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TEFtober art challenge

(Art and most of the prompt ideas by SiLu)

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Gathering for 7FinalGirl8 (MariaCanker)

As some of you might know, MariaCanker is in hospital right now, not doing very well.
The members of TEFru Discord server have suggested that we do something for Maria, just to cheer her up a bit and show her our care and support.

So there will be a gathering today at the river bank near the Crying Idol, at the spot where Maria's character Piaf likes to sit (see the screenshot below for coordinates).
I'm planning to be there all day, and you're welcome to join anytime that suits you.

I know many of you have interacted with Maria's characters and I'm sure she'll be glad to know she's in your thoughts.
Let's make some beautiful screenies and send her some healing vibes!

You're also welcome to contact her directly via Discord, if you'd like. Her internet is slow and she may not always be available, but she'll be happy to read your messages whenever she can <3

Maria, we hope you get well soon!

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An old-fashioned Spring Rally blog

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