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This is an in-game event inspired by irl outdoor dances in my city.

Unlike most spontaneous dances in the forest, the event is more about partner dances rather than group dances. Don't be shy to approach another deer and ask them for a dance, impress your partner with your dancing skills and all kinds of unimaginable action combinations, and simply have fun! At the end of the event the dancers get together and form one big conga-line on the bridge.

The event takes place on Fridays and Sundays.
DURATION: 30 min
LOCATION: River bank, near the bridge



These are partner dances (except for the final one, more on that below), and there's a certain (though very simple) etiquette.

Asking for a dance

Anyone can invite anyone, regardless of the gender. If there are no partners available at the moment, just sit down nearby and wait.
- To ask someone for a dance, approach them, bow and tap the ground.
- The person who is offered a dance should bow back and nod to accept the invitation (or shake their head if for some reason they can't dance right now).


After the invitation has been accepted, the two deer can start dancing. Let your imagination decide what particular dance it is. Button mashing and random action combinations are welcome! It's up to you to decide how long the dance lasts, but please keep in mind that dancing with one and the same partner all the time goes against good etiquette, especially if you see that someone else is waiting for their turn.
- To end the dance, just bow again to your partner (nuzzles are optional)). Once they return the bow, you can go and invite someone else or sit down to take a rest.

The final dance

The whole event goes on for half an hour. At the end Urschanabi (x) will moo twice, inviting everyone to the final dance — a conga line on the bridge. This final dance continues until everyone gets tired and leaves/sits down/falls asleep.

!! Please try not to go afk while dancing or waiting to be asked for a dance, for others might think you're ignoring them. The event is purposely designed not to last too long, so that people actively interact with each other <3

P.S.: This is mainly an OOC event, but IC-charcters are welcome as well. Feel free to include the event in your RPs, add it to your character's updates, etc. Only, if there are going to be any IC-conflicts regarding who danced with whom or whatever, please refrain from starting fights on the dance floor and pushing each other off the bridge during the event Evil


A video of the first experimental dancing event (sorry for the low volume!)
Hopefully more players can join, so that no one has to sit and wait for their turn for too long!

A special thanks to Si Luetta for capturing the video and to Uitleger for the wonderful Timezone converter.
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Track, lovely idea!

Track, lovely idea!

"refrain from starting fights

"refrain from starting fights on the dance floor and pushing each other off the bridge"
Lem, from beyond the grave, "Why tho?"

This is neat and well-organized. Thanks for doing this for everyone.
Good to see the converter at work, extra thanks for that.

Just one thing. Since it's a short event, it's better to announce the date/s in advance, so people can make time for it.
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@ShrinkingRose: Thank

Thank you!

He might be in that grave for a reason Twisted
Tysm, and it's really very helpful!
I know it is, but unfortunately it's not always possible Sad I'll do my best though.


Bump for the last dance event of the season.

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Is it at 14:00 EDT, or GMT?

Is it at 14:00 EDT, or GMT? Eastern Daylight Time is behind Greenwich Mean Time by four hours.

EDIT: Oh, never mind. I have misread your posting. GMT minus 0400 is EDT, or 14:00 EDT.

IoRez, The time showed is

The time showed is based on your system's time, so it should be correct. No further calculations necessary.
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Yeah, it's 14:00 EDT or 18:00

Yeah, it's 14:00 EDT or 18:00 GMT, but the converter should be showing it in your local time already.

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Urschanabi, I like your

I like your humor.

Enjoyed the last dance of the season. Cosy. Though I came late and was booted early by an outage on my block.
It was neat to have the phonograph deer there (thank you for it, HeartClock). The music was equally fitting for a chill dance or a buttonmash.
Wish more people attended, but then again, it was Friday night. And an event overlap.
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Thanks for coming and yeah,

Thanks for coming and yeah, having the phonograph deer was absolutely lovely. Glad you found a way to listen to its music too. We were listening through a Discord voice channel, and I was worried you might be missing out on it, although your deer seemed to be moving to the rhythm)

Ah, there were so many events this year it was hardly possible to avoid overlapping! But I'm glad the community is so active. I think most people came to the dance last Sunday, which was also the first time the phonograph deer joined the event.
The closing evening felt more intimate though, with just the thee of us dancing to the sounds of jazz on a moonlit bridge... Loved the atmosphere.

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