Antics 5-4 to 6-12 [image heavy]

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Ever the fawn magnet.

A shorter batch of screenshots this time since after this, I started playing in a bigger window.

Touk was on a roll.

One of these things is not like the others~

And this is why you never fall asleep when babysitting Sakina and Hiroshi.
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Absolutely never~ >xD These

Absolutely never~ >xD These are all awesome.

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oh takeshi what will i do

oh takeshi
what will i do with you
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@Six: They'll never learn.

@Six: They'll never learn. Laughing out loud Thanks.

@Kimi: I think that's Ochiba's line... X]
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Yeaaa lots of Peacocked

Yeaaa lots of Peacocked Victims ....i love this Laughing out loud
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Always gotta have peacock

Always gotta have peacock victims. X]