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What to do now...?

Now that I'm finished with Divine Intervention, I don't want to start my next story yet. Dunno what I should do now... Sad

Anyway, for those of you who missed it, I finished the story yesterday:


I guess I'll start working on some short stories. I have a few ideas that would be inspired by things I went through while playing as Quad, including -


- Meeting the Great Zombie Deer
- Finding the red pelt at the Crying Idol
- Learning to waterwalk
- Quad's curiosity about small animals
- Finding the red flowers (and reactions from other deer)
- Hide-And-Seek through the big trees

- Quad's dark days (a.k.a. the buttsniffing time)
- Meeting Auriea and losing his antlers
- The head-mount trick
- Guarding the old bridge with Quamar
- Floating Nem
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Divine Intervention - Epilogue

A week had passed since the Abiogenesis. Despite the fact that Winter was fast approaching, the Endless Forest was still as warm and lively as ever. The festivities were soon a memory, and the deer were back to their old routines.

The morning brought a slight breeze of the Autumn wind, while the early sun was already warming the deer. Quad awoke from his pillar at the Ruins, stretching and yawning before making his usual trip to the pond. He wore his new red antlers proudly, and despite how lunky they felt, he loved how they caught the sunlight and warmed him. It was an unusually pleasing feeling.

Upon trotting to the pond, he noticed three fawns were already up. The trio stopped their early play and greeted him, giving him respect due to his massive size (or at least that's what they thought because of his antlers). He bowed to them before moving on.

After taking a much needed drink, he made his way to the Twin Gods' hill. The Forest Elders were already up and waiting for him, and upon his arrival they bowed to one another. "Well, look at you.", Magnet said. Quad smiled, holding his head high and displaying his antlers for them to see. "The Twin Gods were definately pleased with your performance on the journey.", he continued. Silent spoke next, "Now is the time for you to take the next step on becoming a Forest Shaman.", he said.
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Divine Intervention - Chapter 6

The welcome party was incredible. It was rare that so many deer gathered in one spot, and this astounded Quad as he had never seen such a spectacle. The crew walked through the crowd, who were all bowing and calling out in triumph. The crowd was almost like one ever-moving entity, as most of the deer were dancing and rearing. The five deer made it to the Twin Gods statue, where the Forest Elders awaited them.

The crowd at once grew silent. Magnet was the first to speak to them, "We have already heard of your adventure. The perils you faced against both beast and man, the first contact with the world outside, and the revelation of young Quad's legacy. Most importantly, you all returned safe and unscathed.", he said. Vessel nodded, and Silent spoke, "We may never know if it was destiny or chance that guided you along, but it does not matter - the journey was a success. You should be very proud."

The five looked at one another, and Scorn spoke back, "Please, don't glorify us on this. It had to be done." Silent shook his head, "It is not our decision. The Twin Gods wanted you to have this celebration upon your return." Quad didn't speak, though he wanted to tell them all that he only wanted to be normal. Aside from the other four that accompanied him, no others knew of his thoughts.

Magnet stood. He spoke loudly, so all could hear, "We have a suprise for you all now!" At once, the faces within the crowd looked up, many of them becoming excited. A small chatter grew, all questioning whether there was an abiogenesis planned. Magnet smiled, "Abiogenesis!", and immediately the deer roared in excitement and happiness. "It will take place in an hour, at this spot!", Silent called.

The five deer dispersed into the crowd, going to their relatives and friends.

None noticed that Quad had walked off.

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Quad's SECOND Abiogenesis - Pics 151-170

Last set. Sorry for having so many entries but I thought it would be better not to post them all in one page since it would probably lag someone's computer.

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Quad's SECOND Abiogenesis - Pics 126-150

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Quad's SECOND Abiogenesis - Pics 101-125

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Quad's SECOND Abiogenesis - Pics 76-100

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Quad's SECOND Abiogenesis - Pics 51-75

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Quad's SECOND Abiogenesis - Pics 26-50

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Quad's SECOND Abiogenesis - Pics 1-25

I'm gonna do these 25 at a time.

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