TEFtober art challenge

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Happy Halloween month, everyone!

There's currently an art challenge going on on the TEFru discord server, kinda like Inktober, but more chill and TEF-related. Thought we'd invite all of you to participate as well!

Don't mind the dates, they are optional (and we should've posted this earlier, sorry!). Please feel free to draw anything from the list, even after the given date.
It's also completely fine to pick as many (or few) propmts as you like and skip those that don't resonate with you.
Your drawings don't have to be super detailed, they can be sketches, doodles - anything, really. This whole thing is meant purely for your enjoyment and inspiration!

Post your art in the comments, and when the month is over we'll put all the drawings together into collages. Here are the prompts:

(Art and most of the prompt ideas by SiLu)

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This is so fun!! Maybe this

This is so fun!! Maybe this weekend I will have time to give this a shot Laughing out loud
What a delightful idea

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Looks like a fun event. Thank

Looks like a fun event. Thank you two for organizing this for everyone.
Gonna be lovely to see it all together.
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BAT An attempt to play on


An attempt to play on perspective to make it seem like Illrose has wings, inspired by the scene with the eagle in Spirit: stallion of the Cimarron :') ( transparent version with Illrose and the 'main bat' here if that works better with the collage.)
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OMG, Snow, it's

OMG, Snow, it's fantastic!
Thank you so much for participating, you're making me wanna try and draw something myself, even though I'm not an artist.

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CANDLES I guess Svanrand is


I guess Svanrand is not too happy about having her horn turned into a candle 8( ( transparent version here once again).

Snow, these are great. I love

Snow, these are great. I love the texturing in both and the humor in the second one, inventive.

Does this close today and if toworrow, at what time? I'm thinking of squeezing some doodles in.
Also @ "wanna try and draw something myself" I'm not an artist either. Do itt.
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@Uitleger: Ah, if only I had

Ah, if only I had time Sad But thank you for your support and encouragement!

Technically today was supposed to be the last day of the challenge, but I doubt I'll be able to make the collage before weekend (and there haven't been too many works yet), so I guess the deadline can be extended!

Everyone who wanted to participate is still welcome to post their art before the weekend!

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Just one doodle, man. -dark

Just one doodle, man. -dark alley voice-
Plenty of time for a slow zombie like me, perfect.
One last question, then. What's a TEFsona?
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Huh, I might try, but I can't

Huh, I might try, but I can't promise anything.

Ah, it's just a TEF character, in any form you like)

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"Just one doodle" they said,

"Just one doodle" they said, "it'll be fun" they said.
Ursch: *spends 5 hours struggling to draw a simplest thing with a kids tutorial*

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Well, the point of doodling

Well, the point of doodling is to draw without a thought. Sticking out tongue Besides, bats are the opposite of "simple".
I can definitely see (and admire) those 5 hours in this, this is a lively looking bat. I like its 5-hour expression.

1. [TEFsona in a costume] Guess my pre-Halloween set looked like a costume, so I sketched OOCer as Tin Woodman with some exploded head pipes.

2. [Bat] I figured Lem's design would be fun to convert into bat anatomy. He'd be of a false vampire species, a mutation with a double noseleaf. He prolly ain't gonna survive long like that and he knows it.
-exasperated bat ultrasounds-

3. [Halloween dance] "Thriller", naturally.

4. [Candles] 'Young' in a skull mask pretending to be an adult/have a smoke.

5. [Big Zombie Deer] BZD sounds like a place where the delinquents would be hanging out.

6. [Forest Candy] Halloween would be just another day of work for the Kid. Trying to make some moolah off of rare forest frogs. And yeah, he'dve demanded that OOCer write the signs for him:

Ignore these if you've already compiled the collage, I don't wanna inconvenience you.
In case you haven't started I may squeeze the last two doodles in.
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Ohh, thank you, I didn't

Ohh, thank you, I didn't expect there'd be so many! Love the imagination you've put into all of them. The frog candy looks delicious, I'd buy some (and would probably be bitterly disappointed Laughing out loud).
The BZD art is one of my favourites, and I'm also very glad to see Lem again, even in such unusual form))

Would love to see more, but I think that'll do for now, 'cause there aren't too many participants and I want to keep it balanced. We should probably do a similar thing again sometime!

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Aw, I thought there was more

Aw, I thought there was more activity on the Russian side. Feel free to pick just a few out of mine, then, to keep it balanced. And thank you for the glowing feedback.
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No problem) *fights the urge

No problem)
*fights the urge to list Young under the "Creepy fawn" category instead of "Candles"*
Also idk why I keep misreading the Tin Woodman as a Tin Woman (which must be a low-budget edition of the Iron Lady).

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All right, the challenge is

All right, the challenge is over, many thanks to everyone who took part! Your art is AWESOME
Here's the collage (open in a new tab for full size):

Full list of participants and their works:

TEFsona in a costume
- Piaf as Billy Lenz from Black Christmas (+gif) by MariaCanker
- OOCer as Tin Woodman by Uitleger

- a deer in a bat mask by RuBear666 (inspired by an illustration from a 1904 book on biology, which would make a cool set of TEF masks)
- Illrose and bats by Snowsauria
- a bat by Urschanabi
- a bat Lem by Uitleger

Halloween dance
- "Thriller" by Uitleger

- Svanrand with a candle horn by Snowsauria
- 'Young' with candle antlers by Uitleger

(Big) Zombie Deer
- a zombie character by Parrot
- BZD by Uitleger

Forest Candy
- 'Young' selling frog candy by Uitleger

Creepy fawn
- a glitched fawn by Kitorinna47 (inspried by this glitch)
- a ghost fawn (gif) by Aranyani

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I actually had a weird

I actually had a weird mini-comic in my head regarding that category, back when you posted the challenge.
Hah, not as easy on the ear as its Russian version. When I hear Tin Woman, I imagine one with a tinfoil hat and extravagant clothes.

Hey, looking good, thank you for your time putting it all together.
Love all the talent and styles featured, I only wish there were more entries, it'd be grand. Next time, I hope.