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CreditCSS by Sycamorre. Art © Carota17 on DA and myself. | DisclaimerThis biography may not be suitable for some audiences. Both the biography and comments may/will contain cursing, violence, gore, sexual themes, addiction, abuse. Other mature themes may also occur. Please do not track or read into the biography if any of this may bother you.


BodySore. Deep bruising and a couple deep lacerations. MindNumb. Steady.Note...


Had a pleasant, peaceful day lounging with Sedirea. That is, until she was approached by Spencer and Niklaus. Didn't get the best of vibes from either from the start, but had no desire to fight in a form she wasn't completely comfortable in. Tried to lead them from the sleeping Sedirea and attempted to back herself up against something in an attempt to keep them from surrounding and coming up behind her. When faced with Niklaus's looming figure backing her into the ruins though, quickly determined that was not the best strategy. Played a game of cat and mouse, in which she was very much the mouse.

Became more offensive and turned her teeth on the two when Sedirea woke and came to her defense. More so targeting Niklaus as he seemed the more pushy and physical of the two.
Eventually the two aggressors backed off. Starkly confused and agitated by the encounter, further spiteful towards those who just came to watch.

Checked on her sister afterwards and led them back to their former spot. Took up pleasant conversation and caught up a bit.


updating now because I want to. Trigger warning for self-harm? Kinda?

Was approached by a very agitated Hyena who led her to a wounded male. Wasn't given much to go off of by Rhea, but tried to help the male nonetheless. But he (Mathias) was quite hostile and she was in no mood to be injured by being involved in one of Rhea's escapades. So when the male snapped at her she settled nearby to wait for him to either get so close to death he couldn't fight, or perhaps someone else would come along to take the burden.
Except Matty was not at all appreciative. When he stood up to growl at her, Rhea came barreling over to slam into him, and Zenzi lunged at Rhea to stop her.
Somehow, they all ended up at Matty's place.

Learned in a brief shouting match between the two that Rhea had been the one to stab him. Shocker. And that Matty had tried to kill her as well. Rhea didn't stay long, however, which was ideal. She was doing NOTHING to better the situation as per usual.
Cautiously hovered, intent on finishing the job and quite convinced the stranger would die there if he didn't get help. Rhea had told her he probably needed to drink a little blood. Which was.. odd.. but certainly not the oddest thing she'd ever encountered.

Slit her wrist as an offering, keen on finishing the job at hand. Except he didn't drink it from her wrist.. He backed her up against a wall and took it from her neck which was totally superfluous if you as her. Surprised by what she could only guess was venom affecting her. Offered to look at his wound when he was done which he refused. Left then, satisfied enough she'd done what was asked and the male probably wouldn't be dying now.

After riding out her high at home and cleaning up her wrist, found Rhea and requested compensation for her services. And she WAS NOT in a good mood.
Visited a grave afterwards before heading back home.


Where to even start..

Long hours have been spent with her mother after having struck up a deal with her. Helping her in her eccentric plights in exchange for.. peace, basically.. Also ensuring the safety of certain friends and family in doing so as Zirena had threatened their health as well.
Time taken between overseeing certain tasks ordained by her mother is mostly spent in Koninkryk working with Lesedi. For a price, is seeking a way with Lesedi's help to bind her mother and strip her powers much like had been done by the gods so many years ago.
Also growing a small crop of vegetables and tubers as she does every year, but that has been pretty self-sufficient with the good rains this year.
Exhausted most of the time. Mentally and physically. Having a hard time coping with some of the more heinous things she's having to do under the direction of her mother.

When she's able to take a little break, either spends it in the Forest or at Damien's house. The latter of which is still kind of mIND bOGgliNg. Finds herself growing quite attached to the Scorcher very quickly. Because of him, facing certain things about herself she's never really had to before which is both liberating and challenging. Able to actually find some peace and rest when with him that she hasn't been able to obtain anywhere else.
Certainly has some quiet worries. Not at all well-versed in close relationships of any kind; though typically friendly, usually comes off as detached with others. Wondering if it's some fault she's made, allowing herself the closeness to Damien so quickly because perhaps she's only setting herself up for heartache. And maybe it's selfish at this point in her life, while she's still battling against a more dangerous relationship with someone who would certainly threaten his well-being if she knew of him.
Still, being with him as been so natural and easy that it's hard to deny herself the guilty pleasure.

8.1.2018 - 8.4.2018

OH BOy... too much..

As promised, the pill Damian had given her had worked perfectly; in the blink of an eye it transported her to his world. She appeared in the gallery of his home and quickly crumpled to the floor. Multiple wounds riddled her body and there was also the complication of the arrow that jutted out from her abdomen, and knife still in her side.
Thankfully, Damian had been home and quickly called in a reinforcement by the name of Aurora to help with her wounds. Quite efficiently patched up thanks to her expertise and later woke up on the couch.

Woke up super drugged, but recovered quickly enough. After sharing a little more than she typically would while not inebriated both about what had happened and why, suddenly remembered her horse she'd left behind and worried if he'd been hurt. Talked down out of going for a bit though starkly frustrated by the temporary helplessness.
Though incredibly thankful for the Scorcher's hospitality, hounded him after merely a day to get her back to the other world. The man grilled her a bit on what her plan was and admittedly she hadn't gotten very far with one of those.. Eventually ends up coming with the oh-so grand plan of simply confronting her mother after she healed up a bit. Facing her not at the Eudaemon's own mercy.
Got more information on Damian's world Asteria, and learning that her mother wouldn't be able to enter the world out of her own power was very tempting. Especially considering Zirena's ability to find her was not lacking.
Ended up taking up the Scorcher's offer to crash at his place while she healed some. Though hesitant, accepted with the stipulation that she'd find a way to repay him. Received more pills from him that would transport her to and from.

The scene left at her home was a mess. Three dead bodies and her horse loose having crashed through the fence. Chastised him because.. you could have jumped that.. But the horse had barely settled any since she'd left. It appeared as though he'd gone after the man that had set the arrow in her as he'd received a shallow knife wound to the chest. It also seemed the clinically insane horse had further attacked the dead bodies and was effectively covered in blood.
Stitched up the horse and used him to haul the bodies into the woods, not sparing them the luxury of a grave. Packed some clothes from home, along with a couple other odds and ends. Didn't bother to fix the fence or even the door she'd damaged from kicking out the wrong way before she rode into town to fetch a few things there as well, including some dark liqueur for Damian.
Dropped the horse off with a 'family' friend, who was more than a little worried about caring for the psychotic horse even though Balius was familiar with the man. Gave the horse a stern talking to and told her friend he'd be finnne.. Just not to invite anyone over.. Balius would eat them..

Incredibly sore and tired, returned to Asteria and immediately pulled out the large bottle of liqueur she'd brought. It was intended as a gift to the man, certainly. However.. Did quietly hope to get the man at least a little drunk. He'd acquired a large deal of information about her and her life, but she didn't know much about him at all.
Plan might have worked a bit better if she didn't end up getting more inebriated than the man though. Still, was happy he played along with her game of 20 questions. Eventually the questions turned more suggestive in nature. And though certain things in her past had her tense at times in the face of the changing tune of the interaction, she played right along and assured Damian she knew what she was doing and was sure of it.
Ended the night in the Scorcher's bed.

Koninkryk, Wangari territory - 7.31.2018

The sound of stomping hooves and snorts woke her even out of a rather deep sleep. Something had her stallion riled, and that was typically signalled the appearance of a stranger. Zenzi was out of bed in a second, stance low and creeping soft-footed to the side of her front-facing window. Against the seal leaned her bow, which she grabbed and strung an arrow even before peaking out. Early daylight and a soft breeze drifted into the small abode.
A shrill whinny from her horse, Balius, had her quickly looking out and it showed her four men outside her home, one with his own bow ready to fire on Balius. The war-minded horse stomped and shoved his chest against the fence, attention trained on the man.

Little thought involved she turned her own arrow on the other man, aiming through the open window, curtains flowing against her. Another one of the group saw her and voiced an alert, the bowman then quickly attempting to turn her way. He wasn’t fast enough though, and she had an arrow buried in the right side of his chest before he ever had a chance. He writhed, and she knew he wouldn’t die right away. She’d only hit one lung.

Stringing another arrow as she did so, she spun around and kicked open her own door. Each word out of her mouth was emphasized, “Don’t touch my horse.” There was an almost eerie calm about her as she assessed the situation. A command was spoken to her horse, “kuach.” Which she repeated more firmly when he hesitated. Snorting, he eventually headed the demand and trotted to the far side of the pasture.
“Who sent you?” she addressed the men again who were quite sufficiently armed. Zenzi was also keenly aware of a fifth man creeping towards her from around the side of the house. “You know.. She said you would,” one of the men told her, stepping forward. “She told us to bring you bloody if we had to.” The brute gave her a slimy grin.

Of course it would be her mother. The devil of a woman wouldn’t worry about any injuries incurred to her daughter.. She could just heal her in her own time after all. “I wonder if she told you that you’d also be coming back bloody..” she mused out loud. Not that the men seemed deterred. All came forward slowly, and now it was a matter of who she’d set another arrow into before they drew too close. If they were to take her to another world they’d have to sufficiently weaken her so she’d be unable to fight it. A fact she was sure they knew.
Zenzi slowly shook her head. “And she only sent five..” A pill was slipped into her mouth and tucked under her tongue.. Just incase.

The one sneaking up around the house lunged then, knowing she was aware of his location. Turning her body she set her drawn arrow lose to land square in his chest. It was at the cost of two of the other men running up on her, too close for another arrow to fly. The bow was quickly dropped before she turned to face the others. She barely had time to brace before one man slammed into her at an attempt to tackle her. Still in sleeping clothes, the woman only had a single dagger which she fought to get ahold of. A knee to the groin gave her space to do so, and it was swiftly buried deep into the man’s stomach before being ripped out. Another man was on her now, this one with his own knife drawn.
Before she could stop it, the knife stabbed into her side between two ribs. This man jerked it towards him then, slicing skin and muscle. Zenzi was nearly brought to her knees as her vision blurred with pain. Her bloody dagger swung towards that attacker, but a heavy fist to her face ruined her aim and she only nicked skin. A kick to the knee and a shove was given to her in an attempt to down her, but she stood fast. Finally, downing the first man with another stab, to the chest this time.
She struggled against the other man for some time, weakened, the knife left in her side. They fought blow for blow until she managed to get him off his feet, then quickly dispatched him with a slit to the throat. One man was still unaccounted for, and now she saw through blurred eyes that one had taken up the bow of the first man she’d shot.

Knowing a blow from a speeding arrow would surely down her, the woman worked her tongue to swallow the pill already in her mouth. Zenzi refused to be at the mercy of her mother in this way.
But the arrow was already flying, and piercing high into her abdomen before the pill could slide down her throat.

Before a darkness consumed her she heard the shrill scream of Balius.

Visited Damian's world with the premise that he'd be training her in different styles of fighting than she was familiar and also teaching her aspects of "newer world" technologies.
Impressed by his house when she was taken there, but more so the talking birds he had. Practiced some hand-to-hand weaponless combat on the beach. Fought dirty and managed to get a good bite in on the Scorcher's hand at one point. But ended up more battered herself with a strained shoulder and sore throat from nearly getting choked out. After it was over, expressed her relief that he wasn't one to go easy on a woman, even as she had to explain such wincing and breathless.

Also met Damian's beast of a car, the first one she'd ever seen.
Not too amused in the beginning when he drove her across the island like a madman, especially knowing with that look on his face he did it on purpose. It earned him glares and her fingernails biting into his thigh at one point. But he eased off soon enough and took her to an old runway to try for herself. Very hesitant and jerky with the car at the beginning, but proved to be a quick enough learner. Satisfied by that first experience though quite willingly let Damian be the one to drive them back to his home.

Discussed payment for the lessons once back at the house and offered a golden heirloom she didn't mention was stolen. Though the Scorcher didn't seem too interested in monetary compensation. When he asked for a future favor, a favor he couldn't specifically name yet, she immediately became suspicious. Loosely threatened him with her dagger making sure he knew there were certain things she would not be doing as a favor. Had gotten into trouble in a similar way before.
Eventually eased off the intensity as he placated and agreed.. Perhaps against her better judgement. However, the lessons she'd learned and would hopefully learn were valuable enough for it in her mind.
Thanked him for it, nonetheless.. Mildly frustrated when she couldn't leave the world of her own means, but let Damian take her back to the forest with little fuss.

Once there almost immediately returned to her own home in Koninkryk. Didn't allow herself much rest before waking to pack some supplies on her horse and heading north to Bandari. Had a meeting planned with a woman named Lesedi who could also offer her some invaluable training. A very different sort of training than Damian offered, however. One that required much more of her strength to go through with. Remained there for a couple days before her energy was spent and then made the several hours ride back to her home. Some of which her stallion completed on his own as she fell asleep on his back.

After assuring the horse was cared for, slipped into her own bed for some time. Eventually stole away to the forest to rest even more. Still feeling completely drained and sore, though quite satisfied.


Name: Zenzi*

Sobriquets: Thálassa*Given by her mother

Biology: Prominently feline, leopard seal, ovis, cervine;
Subtle bovine, canine, serpent, Falcon, and crocodylus influences

Gender: Intersex; identifies as female

Orientation: Bisexual

Age: Young-adult appearance (20 y/o human form); Older mentality;
True age unknown

Refrence: Here

Stature: Long & stout

Scent: Hints of sea salt, sage, and ancient incense.

Speech: #B0C4DE;
Speech is similar to Gal Gadot's protrayal of a Themysciran accent x

Sounds: Wide array of vocalizations

Aura: Deep and cold. Quite darkness. Stormy seas vs. unyielding ground.

Diet: Omnivorous

Visuals: Tumblr (nsfw!) ; Toyhouse


Unknowingly claimed by Morioch
Knowingly chained by ancient gods.


• Having spent spent extensive time in several worlds, her true age is a mystery. While she may have resided in one world for years, in our own only a week may have passed. The passage of time seems to very greatly in her travels.

• Mix makes largely resembles an old class of furred dragons.

• Claws are retractable, save for her dew claws which are to long to do so.

• Mouth contains a mismatched array of teeth resembling those of a feline and those of a seal.

• Eyes are more adept at seeing under dark conditions.

• Typically seen wearing gold jewelry, some of which serve unique purposes.

• Familiar with different forms, though typically 'stuck' to a particular form in any given world.

• Feline-like flexibility

Selfish - Cynical - Morbid - Vain - Uptight - reliable - loyal - Pensive - Quiet - Street-smart - Soft-footed - Well read

This whole things needs redoing..

Abandoned at birth in the city of Isabis, Koninkryk [WORLD INFORMATION] and raised along side her twin sister Minerva in an orphanage. Developed certain abilities and practiced them in them studiously as she grew older. Eventually developed a certain calling that led her to explore realms beyond her own. Met her mother in this way.

Pulled to the forest once during her youth. Met several half-siblings and briefly her estranged father. Occassionally returns to the place where she has only yet to find peace.

Able to journey to other words with some ease by taking advantage of the 'Abyss' created by her mother. The Abyss or "In-between" consists of a endless expanse of knee deep water. Easy to get lost in. Go mad in. Through her inheritance however, finds it relatively simple to navigate and find whatever world she seeks. Though all are prone to become lost at time

Despite her young age, became a part of an inter-world Order of Guardians through an association with her mother. Quite loosely tied to the organization however, often taking a more self-driven approach to 'work'. Drawn to help, guide, and protect'certain individuals. This seems largely the result of the push of the Eudaemon blood in her veins. Frequently at her own chagrin.Though she rarely takes up callings without compensation, as some do in the Order. Wildly inexperienced in Guardianship, usually self-aware of her short-comings... usually.
"Eudaemons in Greek mythology included deified heroes. They were regarded intermediary spirits between gods and the men.
Eudaemons, the good daemons, were understood as guardian spirits, bestowing protection and guidance to ones they watched over." x


Twin sister.
Deep connection, care, unsullied

Indifference, undecided

Disdain, idolization













Friend. Mentor. OTHER stuff..
Comfort. Respect. Challenge.


Rowa - Krar - Aleta - Pyriel



Tentative mentor.
Deceptively powerful; Flighty

Jude - Melrakki - Sebastion


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