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Bio could be subject of mature themes as the babe ages.

Vaani Verrell
Daughter of Johnny and Lalitha Verrell
Full sister to Vikram and Savitha
Symbol Size #8 Toyhouse
Born January 29th, 2021

Fanged and venomous. While still young, unable to control her venom.
Will chew on you. Usually nice enough to put her fangs away.
Believes anyone with long hair must be a family member.
Give me your warmth.

Original design by JD || Bio art courtesy of Wake
Please contact me for any questions or RP on my discord: riddledrhyme #9156

my beautiful baaabbbbyyyy

my beautiful baaabbbbyyyy ♥
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<3 <3 <3 <3
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;o; So adorable!

;o; So adorable!