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like clockwork,

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Looking to play a fawn/kiddo/creature (Also plots?)

(more tentative offer this time, though hit me up please still got interest in this)

Hiya! riddledrhyme here (call me riddle, Patricia, literately w/e) wanting to put my name in your head if you've got plans on fawns/bbys. ALSO, open to playing an adult as part of a plot or something. To throw that out there too.
UPFRONT THO, if you haven't been able to tell already.. sometimes life gets in the way and I'm pulled from TEF for a bit. Will give you a heads up. Muse has been good lately though.
What I can offer though, is that I will be passionately committed to the development of the character. And open to anything through RP as well. Juicy drama, sensitive things, great no problem :okay:

ALSO PLOTS.. Would love to just be involved in anything. I love plots. Plots that make me cry, plots that make you cringe. Love it. Willing to play a baddie, a goodie, or have my own OCs terrorized. Pretty please.

I'm pretty chill & willing for just about anything though I definitely connect more with female feral-faced characters in most aspects.
Thanks for reading! You can reach me on Discord: riddledrhyme#9156
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to perceive is to suffer

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The Abysmal; Zirena

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Long time no see

I should explain why I so randomly disappeared (how long ago was it?). My cousin, who was my best friend, died in a car accident. I got really low emotionally and just couldn’t handle keeping up with people, let alone my characters on here. I’m so sorry I left without an explanation, I just wasn’t ready to explain. And then once I was gone for a while, I felt like I’d only be disrupting if I came back.

So let me start over if I may, in a way. I really missed you guys and this community. I’m not too sure if I’ll start over with new characters or bring old ones back. Honestly, I kinda miss Rhea. I know it’s been a while though so I have no clue how that’d go with her in forest; I know I couldn’t exactly pick up where I left off. But yeah, can't resist bringing Rhea back and maybe Alani too.

I can’t get in the forest quite yet. Maybe in a day or two when I’m at a better computer. Hope you guys aren’t too mad at me for disappearing. I hope I can get back into the swing of things here and talk to old friends maybe and meet some new..
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[ Personal Blog ] 9/25/18

okay, forget CSS
but okay disclaimer?? I cuss... lots
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Ignore. Testing.

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Running Away // Rhea's Journey

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