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Hello there Star Child my other deer question

Hello i have another deer named Star Child my user name for her is SummerSkyStar but i seem to have lost my password an iu tired two times to go to lost pass word an get a new one but no emial yet.What can i do?

Finnegan Begin Again

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”
? Frank Herbert

Hmmm Discovering of the Sutton Hoo Deer

The deer in Sherwood Forest, Kent and along the east coast of Brittany watched as Viking ships landed in Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. The site of two 6th- and early 7th-century cemeteries showed helmets with animal icons firmly engraved into their stellar metals.. One cemetery contained an undisturbed ship-burial, including a wealth of Anglo-Saxon artifacts but along with that came Vikings with boat full of kitties. Vikings gave kitty gifts to the locals. The first pillage involved skipping the village and going straight for the wealth of the church. The villages let them do it 100 years. Then back in Scandinavia the land ran out and young men had no place to go except the sea. They landed back in Brittany except this time they became merchants, traders, and married local women. The deer watched carefully. To be chased by a set of Scandinavians seemed a problem. Alas when they came instead of eating the deer they followed and learned their ways. As time rolled by Scandinavians married well and became part of the royal family. The lands the precious deer lived on the royalty became their protectors and played along with them enjoying all the forest had to offer. Improving the properties lead to many delights and the royals had a place to hide from other royals who wished to take that which was not theirs. The deer knew all the hidden places that no one can find. They would take them there for frolicking and fancy. The sound of water, wind, and deer snorts and bellows filled the royal's head making them laugh. The play in sunbeams, in the ancient trees, grass, and stone put the royals in touch with the shires they once played in as children. Sutton Hoo royalty rose and fell but they learned many lessons from the deer. They remained in the royal positions in ways that deer had taught. There but unnoticed until needed.

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The Unfinished Spots

Exploring every inch of the forest flora and fauna results in finding netherworld areas. Dip into the waterfall mother stone at the end of the ravine and sit within her ample girth the ground drops away. Suddenly the forest becomes surreal with flowers inside the stone and jutting inky blackness hinting at what lies beneath. Play in the pond in the corner nearest the ancient tree and a mirror pond appears ..... ground sky water and a mixed repeat. Need sinking sand head to to the playground. Near the diagonal large stone a set of chakra stones form a semi circle. Get in the middle and sit. Only your antlers appear above ground and the birds flock to you. Another surreal scene with mixture of sky, soil and you see the bottom of the chakra stone above. The platform part of the playground rocks a nearby tree reaches to the sky. Drop down by it and turn to the playground. With deer butt on the rock sit. A deer cave appears with birds flying past and you in the underground. Over by the stone bridge drop underneath. Get to the edge of the masonry and again a hidden world appears. This remains more difficult since one step and you become a frog and the hidden world of surrealism disappears. Walk on those edges. Those boundary lines and see how far those other worlds go or do.
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Throughout the Generations [Open RP]

Open to anyone and everyone.
Write however you feel.

This is a RP to introduce Chloë to the Forest with her very first interaction(s).
Maximum of 3 players can join.

Can also be done on Skype or Discord if you feel more comfortable there, I am okay with either.
Discord: Anaïs#6888
Skype: skymails888

By Thais/Luana.

Introduction story for those who wants to know what happened prior to her arrival into the Forest.

Still Here

tho the forest is quiet and still,
I'm still here.
tho the birds songs are gone silent and the water has still,
I'm still here.
when you feel alone and the your path seems thin,
I'm still here.
no matter which way the wind blows,
I am always here.

Shadow lands

After midnight the full moon touched the clouds in the sky making that shimmering glow that halos down to earth. Across the forest as it danced on each leaf it left a smokey grayness that felt more welcoming than the inky black of most nights. In these semi-shadows the squirrels continued frolicking across the wild flowers and grass. Raising up one would spy their chubby cheek enjoying some treasured morsel they had found. The whisper of dragon wings fluttering near the pond hummed a nature tune only they can make and many a deer came to commune with the winds so generated. Spring had come and now began to transition to summer. The fawns cuddling with their new found playmates would soon become grown and dance in the fall with the adults. First they had to discover all the forest had to offer. Secrets for those with observant eyes would appear in the bark of the trees. Figures dancing, crying, laughing or fighting.---humans. All lessons to become learned while nibbling. The scenes gave warning to possible intrusions or forgotten closures. Many wondered when a deer left and did not return if humans had some how lured them away. For the longest time flying deer has ruled in a playful way. Some even sat high in the trees watching the days go by and then suddenly drop down in the middle of some playful excursion. Never to destroy but to add to. Then in a coordinated fashion the group would fall on their backs giggling nearly endlessly at their prank. In moments run off to find a another tree haven. First for a bit of flying around over the pond and a visit to the ruins so sit on top of some column like a gargoyle but much handsomer or gorgeous than that. All practiced up for the fall when the deer came in teams by the graveyard and did the fights to acquisition recent deer joining the herd in the past year. Suddenly you were picked for one of the ancients herds who knew all the forest had to offer.
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Anyone knows how to screenshot?

So much help i need XD Ive seen ppl do screenshots and ive tried the pressing P or Ctrl then P but then what... xD Sorry if i asked SO many questions, and ive just seen a couple of people, i had so much fun! Laughing out loud i wanted to screen shot it and ask who it was but.............how.....


have a nice day! Laughing out loud
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