Deer Eyes

Moist, deeply brown with the swirling of souls in every blink the deer viewed the forest in the dim light. Tilting her head just so she saw the underneath of leaves waving in the slight breeze as the sounds of the babbling brook filled her ears. Seeing the blues, reds and greens of the forest comforted her as the colors danced across the various objects before her. Purple hazes took a bit to adjust to. Not as natural but functional. Using the vision of other spectrums reveal other delights and forest secrets. Hidden covers where one could hear everything going on but not be seen. Plenty of those existed in the forest once curled up in with nose tucked between front legs with back legs sensuously and light laid next to long brown lovely legs. Meditative breathing slow and relaxed gave a mindfulness which leads to an awareness of all within and without. As the deer breathe exits and the moist deeply brown eyes scan the horizon changes occur. A gentle nudge to play, gracefully roll and giggle, hooves thrusted high in the air just to see how high you can go, and flying off hill, off tree, and over the pond starts up. Splish splash becomes a regular sound again as frog and deer interchange places in the swirling moist azul blue waters of the pond. The purple dragonflies gather near a small set of willows at the lower end of the pond near a log. Hear they whisper the secrets of the forest as they flit through antlers or ears frequently. Never followers by simply gently observers of the deer they act as a gateway of discovery. Many have enticed them to play but dragonflies interact as they please or not.


Deer — not bears, bees, sharks or scorpions — are the animal that kills the most Americans. However, the deaths aren't because of viscious Bambi attacks — most of the fatalities are a result of car accidents.

Fourlegged deer that is

They lurk around America's vast countryside and sometimes make their way into cities. They're cute and furry and have big round eyes. Nope, they aren't bears — deer are America's deadliest animal, as summized by an analysis of CDC data from LCB.

These furry mammals are responsible for an estimated 120 deaths a year, usually due to car crashes rather than attacks

So I am assuming that the deer have grouped up and outside the forest have went on raid, attacking htat which attacked.....

Furry companions with razor sharp hooves and kamikazy ways coming your way because they could not play in the peaceful endless forest.

Scent of a Deer

The fabled musk deer searches the world over for the source of the scent which comes from itself.


Deer Quotes come back for more

The more I see of deer, the more I admire them as mountaineers. They make their way into the heart of the roughest solitudes with smooth reserve of strength, through dense belts of brush and forest encumbered with fallen trees and boulder piles, across canons, roaring streams, and snow-fields, ever showing forth beauty and courage. John Muir
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Oh where oh where can the deer writers be

Oh Where oh Where can the Deer writers be?
Oh where oh where can the herd be,
With their scenarios
And fantasy bios

Oh where oh where can they be

Did someone find a secret door to the deer library in the pit?
Everyone sitting on top of the trees again?
Hiding in the sycamores where the blue flowers grow?


American deer say take cover Hart Hall EXPLOSIONS

Addendum to College Deer Field Trip Repercussions.......pun intended


Hark upon the return to the forest of academia who should appear but the ancient of ancients classical piano deer whose movements blew fresh winds through the forest hall glen. It curled into the hollow tree classroom to cleanse all and scoop up those who had fought the good fight. Swooping to take care of widowed classical deer fawn he began to reformat the classical deer musicians in ways that will help. Thankful for the help from the Endless Forest that finally after long years opened the realm to his wisdom he obtained the Wicked Wicked concert master and began to reset the community to what it once was. Carnegie Hall deer ready to serve their communities in all the niches and ways community embedded musicians do. The ancient of ancient deer has visited many glens globally including the origin point of Endless Forest and then off to the tower where wine brooks flow... https://vimeo.com/158434999 and he took up community embedded deer to teach them how to watch over that which he set right https://www.houstonsymphony.org/about-us/community-musicians/

An appearance of deer activity at college

Field and forest appeared in the halls of academia last week. Elder deer with their ancient skull smiles came out of orchestra to take a fawn classical pianist under their wing to protect from the cold fog bellowing from some stump lectern by those who think they lead but really bully. Banned from Endless Forest classical deer fawn had an assignment she bravely went to without hesitation. Later deer gathered in small groups to discern the needs. Good thing since the Wicked Orchestra game began that day. Sitting in the glen as a group in the hollow of what once was a classroom became a large tree. An exotic blonde haired Asian Afro deer entered the room called Vashtic and pentatoniced us all. The devil wind went round and swayed the high pitched female deer but not the men except for the head musician deer who gravitated to the high pitched deers and began to instruct in a manner we all knew would be the end of the endless forest. Stalking the mother mid voice deer they finally managed to trap her into a parrot routine on a Hallelujah. She turned a circle in place to dislodge the offending pentatonic spell then stepped off the small ledge the high pitched deer had demanded earlier she join with them by a single step forward. Before her hoof hit the ground two ancient male deer stood beside her as a third male deer barked and then spelled the head musician deer who suddenly dismissed the deer chorus. The ancient male deer grinned that special smile known so well and with a come hither curve of the head toward the door she followed as the Django deer singing softly a jazz tune as they passed back into the glen hallway. They stepped into the next hollow tree to check on the director deer of french creamy brown coffee color splashing his stick rod in and out to white hat the orchestra as the evil concertmaster deer in all his blackness continue to poof grrreman sludge at us.

Django Deer

Ever changing winsome Django deer has a name in that means "I awake". To what depends on the part of the forest its ever prancing feet twirl on as it goes about its way checking the graphic messages in the trees bark. Left there by ancients as a way to suggest or invite the Django deer frolics along reading the bark paragraphs and then implements. Django deer finds the hidden places of abstract forest, and the unfinished symphonies of sound and sight. Django deer finishes such with a sit, a twirl, slide or roll. Like a improvised jazz tune above a framework of contemporary classical (Ola Gjeilo choir
versuib https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjf4i-WU7jE or visual version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J99pF91b5fQ) it does so with those boundaries in place but ignores the rules created by those who simply create that to dominate and not help. In the tall grass that sways unlike the other places like spaghetti thrown against a solid surface it transforms to an entanglement with no beginning or end just intersection after intersection all going on at the same time. Or if preferred a goo manga one piece where Django deer becomes most engaged and then disengages to what it roll across forest like a gust of wine. What lies beneath all that visual ecstasy becomes a web framework where Django deer walks on the gossamer threads of Python computer language with its for loop fully in place making timezones merge into a seamless piece of script that answers what time is it? Well it is Django deer time...endlessly

Blue and Green

The forest's gentle rains almost make a person forget that catastrophic and cataclysmic events exist outside the boundaries of the forest. Wondering around the giant flowers and mushrooms that sprout during that time almost has an "Alice in Wonderland" quality. Instead of a queen or other royals who always want to fight you just bump into another deer. How you bump becomes entirely up to you such as swaying with the breeze, rearing up and paw clapping with another, rolling on the ground in a giggle fit, neck entwining and the dancing. Red and yellow palettes think they have it made and rule. They do catch the eye's attention for moments. One blue green storm rolls in after another and it washes all that away entirely. You become left with a lovely landscape with plants proliferating , propagating, and beckoning for the fauna to come back and play. For a time like the deer the others all help each other. Fresh and restarted. Then slowly that red yellow palette creeps back in and tries to dominate. All the while blue and green waits to wash it away again. Yellow and red need to learn some balance. Blue and green does balance all the time. Walk down the stream, go through the rock and the deer becomes red which came from blue water, transitioned and stands on green grass with green trees nearby and a blue sky. Eventually poof back to deer skin. An experience ... so what will you all do with your red moment...
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