takes up the role of ‘fun aunt’ when given the chance, however.

"This is the strange way of the world, that people who simply want to love are instead forced to become warriors."
- Lauren Oliver, Requiem

x Typically, Rhea maintains a certain laissez-faire approach to life. More apt to let things go than hold on to vendettas or negative judgement. Chastisements from a friend are taken to heart but insults from a stranger usually roll off broad shoulders. When it comes to strangers, her good graces -not to be confused with trust- are easily won though can be swiftly lost when striking certain cords within the female. Quick to express her displeasure when her buttons are pushed.

"Girls like her turn into women with eyes like bullet holes and mouths made of knives. They are always restless. They are always hungry. They are bad news. They will drink you down like a shot of whisky. Falling in love with them is like falling down a flight of stairs."
- Holly Black, Black Heart

x Over time, the Hyena has developed a mild persecution complex. Her paranoia can be hard to spot when she’s in her element. Easily comes off as self-assured -and is, in most cases- but around unfamiliar people, or in an unfamiliar place, that paranoia becomes more obvious. Her life up to this point has taught her not to trust too easily. People have taught her this as well.

"Don't believe everything you think."
- Robert Fulghum

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