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Antics June 2012 [image heavy]

I've been putting these off for too long again. Need to get the 304 screenshots out of my folder...
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To everyone in Hurricane Isaac's path...

Be safe.
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Throw some characters at me... [closed/drawings posted] doodle.
I'll be using my brush pen style (kind of like calligraphy in look) and perhaps some simple airbrushing for color if I feel like it. Like this almost.

Try to link an image if you can and give me an idea of a pose. The more info I have, the better I can work since I like to do these kinds of drawings fast. Laughing out loud

The finished results will be posted later in the week sometime.

Here's the finished result. They're all on one page so I left it pretty big to see them all better.
Toukan and the Leowolf made appearances to fill the leftover space. |D
(Those purple splotches are from the marker I shook protesting. [And in the end, shaking the marker did nothing to make it work with the airbrush system. 8|] I was so happy they missed the drawings. ...the purple is only lingering around my nails now.)
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Antics 5-11 to 31-12 [image heavy]

ToukCrow: >>
FawnOura: o.o

Well this is incredibly late in posting. Whoops. >>; Can't guarantee this kind of procrastination won't happen again, so just enjoy these I guess?
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Antics 5-4 to 6-12 [image heavy]

Ever the fawn magnet.

A shorter batch of screenshots this time since after this, I started playing in a bigger window.
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Antics 4-15 to 29-12 [image heavy]


Considering how long it's been since I've done one of these, this is a fitting way to start. 8|

Read on for more.
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The fence proved no match.

A bit of writing I had to get out of my head despite it making me stay up way later than I should've.
Any grammatical errors and typos can be blamed on the time and my rushing a bit.
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I'm feeling generous... [sketches posted!]

Throw some characters at me so I'll have something to draw while sitting on the couch later. Laughing out loud
Link a pic or give a good description. Don't link any bios that are dark please. I won't be able read them, especially since I'll be using my phone. Even harder to read dark stuff on. |D

No limit either. Mostly will be speed sketches.

Images up under the cut!
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Antics 4-8 to 14-12 [image heavy]

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