Throw some characters at me... [closed/drawings posted]

Pegasicorn's picture doodle.
I'll be using my brush pen style (kind of like calligraphy in look) and perhaps some simple airbrushing for color if I feel like it. Like this almost.

Try to link an image if you can and give me an idea of a pose. The more info I have, the better I can work since I like to do these kinds of drawings fast. Laughing out loud

The finished results will be posted later in the week sometime.

Here's the finished result. They're all on one page so I left it pretty big to see them all better.
Toukan and the Leowolf made appearances to fill the leftover space. |D
(Those purple splotches are from the marker I shook protesting. [And in the end, shaking the marker did nothing to make it work with the airbrush system. 8|] I was so happy they missed the drawings. ...the purple is only lingering around my nails now.)

wow, i really like that

wow, i really like that style! looks like a tattoo, haha. nice and different, loove it. the colors too ~

and mm, since im a greedy art hog..Dinamo?
maybe rearing? like the deer on the right in your example picture? otherwise, you can do anything else!

Maybe you could try

Maybe you could try Honeyfur's Roxanne in some kind of proud stance? Like her holding her head high in the air; proud of herself.
Picture if you don't feel like looking through the bio :3

Mitsuki and Stormchaser? A

Mitsuki and Stormchaser? A better ref is in her bio, a link is in my signature. (:
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Do you want it exactly like

Do you want it exactly like that drawing? Tiny thing with only the giant hooves of the other visible?
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Perhaps my new character

Perhaps my new character Beauty? <3
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That's a nice double post

That's a nice double post right here.
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Um, maybe my

Um, maybe my Eamaya?

This is all I've got in the way of a reference, just a screenshot I played around with today. I don't know anyone here too well/have any art other art so... I'm asking for myself I guess.

She's very playful, loves to run and jump but a bit of a loner.

It could be if you'd like. ^^

It could be if you'd like. ^^ I don't really have a preference, but something that emphasizes the size difference?

{e} A pose like this works, too. c:
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Did one already that I'm

Did one already that I'm pleased with.

...and made my fingers purple soon after...
Never shake Copic markers, kids. 8D;

Gonna close these and attempt to get more of this off. 'orz Thank god nothing got on my clothes or the couch...

Finished art posted.
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Omg, thank you so much Pega

Omg, thank you so much Pega and Pepsi! Roxanne looks awesome, they all do! This kind of art is always interesting to see; I'm glad Roxy got to be a part of it! 8'D
Again, thank you so much! <3

migosh thank you pega! i

migosh thank you pega! i looove how she looks, so unique mm.
cropping it and putting it on her bio stat! ♥
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Aw, it's great! Thanks

Aw, it's great! Smiling

Thanks again for including Eamaya. They all look great.
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Glad you like them. I had fun

Glad you like them. I had fun doing these. X3 ...until the purple marker fiasco that is. >>;

This turned out wonderfully,

This turned out wonderfully, Pega! (: Thanks for drawing them. <3
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It's no problem. =]

It's no problem. =]
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This style is Prettyyyyyy

This style is Prettyyyyyy Smiling
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Thank you. =]

Thank you. =]