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Revelation of the Deerhunter

This is an old story I found in my deviantart account. I thought I'd post it since it involves deer, although it has to do with my old First Person Shooter community. I wrote this a long time before I became a TEF member.

The hunter is my character from the FPS community, who originally kills deer but has a change of heart after what happens in this story.

A few more things...

AOD - "Angels of Death", an organization Chris is part of.
Doom - Doomhammer, a friend of Chris'
Quad - QuadRaptor, Chris' nickname (not Quad, the deer from TEF)

Anyway, enjoy!


"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
- Norman Vincent Peale

A loud shriek pierced the silence of the woods. She couldn't help herself from letting it out, but it was by far the worst pain she had ever felt. The Doe was generally very clever, and could often spot traps set by hunters and avoid them easily. But this time, she paid too much attention to one trap that she did not see the second trap that waited to sink its teeth into her leg.

She held her voice wisely, trying not to make too much noise as she didn't want to give away where she was. The pain increased dramatically every time she struggled, and the trap's teeth burrowed deeper into her skin. Blood was already seeping out and running down her leg and covering the metal teeth. She wanted help - some other deer to come and free her if they knew how, or if all else, to accompany her when she could endure the pain no longer. But alas, she was alone and terrified.
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Quad's Going Oldschool!

That's right, next time you see Quad in the Forest, he wont be wearing his DotD antlers, but instead he'll be wearing his old set. Why I announced this, I dunno. Laughing out loud


Edit - One of my friends expressed interest in Quad wearing a different set of antlers. I wanted to see what you all thought about this look instead:

(I lol every time I see this screenshot, by the way Laughing out loud Quad's like, "Wut?!" )
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Divine Abandonment - Chapter 3

Warning - has a little gore

"Having fun yet, Christine?", someone said. The young girl nodded and smiled, "This is so much fun!", she exclaimed.

The airplane flew over a canopy of trees. The pilot smiled back before returning to his job, glancing over to his co-pilot. They didn't want to tell the girl that they had lost their radar. The humans were lost, going in one direction aimlessly.

Christine was very happy. She couldn't wait to see her parents, and was returning from a vacation. She hugged a deer plush her father gave her, and watched out the window.


The metal bird shook, slightly at first, and then violently. The two pilots were scrambling to figure out what happened, when the co-pilot exclaimed, "Engine 2 is on fire!" The girl's skin went cold upon hearing this, and she began to scream. "Mayday! Mayday! Engine Failure! We're going down!!", the pilot broadcast over the radio, but they were too far from civilization to be heard. The co-pilot unbucked and climbed into the back of the plane, grabbing a parachute and helping it onto the girl. "Your parents told you how to use this, right?", he asked. The girl nodded, and the co-pilot continued, "Good. You need to leave now, and we'll be right behind you. If we get lost, just stay put and we'll come find you."

The girl unbuckled her seatbelt and put the parachute on. The co-pilot opened the door to the airplane, which made a loud sound as the air began to suck out of the plane. "Go, go, go!", the co-pilot said to her, helping her to the door. The girl stepped back, grabbing her deer plush before leaping out.
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Quad's Candid Camera: 7/27/08

Well I had some fun adventures today. Actually, I was on for a while but my computer crashed...twice -_-''

Anyway, this is all the last part I participated in:

My day started with my pictogram, mask, and antlers floating above my sleeping body.

I tried some new combinations! Bow+Rear Up is very fun and interesting (Bow first, it looks funky if you do it backwards)

Rear Up+Head Tilt is funny too.

So everything's all peachy until...

Another stag came and turned me into a dove!! Shocked

Aah!! The deer are starting to drool!!

Get AWAY!! I'm NOT a delicacy!!

(Twenty-One in the background = win!)

Oww! Get your hoof off of my tail feathers!!

Okay this is getting too hairy! They're thinking about feeding me to the fawns!

I gotta get outta here!

All hail the mighty dove!

Whoa! Too close for comfort!
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Stories index

I plan to eventually make a topic on the Forums with this, but I wanted to do it here first so I could work on it.

Anyway, I was going to go through the Diaries section and pull out links to all of the stories that have been written. I'll do two sections - by Title and by Author.

I plan to do this gradually, though, as it will take a while to get everyone's stories listed. If they don't have an index page, I'll list all the chapters (or I might just do that for everyone's stories, but I know it will be a lot of work). Also please note that I am not going to include poems in this list only because there are too many of them to list.

If I left anything out, please let me know. I'm doing the chapter links gradually so I can bump this up over and over.

I stopped at Page 85 so far.

By Author

Ammyluva -
(Unnamed Story) (P 1) In Progress

AnimalArtist -
Martisol's Story (1) In Progress

Anzel -
A Tea Party for Tú~ Finished

Blackhoof -
Deer of the Dead (Legend of his Past) Finished
The Day He Roared In Progress/Finished?

Burro -
Attreu and Mute: A Short Story Finished

Cato -
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Divine Abandonment - Chapter 2

The deer had gone through Winter without any problems. They were fortunate to live in the Endless Forest, as the Twin Gods provided plenty of food for them despite the weather. The snow came and went every few days, so it never was too terribly cold either.

Quad and Creek had a conversation every day. He was very curious about his father's life, and loved to hear all about his mother. Creek rarely smiled, but his head was held high and he answered Quad's questions as sincerely and honestly as possible. He wanted to hear about Quad's adventure, but chose not to ask until he felt the time was appropriate. They only spoke for a few minutes at a time, though, and then Creek would walk off to do his own things. Quad never followed him, and always wondered where he would walk off to.

The months went by quickly. On a day in the middle of February, Creek met Quad near the pond, and finally he asked, "What did you think about your mother?" Quad lowered his head, "She was beautiful...and very kind...", he began to say, "The little time I spent with her was the best moment of my life." "And what did you think about the hunter that shot her?", Creek changed the subject. Quad raised his head, "Please, I don't want to talk about the humans right now."

Creek shook his head, "They're repulsive.", he stated. "I don't think they all are.", Quad answered. Creek tilted his head, "How can you take their side? They kill our kind, and in some cases they cage us and look down upon us!", he said, becoming slightly enraged. "The one that killed Mom...", Quad started, "...was misguided. He did not know what kind of balance he was upsetting." "Bah!", Creek responded, walking off in anger.
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The "Deer Head" Drawings collection (Kumiko Drawn)

In the ( )'s is the name of the last person I drew. I realized some people didn't know I drew them Eye

I decided to make one entry to put all these in. Eventually when I have enough, I plan to put them all together as a wallpaper, but for now here is all of the ones I've done:


Ghost (Redo)




Verdalas (older set)



Taiko (Adagio)

GoldenWinged (Blackfeathr)

Vipin (SarieBearie)





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Divine Abandonment Chapter List/Info

If you haven't read Divine Intervention, then this story may be a little confusing, as this is the sequel. You can read Divine Intervention here

Synopsis - Strange things are going on in the Forest. Deer are dying, places have become inhospitable, and even a young human has wandered in and taken shelter. Even the Twin Gods seem to have abandoned the Forest. The deer must decide on what actions to take, before every deer perishes.

Chapter 1 - Escape

Chapter 2 - Quad and his Father

Chapter 3 - A Human in the Forest

Chapter 4 - The Hostile Forest

Chapter 5 - The March of the Deer

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Divine Abandonment - Chapter 1

This is the sequel to Divine Intervention. If you haven't read it, this story may be a little confusing, so check it out here. And don't forget, when I put "intermission" at the bottom, there's still more to the chapter that I will write. When it says "To Be Continued...", the chapter is over.

He stomped his hoof.

The heat was blistering. He watched the humans walk by, seperated only by twisting metal and a small line that would shock him if he got too close. He learned this the hard way, as he already had a scar forming around his chest from pressing on it by accident.

He stomped his hoof.

There was another in the pen with him - a doe. She mainly ignored him, sitting underneath a small structure the humans built for them. It sheltered them from the sunlight, but the heat was still getting to them. She watched as the stag paced the cage, watching the humans. The fence was high, and there was no roofing over their heads.

He stomped his hoof.

He hated the humans. They stood there, gawking at him. He watched them from the corner of his eye, pretending that he wasn't paying attention to them, but he could see their faces, their eyes glaring at him. They pointed at him, and he could hear them speak. He heard them say he was "in a rut" and others asked why he wasn't shot and mounted on a wall.

He shook his head and stomped his hoof.

The anger was growing in his belly. The doe watched him as he eyed a man who walked by the cage, someone who worked at the place he was captured at. The man wore a cowboy hat and was building a structure, another pen, for more animals to be caught and gawked at by the humans.
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Quad's Candid Camera: 7/24/08

I know this is a little late, but I only had about 7 pics at first. I got all of the ones yesterday during the "fawn adventures" at the Crying Idol to finish this set off.

It's an epedimic!

ROFL Laruna and I look like some wierd superhero squad!

I found Anzel but my computer crashed so when I came back there was a clone of me.

I thought this one was nice, whoever that is looked like they were comforting Emiva.

I'm stalking GoldenWinged! Evil

Laruna and I dancing on the bridge before I fell in and lost my set.

She scares stags!

Priceless screenshot!

Oww!! Don't step on my pictogram!!

Now I didn't plan to post the next one, but Lieka insisted. Sad

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