Gathering for 7FinalGirl8 (MariaCanker)

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As some of you might know, MariaCanker is in hospital right now, not doing very well.
The members of TEFru Discord server have suggested that we do something for Maria, just to cheer her up a bit and show her our care and support.

So there will be a gathering today at the river bank near the Crying Idol, at the spot where Maria's character Piaf likes to sit (see the screenshot below for coordinates).
I'm planning to be there all day, and you're welcome to join anytime that suits you.

I know many of you have interacted with Maria's characters and I'm sure she'll be glad to know she's in your thoughts.
Let's make some beautiful screenies and send her some healing vibes!

You're also welcome to contact her directly via Discord, if you'd like. Her internet is slow and she may not always be available, but she'll be happy to read your messages whenever she can <3

Maria, we hope you get well soon!

Been on my mind ever since

Been on my mind ever since you told me.

Get well, Maria. Sending all the energy I've got.
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(Uit, feel free to switch to

(Uit, feel free to switch to the fawn if you wish, btw. I think she'll be glad to see him in the crowd!)

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Sending all the well wishes

Sending all the well wishes to Maria, hope she gets better soon <3

My thoughts are with Maria,

My thoughts are with Maria, sending best wishes and hopefully she will be alright <3

Urschanabi, Thank you for the

Thank you for the idea, I broke my "one tef window" rule to put him in, as well.

Feel like I want to say more, even though we haven't interacted for all that long or talked all that much.
I've enjoyed reading/watching/interacting with your creations, and I enjoy them both for the amount of thought/energy you put in them, and their individual vibes. I'm a fan of your unique drawing style/ideas and waiting to see more of them on this comm., sometime.
'Young' may act like a punk after his failed infiltration into Piaf's family as her firstborn, but on the inside he's regarding 'Maman' fondly, almost like he had succeeded back then. And Foras has awed kid enough that he secretly wants to take all his money (and hair) for himself, in the future.
I want to thank you for all these good times, as well as for giving me a chance back then, considering my circumstances. It really says a lot of a person, to me, and it's something I value.
There, I'm not usually this talkative, but all this had to be said.
Take it easy, take our strength, and get well, soon.
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Maria asked me to tell that

Maria asked me to tell that
"I am very grateful to everyone and it means a lot to me. Although I can't answer everyone personally right now, but later when I get better, I will do it. Also, the words of Uitleger really touched me and I'm really crying. Thank you all very much for all this !! "
by kseniamokhova
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Thanks for posting it, Kumu!

Thanks for posting it, Kumu!

And thank you all for coming and sending your good wishes, you're the best!

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Get well soon!!

Get well soon!!
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Wasn't able to log in, but

Wasn't able to log in, but sending well-wishes <3
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this is so great, I know why

this is so great, I know why I love this community, you guys are unbelievable!
special thanks to Urschanabi who is allways thoughtful.
and least not last: I wish Maria all the best; get well soon; send her some good vibes from here.
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Thank you for posting it,

Thank you for posting it, Kumu. Keep us updated, if you can, alright?

Sending the weekend energy your way, Maria. Got you on my mind.
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yes of course. If I know

yes of course. If I know something, I will definitely write here
by kseniamokhova
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but thank you all for going

but thank you all for going to the stream, it definitely lifts her mood as well as your wishes. This is very valuable uwu
by kseniamokhova
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A little update from Maria:

A little update from Maria: she's still under treatment and her condition is very serious, but at least she's no longer on life support!
She also says that without you guys she wouldn't have been able to recover, but your energy and support gives her the strength to keep fighting.

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Please, get well soon, Maria!

Please, get well soon, Maria! q_q

Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)

get well soon

get well soon <3

Thank you, Urchin, it's a

Thank you, Urchin, it's a relief to know. Maria is a fighter, surely.

But you bet kid's gonna be waiting there all the way until Piaf is back, and I'll be there, too. He's gathering fresh flowers every day, to wait with.
Sending the Sunday strength, from here. Hope you feel better.

Sending you Monday energy

Sending you Monday energy (Perseverance).

A Tuesday stretch energy.

A Tuesday stretch energy.
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Oh my gosh! I'm honestly a

Oh my gosh!
I'm honestly a little shocked by what happened, I still can't believe that you guys put on such an unimaginable event in honor of such a minor and humble member of forest.
My friend showed me all your wishes, all your warm words and the way you come together, in great company, just to support me and it made my heart be much happier, it gave me a reason to keep fighting, despite my fatigue and despair. You guys are the warmest and friendliest community I have ever met and had the privilege to be a part of, no one has ever brought me as much love and care as you, your characters and your amazing actions. I would really like to thank each and every one of you for helping me deal with my pain when it should have seemed to consume me completely and leave me no chance. You are my saviors and you are forever in my heart, I hope I can make a full recovery soon and bring at least a minimal contribution to show all my appreciation.

And Uit, a special thanks to you, darling, I was sent your messages and wonderful drawings, they are gorgeous, you are my special ray of sunshine, your words really touched me, I am insanely glad that I was able to meet you once.

Now I'm a little better, I can breathe on my own and have less pain, can get up and walk to my laptop, so I'm really hoping that by Halloween I'll be able to get back into the game fully.

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I'm so glad you're feeling

I'm so glad you're feeling better <3

I have a thing against

I have a thing against hospitals and good people stuck in hospitals, so I figured if drawings could help boost your mood and health and get you outta there faster, then I should do it.
Real glad to see you recovering.

Now, I don't normally do fast human sketches, but Kid demanded I draw a Nice Hair energy for Wednesday, so here you go.
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Yeeeah, I understand, I've

Yeeeah, I understand, I've been in hospitals all my life, it's already common, but this time my body gave a particularly strong failure.

OOOOOOhhhH~HHhhh, what a harsh, beautiful man.
You already gave me so many wonderful arts, god, I am so touched, at this rate, I'll get better very very soon

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I'm sure Foras would

I'm sure Foras would appreciate this drawing well, perhaps in a couple hundred pesos

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So happy to know you're

So happy to know you're getting better and to see Piaf back with us today!
Sending you some more health vibes for quicker recovery.

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Glad you are doing better

Glad you are doing better Maria, wishing you a speedy recovery! <3
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Glad you are doing better!

Glad you are doing better!
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Thank you all so much! I feel

Thank you all so much!
I feel better just because of your kind words and support ~

A quick Thursday Feha, and

A quick Thursday Feha, and sending good health from here.
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OooooOOOOOooH MyyyyYY GoOOoD

OooooOOOOOooH MyyyyYY GoOOoD UiIIIiit
You decided to present me with so many of your wonderful drawings God you have such a beautiful style aaaahhh can't believe I'm crying with joy again
Thank you Q-Q

Wishing you a smooth

Wishing you a smooth recovery. Here's Friday's Demon Child. Good thing you've got so many characters, I'm having fun figuring how to draw each one.

Saturday's Flamel.
Glad you've been enjoying these and that they look somewhat accurate (was concerned about Foras in particular, 'cause humans got too many nuances. tough to get right). Hope you're feeling better.

(Hah, kid'd be terrified to learn extortion pays less than art. He got zero art skill in his leg noodles)
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God Uit, it's just

God Uit, it's just unthinkable... U work so hard and give me so much support... God, I cry every time q-q

Sending Monday recovery vibes

Sending Monday recovery vibes from here. Still going to draw some, when my muse recovers. I didn't forget.